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artist: Hale
The song is a melodically arranged piece that feeds to the human emotion
artist: Slyder Songs
Electric alternative rock anthem.
The newest song from Kevin Robert. CD "Here For Now" available soon. Add Kevin on Facebook for more info www
artist: MyndsEye
title: Tell Me
This song crosses different genre lines in context. It's a nice groove vocal tune with lots of syncopation, co
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: My World
Dedicated to my Wife. For the FREE Money we all give!! Demand A Cure for CANCER!!
artist: Moonlyn
Moonlyn on Myspace:
artist: mayonnaise
title: Jopay
A tagalog folksong about love and laughter and admiration.
artist: Evan Paul
title: Eklektika
CD 'Eklektika' a laid back groove with R&B overtones, a classic chillout tune, very ecclectic.
title: Indian Chick
Hot Track Hip Hop, Overseas colab.
A poignant telling of The Life After Sept. 11. What's wrong, what's happening, what we think.
artist: ATP
title: Time
Another ATP new song
title: No Condition
Positive, possibly naively hopeful uplifting song.
artist: Imari Tones
vaguely means 'the news arrived' or 'the sign appeared', good news.
Even though this is an old song its still downloaded more than I expected. So I remastered it and re-uploaded
Many look to the window for blame and to the mirror for praise. A true leader should look to the window for pr
title: Keep Me Warm
Pop Acoustic Ballad with Piano and Vocals **Nice happy song for the winter months**
artist: glass cage
title: Candle Down
I burn my candle down....
artist: pencil case
this song is for you.....mahal
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Passenger Pigeon
Alternative General
Punkish pop rock stuff, man, I don't even know, hahaha
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
Rock On Songs
Alternative General
"Victorious (Acoustic)"
Rock On Song's with 12.6 million plus plays, is the best kept rock duo secret on the web. All songs are played live in one "unedited" take. Actual real music played the way Dad liked. Enjoy all of our songs for free, and "take it with you!"
Hepburn - I Quit!: PERSONAL NOTE:Her voice is sooooo cute: I Quit Lyrics: There was a time when I would go walking backwards Round the world if you said you're mine And I'd run blindfold down the Kings Road Monday morning If you'd just for once arrive on time But you turned into another liar And you came on like a new Messiah So before you say what you desire I'm telling you now? I Quit! I Quit! 'Cos loving you's a job I don't need Ain't gonna go to work no more I Quit! I Quit! The situation's vacant for me Ain't gonna go to work no more Ain't gonna go to work no more Ain't gonna go to wo...
nho' ox wa'......: nua? dem roi...mun' goi dt cho ox...mun' nc voi ox...moh bit ox met se ngu say,hok no~ danh' thuc'...hix..sao tu dung nho' ox du~ vay neh troi`....uoc' j em moc canh', bay duoc toi cua so nha ox thi....hix
another chance..: to listen to the song Cities in the sky which I have remixed for my album project The Soundtrack of My Day. PGive it a listen and tell me what you think Soundclick People!
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