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artist: Evan Paul
title: Eklektika
CD 'Eklektika' a laid back groove with R&B overtones, a classic chillout tune, very ecclectic.
artist: MyndsEye
title: Tell Me
This song crosses different genre lines in context. It's a nice groove vocal tune with lots of syncopation, co
artist: Hale
The song is a melodically arranged piece that feeds to the human emotion
A #1 hit! Lyrics by Jay Dyall, Music written & performed by American Lesley Jane. Performed in a Frankie Valli
artist: Moonlyn
Moonlyn on Myspace: www.myspace.com/moonlynmusic
artist: Steve Ison
Song recorded for Nov 14 1 plus 1 comp at musesmuse.com
(No Samples | Original Composition) Saving Private Ryan. Produced By Wayne On The Track. Basic Lease is $19.99
title: No Condition
Positive, possibly naively hopeful uplifting song.
artist: Slyder Songs
Electric alternative rock anthem.
artist: Faunaserene
Jon wanted to drum to a very old song of mine and the result was pure magic.....he rocked this thing so very v
Der gute alte Hanomag ..... unvergessen .......und eine Reise 1982 bis nach Portugal
artist: mayonnaise
title: Jopay
A tagalog folksong about love and laughter and admiration.
artist: Imari Tones
vaguely means 'the news arrived' or 'the sign appeared', good news.
Music from my scorpio heart...
WANTING YOU. A song of deep inner longing for another...feelings which most persons know intensely. And the s
artist: Bellegante
title: Song 4 U
This song is for all of you out there in the SoundClick world.... Thanks for taking the time to listen to My T
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
John Bartl
Alternative General
A song about that person in your life you can always count on to make things right...or seem not so bad.
GinNger SparklezZz
Dad: It was one Year ago, Today, that I lost My Father in an untimely and tragic axident. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think of him and wish he was here, still. I miss him so much...he was so intelligent; a technical wiz infact. My Father taught me everything I know...and when I got bullied in school, he reasured me always...that it's okay to be who I am, and not to let anyone get to me! I am thankful for that, truely. This Year has gone by so fast for us...through all of the ups and downs...I believe he would be proud how we all stuck together and supported each other so lov...
Abtik Latik
Reflections On Life and Dying: life, i already know, is quite fragile. people can just go, without saying goodbye. death makes me wonder: so, how does one really live life to the full? so that when death comes to fetch us, we know we are ready? perhaps, the easiest thing to say is be happy. or move on. or forgive. or live with passion. what do they really mean? it fascinates me when people tell me not to get angry, move on, don't be sad because living a full life is being happy. i don't know about you, but just being happy seem quite abnormal to me. life is both the good and the bad, the happy and sad,...
Poppy Cock!: did you hear the one about the indian lady and the fuzz? well it would seem from what i heard on the morning news they nabbed an indian diplomat put her in a squad car did a perp walk for the press made her strip down and gave her a "CAVITY" search. put her in a cell and want to put her in prison for fifteen years. for what you say? she must have pulled a gun and started blasting away at a mall somewhere!. "Nope" well you say she must have been violent in some way! "Nope" wrong again! she underpaid her house keeper and made her work long hours for low pay. oh yeah something about a fake visa...
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