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GOODE/SKOPICK PROJECT with drummer, Dave Goode from Mahogany Rush. This is our Meanest, sickest Dragon, yet.
artist: Austn
title: rock my soul
We all have been here...
AS we prepare for our 40th year high school reunion-I needed to honor my classmates with this 11 minute Viet-N
"ANOTHer tragic hero/ April-something-'94" written the weekend after Cobain's passing
artist: greg vincent
Track 6 of the 2017 collection, Songs for Aging Boomers. All words, music and vocals by greg vincent. YouTube
i have just bought the new cd by bush and was very frustrated and disappointed about the outcome, so i had to
Alternative / Grunge / Metal
This song will be my epitaph. My grim autobiography.
artist: Bill Pacheco
For the screamers at heart, an angry grunge rock song.
artist: Trick T Olly
This song is, one of 21, from my Second Booke of songs.
title: Due Asini
Suonato,Registrato, Mixato @ CellarStudio79 dai MEMENTO 2016 settembre
Chris Whitrow and possibly me?? Not sure who the second person is, playing Consequences.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Coming soon on YouTube. A Patrick Lew Band music DVD.: So guess what guys? I'm currently working on video production and editing for a first-ever Patrick Lew Band DVD. I'm compiling live performance footage, taped interviews and a bunch of random shenanigans on iMovie as we speak. This isn't really a documentary, but more likely, a strange yet entertaining concert movie for PLB. It will capture the raw and exuberant charm of my live performances and the not so PC humor of my bandmates and entourage. The final cut will be uploaded personally on my YouTube account and possibly released an official physical DVD in the near future. It will be titl...
THE I PRODUCT: The I-Product is a punk rock band formed in 2008 by Taiwanese rock guitarist and songwriter Patrick Lew. One of two solo projects creatively by Lew, I-Product is a spin-off of PLB, and the band makes alternate versions of musical ideas on record by PLB. Many fans and insiders view I-Product as a merged band together with PLB. The band has so far released two home-made studio albums: Curb Your Wild Life (2009) and Let It Rise And Against (2010) under “Patrick Lew’s Band.” And is preparing for the release and publishing of Lew’s third album “Murder Bay” alongside a 10th anniversary celebratio...
Hi Everyone: Have a good time where ever you are, SETTING SAIL is the title of a song I have just uploaded. The last track on my forthcoming c.d, but it's all about beginnings. Hope you like
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