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A personal tribute to musician Bill Nelson. A journey using 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric
artist: Pedestrial
title: Masatine
A bit Schizophrenic this one, acoustic guitar and strings laced with discordant distorted guitar
artist: 70x7
70x7's patriotic rock ballad, that recognizes God's hand in making America a great nation and calls upon its l
title: My Life
Guitars and sweet words... an ocean of emotion -- from the debut CD 'Hop In'
One of my stranger songs, but I like it a lot.
award-frickin'-winning tune of hebrews and the form eeo-4-rock on guys--thanks-2.1 starz!!
artist: ToneZappa
title: Horizon
Crazy little Red guitar into a Rockman and BOSS DE-200 delay recorded on cassette.
title: CREEPER
Twisted and perplexing instrumental, that's heavier than $hi#!
artist: Ehsan Imani
Song author: Abdollah Nafisi Recorded and mixed by Ehsan Imani June 05, 2007
artist: cyanogen
title: Dark Lotus
One of the dept.'s toughest cases ever involved a woman known only as the "Dark Lotus". This was due to a lotu
It's Friday, it's 4:30- and everybody else is drunk. Joel Edwards -- Perky bass; John Pfeifer--Lead and backgr
An instrumental version of Nocturne. This started as a simple little piano reverie and the parts kept adding t
artist: Rorobassisto
title: Ro Jam 06
Progressive jazz jam with some tasty Sax playing
Secret garden..by..Margot and Rocket People
A conspiracy theory that the Jesus story is the story of the sun and it's "travels" through the cosmos as obse
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Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
Ariadawna Willowsweet
FRIENDS!!!! NEW ONE WITH TIM SANDERS: Just finished creatiing upon TIm Sanders wonderful absolutely breathtaking CBC challenge contribution that is chilled out blissful...He allowed me to add lyrics and sing upon it...So I did and voila!!!!!! Its called Growing in Silence.....
punk acoustic: hi my new song enviro mental friendly. very homely. very punk very acoustic - punkacoustic. death to cds! long live home spun mp3s!
Letter to Lan (part IV of VI): A Winter's~ Tail continued... So where? Where? Where was he? Certainly not in the wall as the head of my bed was a window and beneath was also quite clear as were all the fixtures and furnitures near So confused was I over a mouse who could not be seen I began to consider him invisible and merely enjoying toying with me Now it was I who was besieged as my mouse haunted nights had turned into weeks forced to listen to such an impetuous racket each time he decided to snack by the rate he was eating I was quite certain he must be twice as fat! Too distraught now at ...
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