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It's hard to make friends if you're a flesh eating corpse.
artist: Emery
title: Walls
From the forthcoming debut album, "The Weak's End," in stores January 27, 2004 on Tooth & Nail Records
artist: Bulb
This song is the reason Alex Bois and Bulb should not be allowed to touch recording equipment.
title: I Miss You
About a friend dying
song most representative of what our full length will sound like.
pure punk fom the Stockholm suburbs, including Claes Fredrikson from P.!.P, today you can find most of the ban
A happy, bouncy song, recorded on Gary's newly completed Marshall Stack. The new bottom cabinet is adding a me
artist: Bob Melanson
title: Bubba Girl
A poppy fun tune...
artist: Suneral
title: War Waltz
Melodic Emocore antiwar song that you have to move your body too, power lyrics, powerful drums, and powerful r
artist: Bodycocktail
My new song rocks and you'll see how I'm not afraid to pull out a knife and slice now
artist: Malachi5
Politically edged HipHop Rock with a funky groove. Hit #1 on the Rock and Punk Charts.
artist: More or Less
New song from Demo CD!
title: Lullaby
Original... Punk version. RAW MATERIAL. This song starts with a mellow ballad but ends up with a twist u'll de
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Instrumentals :: R&B
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Pop Punk
"Whispering Leaves"
Written, recorded, 2015
GinNger SparklezZz
The yummiest Trip-Hop with a Tribal twist!: Massive Attack track, Inertia Creeps: I love this track!!...
Heading back to college: You're never too old to go back to school, and that's what I'm embarking on right now. I am in the process of applying to DeVry University... I forgot how difficult all this paperwork was (last time I had to fill anything out was 11 years ago). I am pretty excited about the opportunity to better my life and my situation and pursuing a technical career. This doesn't mean that I will be giving up my music... far from it! I will continue to sing, write and record when i get the time....
" Island": a song I wrote in the 70's from the album In the Midst of the World, which I am currently re- recording. You can hear it here. The theme of the song is the need for time out.
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