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The Groove that put the move on the map a #1 song
Dance remix made from an a capella found at Sources at
A tribute to my myeloprolifirative leukemia spleen, which makes most of my blood supply as the bone marr--the
Post Punk/Minimal EBM | A dream about a girl @ 136 bpm
artist: Kaos Band
title: My Last Wish
Kiko Linsangan's Kaos - Philippine Powerpop and Pop Punk
artist: Pornochachas
Just some Pornochachas plastic-overdriven sounds mashed together
title: ANGER
Shane:guitar vocals. bass: martin mcguill.drums: ian waters r.i.p
Punk song about being lost in this world.
title: I'm Angry
Elctro-dance funk guitar stuff
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
RE4 Music Movie Pt 5: After messing around with the video editing software I have made yet more movies using Resident Evil 4, this time music videos. The video's main featured track is an atmospheric song , An Early Fright by All My Faith Lost (acoustic/neoclassical/gothic). The old church, governed by a rather suspicious cult leader, harbors a secret. The villagers are intent on keeping their captive from escaping, and by whatever means necessary. Contains very occasional explicit language (subtitles).
key of david
Me crossing a winter stream- I'm sure nothing bad will happen ;) :
Abtik Latik
I Am On A Journey: I am on a journey. A journey towards the unknown; a journey towards uncertainty. I don't know what lies ahead and I don't care what awaits for me. Nevertheless, I don't want to find out. I will just let it be. That's the beauty of life. It is full of mysteries .The more I am embracing it. The more I appreciate it. The more willing I am to take this journey.
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