Shadows // wHook by Breana Marin
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook By Breana Marin. BUY 1 GET 3 FREE on Leases // Download is tagged and for listening purposes only. Dreamlifebeats@gmail.com www.dreamlifebeats.com
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song most representative of what our full length will sound like.
title: I Miss You
About a friend dying
It's hard to make friends if you're a flesh eating corpse.
A happy, bouncy song, recorded on Gary's newly completed Marshall Stack. The new bottom cabinet is adding a me
artist: Emery
title: Walls
From the forthcoming debut album, "The Weak's End," in stores January 27, 2004 on Tooth & Nail Records
artist: Bulb
This song is the reason Alex Bois and Bulb should not be allowed to touch recording equipment.
SONG OF LOSS for my 2 puppies who passed, and my 3rd one was adapted at 10
artist: PANOPLY
title: Bike
A simple song about a simple time that simply rips off Green Day and the Bulls on Parade solo by Tom Morello o
51st state run by President Blair, Anger is more useful than despair, One nation under the gun, With liberty a
artist: FastCrash
title: So far away
really catch song, one from our new EP
Upbeat Love Song - Love isn't only blind, it's nasaly impaired
title: Going Lonely
Pop and Rock...Could there be any better???!!!
artist: Mcdolly
title: It's okey
It's okey is taken from our EP which will be done January 2004. You will also soon be able to download the vid
A Lovely Day for Roses is featured on the new 12 Step Romance album. This album is available for sale on the b
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Ive a new one with Morten Gjermundsen and it is a beauty.. what a gem: IVe a new one with Morten Gjermundsen who kindly allowed me to sing upon his stellar amazing song..... WITHOUT WORDS......Morten thank you again I dont know if you are aware of the impact of your beautiful music and it s healing vibrations......Thank you again........I loved singing on it.
Excessive Reverb Takes A Hike: Just a quick update. As I'm a natural tweaker, I decided that I had perhaps used way too much reverb on the new track. Hence, I've remixed yet again. Fortunately, I tend to keep any original file and rename changes I make, so it was possible to go back to an earlier incarnation of the recorded wav files. Incidentally, I've renamed the new song to 'The Temptation of Medusa'.
Sound Aid
Explore The World Of Heifer!: Heifer have put together this really cool Flash feature that outlines their projects, initiatives, the success stories and more information from the field. You'll learn what it takes to help end hunger and save the Earth from first thoughts, to animal delivery and Passing on the Gift and beyond Click here to get started and view the presentation!...
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