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title: PSY 2000
Do you remember parano with ' Big Bug 2000 '? We were censed make our last songs before Apocalypse!
title: Homes
Matthew Scott--Keyboards, drums (ah, that one wanged-out filtery semi-train-like part kills!); John Pfeifer--v
artist: Chris Sotiri
title: Surround Me
Single From The Debut EP "Starting Over" Now Available For Download
A song that any Hendrix fan would love.
title: Peggy Sue
This is a song about summer nights under the lake, gazing at the stars, thinking pure thoughts, and other nice
...beneath the static playing low...
title: McFamous
Bill sang and played guitar, bass, hand claps, stainless steel colander, the back of a mandolin, and banged hi
Pondering life's unanswered mysteries.
artist: BarBaRa
title: 'Starchild'
It's a Christmas song
artist: Jan Cleary
MP3... Dedicated to the Berlin Wall
A song about the past, the present and vision
artist: haiku (DK)
A farewell song from the haiku album MONDO - a rock concept album about how we treat the earth and each other
artist: Yes Ma'aM
title: Gwen Stefani
A lot of people have told us that our singer, Lotta looks like Gwen... Well, does she? Listen to the song and
artist: Amy Caldwell
title: Hold My Hand
NEW MIX- Vocals re-recorded, we have been planning to re do the vox since I got a better microphone last year
artist: Bob Wyatt
I brought back that oldies feel in this new song.
artist: Ian Ferrin
title: I'm Gone
"is it only a dream?". You decide. New Version - Sept 14
title: Here We Go
This single is a guitar driven, experimental 'feel-good' song with unique vocal stylings.
Happy/sad acoustic pub singalong
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Instrumentals :: New School
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rex brothasoul
HailesFury Tagged
Dirty South
ROUGH AND RUGGED HOOD/STREET BANGER..non exclusive just 20.00 hit me for more details
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"Polite Sunshine"
Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
"Polite Sunshine"
In the mountian I will finally find if I am free
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
John Bartl
Alternative General
A song about that person in your life you can always count on to make things right...or seem not so bad.
non stinky shit?: ok so i live in a weirdo city it used to be like mayberry but the city bigshots decided that growth and a push into the future would make it into a thriving metropolitan giant the problem with that plan is there is no real reason for a bunch of people to gather here there is no big industry there is no actual much of anything don't get me wrong it's very pretty here lakes mountains rivers you know golf it's ok to look at but how do you make any money here. yet they come here by the droves fueled by propaganda fed from cityhall to the eager ears of the people who live in big metropolitan areas ...
Entropy of the Unchanged: or What you don't see doesn't change When you first look at something, it can sometimes seem to be an entirely uninterpretable object, until you somehow manage to fire the right synapses and conjure up what the hell it is. "Ah! a motorcycle". But is it? Similarly, the first time you look at a clock and the second hand doesn't seem to move for more than a second, doesn't that strike you as odd? It makes me think that time isn't truly linear and that Feynman was right: Sum over paths allows for even the outliers to have an influence on the outcome....
tim green
The Yamaha PSS-50: I thought I'd pay some homage to a great little vintage keyboard that I've grown particuarly attached to over the years. I think it was considered little more than a toy, but I've got some pretty quirky and eighties-sounding synth songs out of the f*cker recently. It has a good range of pre-set tones and I like the big, polyphonic keys on it (i.e. you can actually play it like a proper keyboard). It's funny that it's retro-amateur tones and functionality sound really quirky and cool now. Anyway, I like it. And it takes me right back to the start when I began writing songs at the age of 14 on a...
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