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A tribute to my myeloprolifirative leukemia spleen, which makes most of my blood supply as the bone marr--the
title: ANGER
Shane:guitar vocals. bass: martin mcguill.drums: ian waters r.i.p
Post Punk/Minimal EBM | A dream about a girl @ 136 bpm
Created from sources found at all source materials at htt
lyrics /vocals written & performed by Bill Johnson aka Leatherface of Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
These days Nige and Trev believe in nothing....except plastic sheep masks. Let me hear it lord....
A new slant on a traditional 2010 gravediggers' anthem usually sung in the direction of an anteater hutch. Gos
title: Clue
High energy Dance and Pop Punk track with electronic influences from album Amphetamine. For all friends of Ang
The song reflects the essence of Dead. The Chords are D E A D, with the basic melody being the same. Lyrics were added and the finish product has guitar, bass, vocals, and Muse technology for the choir and strings at the end
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Up Loaded a new Solo Piano Tune: I have just uploaded a solo piano piece, that I am quite pleased with. Its a fairly low key affair. I may also do a song version of the tune, sort of varations on a theme. it's called "Shifting Sands".
It's a wonderful world.: Well anyways, I am sitting here in Antioch, California in my room. My mother lives here in the Far East Bay in a nice house from KB Homes which my older brother Rick bought the family just earlier this year. As I stumble myself on the computer thinking of writing NEW music and I am in a better shape than before. Well at least for now! I am getting an XBox 360 for Christmas and I am a HUGE video gamer like many on Soundclick who reads my blogs and music websites should know by now. I recently went to GameStop video game store to buy me TWO video games for PlayStation 2. Used copies. I bou...
arctic burn
Something New: Life; the beginning of all things. No matter how it comes to be, it still brings great changes even to those who deny it. This is my life that i am creating as i type this. Eventually this life might come to an end, but until then i will enjoy this life and cherish it until the end of mine.
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