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artist: Ska-ker Moms
Rough mix from our upcoming CD, Running On Empty.
title: Peter
An apparent crowd favorite, our first song, sing along!
artist: Nothing Less
Another ska song about selling out... ;)
Driving horns with a high energy modern swing yet classic ska sound.
Skapegoat originally wrote this GREAT cover, but we had to embellish it a little! It's a fun one!
title: Bad Day
This is a Skaish/Reggaeish/Rockish song.. just take a listen, it's damn good!
Ess-Kay-Eh!? Moss tells it like it is. Girls lie. C'mon Erin!?!
artist: The Bollocks
title: Skank
A song good for opening shows. Really cool.
title: Get A Gun
Paul DeSilva: percussion / vocals | Jon Lambrou: bass | Suzanne Tonaire: keys / vocals | Dave Gilmore: guitar
Marijuana Mushrooms and L.S.D. Without them your life is incomplete And when I get my mind so free Its not jus
The complete title is "Cebuano Indios Attack At Dawn Magellan's Estero Bites Resort". This is a working class
artist: OSCKILO
title: Lord's Lion
Lords Lion: New improved version on youtube
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Very random "About Me": Guitarist, songwriter, Internet musician, starving artist and public figure in the San Francisco Bay Area as Patrick Lew's Band. A solo project for myself to make "back to roots" hard rock music on my pawnshop guitars, Boss DS-2 distortion pedal, $400 computer with Cubase to record my musical ideas and sketches. I been promoting myself on the Internet through a website like Soundclick and other since 2001. My name, obviously, is Patrick Lew. I was born in November 1985 and I go to a University for higher education at CSUEB in Hayward, California. So you ask, what do I think of my new schoo...
Differences between Band of Asians and Patrick Lew's Band.: Band of Asians and Band of Asians rhythm guitarist Patrick Lew's own solo project PLB, were both unsigned related rock bands from the San Francisco music scene during the 2000s. But what really separates the pre-PLB project Band of Asians from Patrick Lew's own music as a solo musician? Which divides fans and the local and Internet underground music community alike. People should remember, Band of Asians actually was a rock band with 4 or 5 musicians and band members whereas Patrick Lew's Band is just Patrick pursuing and making the music and song ideas. Some people prefer the 2000s post-ha...
The Conclusion to My Thesis For My College Essay.: Music is not just about being a rich and famous rock star. It wasn't always like that for me. I could have a career as a photographer while my favorite hobby and part-time career/job be a musician playing music in a band. I always expressed myself with my music like a journal, through my good and bad times. I would write poetry as my song's lyrics on a paper notebook or through a typewriter at my father's home office. Music for me and universally is an art and hobby for all, but whatever the story goes through the artist or musician's heart with what he's trying to sing or play on his instrume...
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