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A tribute to my myeloprolifirative leukemia spleen, which makes most of my blood supply as the bone marr--the
Post Punk/Minimal EBM | A dream about a girl @ 136 bpm
Dance with the beat and bump
title: ANGER
Shane:guitar vocals. bass: martin mcguill.drums: ian waters r.i.p
title: Clue
High energy Dance and Pop Punk track with electronic influences from album Amphetamine. For all friends of Ang
artist: Kaos Band
title: My Last Wish
Kiko Linsangan's Kaos - Philippine Powerpop and Pop Punk
I'm a punk and a raver so this sort of thing is new to me. All free, sources at https://archive.or
artist: Pornochachas
Sounds like Clashing Stones! Punk and bluesy at the same time
title: 02 Money
10 o clock horses 2005
title: WATER w/Z
A dynamic & groovy Bluesy/Darkwave Crossover Track. It's like a Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Nine Inch Nai
Formed in 2004, Gold Digger are a music collective consisting of seven active members. Working out of their st
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Immundus Official NewsBlog section: For all complete and fast updates on what goes on in Immundus Music, please direct to the official news blog at:
New Singer & "Terror" Cover.: Jordan Peterson is a great singer. He has a profile here on SoundClick. He has one hell of a solo career ahead of him. And any sane man would put a lot of effort into making this career something unforgettable and life-lasting. We respect Jordan enormously, although, sadly, he can't put enough time into Spam, and so we hav been forced to part ways with him. We have enormous respect for him and wish him every success, though he just can't put the time into Spam we need. You guys here know we released "Terror" on July 1st. Nothing much has happened since then. We're doing loads of music, sure...
Press Release - The NEXT Band of Asians Album (Part 3): Late 2007 - Band of Asians begin recording at home and creating demo versions of their music. Many of the music they created ended on the "InVasion" complimation album. But most of the time, Patrick was writing and recording 95% of the music at this point. Dave would overdub a drum machine track but collaboration ceased. November 2007 - Band of Asians enter their version of "Jingle Bell Rock" for the Christmas 2007 music tournament. Only made it to the 2nd Round. The song was recorded with just Patrick, his guitar and PortaStudio. December 4th, 2007 - Dave flies to the...
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