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artist: Bill Wright
How about a little fire, scarecrow? This is my original alternative rock trip down the yellow brick road. A #1
artist: Tim Green
Written & Produced by Tim Green, Feb 2013. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and drum programming by Tim Green; Bass and
the finale from the gangsta rabbi's tommy
artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
title: Turn It Up
Raw Brit-pop/electro-punk in yo' faze!
artist: Baby Strange
Off the New EP, The Make-Out Sessions
Night Landscape, Ilya Pyankov
A full blown guitar stomp fading into poppy horns. Our first full writing collaboration in awhile. Lead & Rhyt
A song I'm working on demoing my Frenzal AmpccFirst Clean Guitar - Normal ChannelcAll Other Guitars - Boost Ch
A patriotic Christmas song sung by Joey Smith and Colin Auty.
artist: the bunkbeds
could be the divine comedy but its not a guy from oregon did the music and another guy from clydebank did the
artist: Jon Solo
There is this girl across the club from me...is that...naw couldn't be!
artist: Grand Jury
title: Black Lace
Vox:Amy Caldwell,Lyrics:Dawn Sinclair,music/arrangment:J.Rosenfeld & Andy Dolgihh,Keys:Andy Dolgihh,re-mast:An
title: survive
XTC attack Crowded House with a nail gun and a couple trying to kill each other for the life insurance get dra
Here is a song by Tony Butterworth that he and I recorded together
artist: The Trouts
title: Love Died
An acoustic ballad of lost love.
artist: Andy Smooth
Instrumental track recorded with Lightly Roasted. Features Andy on the piano, and bass. Jonny B on drums. R
artist: jim delecce
title: day begins
an everyday story......remade 2008
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Hip Hop
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
A creative story I wrote. Part 2.: In 1994, Your Audio 2 Riot released its first album called "Curb Your Wild Life" which took the music industry, chart watchers and everyone else everywhere by surprise. From almost out of nowhere! This Antioch/Brentwood rock band from the Bay rocked the charts rarely felt by any band's virgin albums. This quick climb up the charts was thought to be the start of their success, but in a move that shocked everyone in Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" style, the Your Audio 2 Riot band withdrew from the public eye after a series of successful concerts. When Spin and Kerrang magazine writer Mike Aus...
Tired of fake friends: This year, I cut out several people in my life because how they treated Faith or what they did to her or said about her. That's not the only reason why my patience is being tested right now with my friends. I feel like I have friends I knew from middle school, high school, and at Kairos (a church program I went to in 2012) left me out in the cold or worse, deleted me on Facebook when I thought we were cool and all that. I've reached my breaking point when it comes to all these fake friends I've met on Facebook or here in the Bay Area. I cut people out for my reasons. If they treat my girlf...
YourAudio2Riot Blurbs: It's just something I thought of. Music is a hobby and interest of all Internet musicians and independent music artists. We promote our music on the Internet, play gigs and work REAL jobs at whatever pays money like GameStop, Burger King or Borders. Even Guitar Center! And go to school or college. I feel because original Internet musicians who are outsider musicians themselves who've been screwed out of the opportunities in the music industry after how many years they took to learn how to play guitar or piano at a music school or college. And long they've been recording music in the studio ...
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