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artist: Gunnthrain
MAJOR PIECE. This one's for all the pathetic ones abusing the (star)ratingsystem. Some of us (including me on
title: Down from...
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synths, piano, lyrics, music; Matt Scott- synths, drum loops, sa
title: K.U.
A slow trippy song. The title is a tribute to Allan Holdsworth's band, U.K. Victor Salazar on drums.
artist: Stockwrock
"Cowboy" Jack Clement became part of one of the seminal events in rock and roll history when in 1956 he went t
Eclipse was created from an improv at least ten years old. Robbie recorded this when he bought his first E Bow
artist: Dar Shelton
More EBow noise . Electric guitar with lots of delay effects , forward and backwards .
title: Isreal
Pzy-Trance with vocalz and guitar by Cazzy, (ala Freddie Mercury), muzic by Christopher Peter VanderEssen
Carriages, birds singing... synthesizers, bass, guitar and vocals...
artist: FindDani
#FindDani The seed idea for the song came from the religious experience of falling in love with my wife while
artist: Klaatu (CT)
Kraftwerk is one of my all time favorites, and in this track, I wished pay tribute to original sound of this
artist: Nuit Close
title: La Forge
Instrumental 4'52"
Instrumental 5'38"
Demo version of an experimental song using vocals, violin, arpa magica, electronic treatments and looped heart
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
rua`: nga`y t2,ko anh, dau` nhu'c buot',toi' wa 3h ruoi moi ngu?,la.nh ngat...5g.sang' len pho`ng tap...nga~....dau ma ko biet la dau j nua~...noi chuyen voi' lu~ ba.n thay nha.t nheo~,chan'.....chua an kaka cuoi dua` truoc minh`' lam nhu ko de y j..nhung bit kaka xot' ruot lam'...hih`...nhox L noi' do'ng*. ko dam' do'ng...muon khoc muh ko khoc duoc...thay ep tim,ngot nga.t wa'' rua` van nhi nha nhi nhanh...chang khac j ngay xua...bit moi nguoi dang co lam nhox vui...nhung...bun`....fai? nhot minh` ko dai dot.....mun' cung ran hon....roi moi chuyen se~ on?...
Part One is Out!!: Finally! The first part of The Lord of The Rings is finished, it took a while but now it´s done. Part two will hopefully be finished sometime this year.
Collab with Zozimo Rech :From Grandfather to ENZO : Two acoustic guitars make a magical ethereal composition. Zozimo on nylon string, Carlo on steel string. An ode to Carlo's first grandson Enzo. From Grandfather to Enzo
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