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A happy, bouncy song, recorded on Gary's newly completed Marshall Stack. The new bottom cabinet is adding a me
artist: Emery
title: Walls
From the forthcoming debut album, "The Weak's End," in stores January 27, 2004 on Tooth & Nail Records
artist: Bulb
This song is the reason Alex Bois and Bulb should not be allowed to touch recording equipment.
It's hard to make friends if you're a flesh eating corpse.
SONG OF LOSS for my 2 puppies who passed, and my 3rd one was adapted at 10
artist: Bendecos
All pay-phones are tapped. We have proof.
artist: PANOPLY
title: Bike
A simple song about a simple time that simply rips off Green Day and the Bulls on Parade solo by Tom Morello o
artist: The Sillies
Torture, sadism, and all that jazz!
2003, the year of the sheep
title: Doug Drealer
this song is about doug hes a drealer
artist: 2 foot jimmy
title: Icon
This is a song about a guy and his girlfriend breaking up and he still loves her but she's found somebody else
artist: 2loose
I have never voted, jury duty sucks, but you don't pay your taxes, you don't believe the news
artist: GRUZMUS
title: Young I
electronic punk
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
I like building hype for my passion in music. Read on, if you want.: My name is Patrick Lew. 1/2 Chinese, 2/3 Taiwanese, and 1/3 Japanese of Asian descent. Age 27. I currently live in Northern California in between Antioch and San Francisco. About one year ago, I graduated from college at the California State University, East Bay, with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in Music. I've been playing punk/hard rock music for quite a long awhile already. I am mostly a rhythm guitarist, and to some extent, a bass player. I've been playing and creating my own brand of garage punk music since I was an 8th grader at the infamous Rooftop Middle School. I was jamming and f...
Off To Japan: Hey this is Griffin I'm going to Japan Tomorrow I'll be back June 5th . But in the mean time for the artist you can still get my beats at
Post-Marriage: Looks as if my ex-fiancee/wife Faith and I are doing fine right now. Basically we're friends currently. And looks as if although we broke up 2 weeks ago, she is pregnant with our child right now. But regardless, we're just friends at the moment.
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