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artist: Hale
The song is a melodically arranged piece that feeds to the human emotion
artist: Slyder Songs
Electric alternative rock anthem.
artist: MyndsEye
title: Tell Me
This song crosses different genre lines in context. It's a nice groove vocal tune with lots of syncopation, co
artist: Evan Paul
title: Eklektika
CD 'Eklektika' a laid back groove with R&B overtones, a classic chillout tune, very ecclectic.
title: Keep Me Warm
Pop Acoustic Ballad with Piano and Vocals **Nice happy song for the winter months**
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: My World
Dedicated to my Wife. For the FREE Money we all give!! Demand A Cure for CANCER!!
artist: Moonlyn
Moonlyn on Myspace:
artist: john knox
Title track from cd of the same name
Compressed Free Falling Eclectic Electric Rock"
artist: Imari Tones
vaguely means 'the news arrived' or 'the sign appeared', good news.
artist: glass cage
title: Candle Down
I burn my candle down....
artist: Sequel(ph)
title: Take Me Back
written/composed by Robert Ner
title: No Condition
Positive, possibly naively hopeful uplifting song.
artist: Satellite 3
Inside we are all little monsters...
artist: Snowflye
title: Luck
everybody needs a little luck sometimes
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
GinNger SparklezZz
New song lyrics I just wrote:: i've been working on this one for the past few days, and i think it's about done...but, who knows if i'll change anything within the next few days . i want to sing this song in a upbeat and sarcastically happy way, just to show how these topics aren't as important to some as fashion and entertainment is. "No More Honey" CHR: Vermin of the world, Our own pesticide. We've lost our way, we have no tribe. Live for fashion honey, with superstar stride! Leaving Mother Earth to struggle and... Hu...
Michael Vick's Buried Pit Bull
We're Number One! We're Number One!: Yo yo yo. Wave A Magic Wand is #1 on the Jazz/Lounge charts. Thanks to all of you that have listened and visited the pound. The only thing left to do now is achieve world peace and eliminate poverty. Hopefully we can have that done by next week.
GinNger SparklezZz
I have a dream - DJ Quicksilver(one of my top fav artists): I have a dream sampled from Dr. King's famous speech, remixed by DJ Quicksilver!! The dream is now reality!! Love and Peace to the people of this good Earth!!!! Lets love her and love each other the same!!!...
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