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title: CREEPER
Twisted and perplexing instrumental, that's heavier than $hi#!
It's Friday, it's 4:30- and everybody else is drunk. Joel Edwards -- Perky bass; John Pfeifer--Lead and backgr
A personal tribute to musician Bill Nelson. A journey using 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric
title: My Life
Guitars and sweet words... an ocean of emotion -- from the debut CD 'Hop In'
award-frickin'-winning tune of hebrews and the form eeo-4-rock on guys--thanks-2.1 starz!!
artist: Pedestrial
title: Masatine
A bit Schizophrenic this one, acoustic guitar and strings laced with discordant distorted guitar
title: Float
An old song, recorded on a 4-track 'Portastudio', demo only, one day I shall re-record it with slightly better
One of my stranger songs, but I like it a lot.
The 30th (and final) track from The Disobedience Gene features part of a speech by President J F Kennedy on th
artist: 70x7
70x7's patriotic rock ballad, that recognizes God's hand in making America a great nation and calls upon its l
An instrumental version of Nocturne. This started as a simple little piano reverie and the parts kept adding t
artist: E Strad
title: Prelude
The intro to Time
artist: Bub Roberts
title: Horizon
Crazy little Red guitar into a Rockman and BOSS DE-200 delay recorded on cassette.
artist: Ehsan Imani
Song author: Abdollah Nafisi Recorded and mixed by Ehsan Imani June 05, 2007
artist: Will Carroll
I scream out loud, in my little world...don't you ?
artist: Filthy Habit
title: Delicious
A mix of the 60's/70's-style world-influenced beats/sounds of rock: a beat similar to that of The Beatles "Tom
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
pirata rossa
check our myspace!: since a few weeks we┬┤re on my space! check it:
Blue Funeral
Music online: You can buy my music online now!! Please check it out! Thank you very much! Tom
Another day in music: I know we've all been here. I spend the day recording and spend the night at forums, then spend the weekends gigging. Life is music. Music and more music, maybe I just need a vacation..haha or a real job! naa i think I'll keep on doing what I do best and love the most! Gl to all of you musicians, keep writing, keep singing, keep on!
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