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A personal tribute to musician Bill Nelson. A journey using 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric
One of my stranger songs, but I like it a lot.
title: My Life
Guitars and sweet words... an ocean of emotion -- from the debut CD 'Hop In'
artist: Pedestrial
title: Masatine
A bit Schizophrenic this one, acoustic guitar and strings laced with discordant distorted guitar
artist: Ehsan Imani
Song author: Abdollah Nafisi Recorded and mixed by Ehsan Imani June 05, 2007
title: CREEPER
Twisted and perplexing instrumental, that's heavier than $hi#!
It's Friday, it's 4:30- and everybody else is drunk. Joel Edwards -- Perky bass; John Pfeifer--Lead and backgr
award-frickin'-winning tune of hebrews and the form eeo-4-rock on guys--thanks-2.1 starz!!
artist: Bub Roberts
title: Horizon
Crazy little Red guitar into a Rockman and BOSS DE-200 delay recorded on cassette.
artist: cyanogen
title: Dark Lotus
One of the dept.'s toughest cases ever involved a woman known only as the "Dark Lotus". This was due to a lotu
artist: Faunaserene
this is actually for Mothers Day but I gave it to her before so today I am giving this to her.....
artist: Eight Two
title: River Sponge
"Unusual and lovely." - The Clocktoys "I am basically amazed by this track." - Mozez Mahone "Surreal lyrics
An instrumental version of Nocturne. This started as a simple little piano reverie and the parts kept adding t
title: Float
An old song, recorded on a 4-track 'Portastudio', demo only, one day I shall re-record it with slightly better
artist: ICECAKE
(*FULL SONG*) Dive deep into the Vertical Pines Ocean and resurface a new person. This track consists entirel
title: One
A song for alter ego as he contemplates his separation from Rosa. Words and music by Jason Nelms. Vocals by
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Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
One Last Time: This is it it's the last straw it will either be one great victory or just another great fall I will keep my head up back erect standing strong with this last string of hope I'm just holding on I know defeat very well it has consumed me--has only brought me hell People may know my struggle and my claim to understand it but when it comes down to it I'm the only one who has to stand it everytime i endure pain i do my best to reprimand it I am not your typical story of a struggle with a hustle or a fighter with no muscle My heart is an army who just wants to go home but the bat...
e uoc e ko mo tin nhan cua anh de doc......: Nếu như quen nhau ma lam cho em mệt mỏi như vậy,va fải sợ gần nhau sẽ nhớ nhiều,,thế thoi..ko cần tiếp tục nữa...anh cũng mệt mọi với việc fải chờ em đi chơi về với những hanh động ki lạ của những luc biết mất 1 cach bi ẩn của em trừ khi anh tim em tren YH hoặc phone cho em,con ko thi em đa mất tich luon,,1 cu phone ko tốn bao nhi̓...
Cosmosis Morte
Scream Machine #2 on ReverbNation's Local Charts : Scream Machine #2 on ReverbNation's Local Charts!! Click here to see:
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