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Drummer, Dave Goode and guitarist, Gary Skopick join forces on a heavy chugging, arp fest. GOODE/SKOPICK PROJ
Another song from the album
ACKOD getting LOUD!!!!!! Hyper Electro punk/Alternative track. For Promo use only!!!
title: Bumblebee
Metal meets flute.
Ever felt like this?
artist: johnjohn808
title: Repetition
over and over and over
title: Proclamation
I intro bit and cut the ending with all the sound errors.
title: Wet and Low
recorded in 1999 by my old band Silent Fear on a 400mhz computer. not well received in louisiana. we never rec
artist: BURNT DOWN
title: blind again
just a kick ass song ....aka yeah its about a girl
artist: Morten
title: Janus
Short Metal/NuRock-influenced instrumental featuring XLN Audio's Addictive Drums
Flawless Tracks
J Cole Type Beat - Luxury Lounges *Free*
Hip Hop
Buy 1 Get 4 Free - for inquiries
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Growing up as a Garage Band (Conclusion?): I sort of noticed, along with a few former music critics, I improved slightly to a degree as a songwriter and guitar player. It was awesome! I think the only method or tool I could use to present my music to people and everywhere else, was the Internet. Because I wasn’t playing gigs as much. I kept most of my audience updated through networking websites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. I think or assume, CURB YOUR WILD LIFE set the second era in my music. Where notable changes happened in my life and music. I was no longer an early 2000s garage band teenage musician playing Nu Metal in m...
Power Trip - Garage Band & Electronic Bibles: Endorsing a variety of musical instruments from the Vibo Music Center, Power Trip began recording at the Bank Studios in 16th and Mission of San Francisco. Due to lack of original music, they were playing music like a jam improvisation when being taped on the computer music software DigiDesign ProTools inside that small recording studio. Some poor musicianship from Patrick and Dave's musical instruments when recording their band practice at Bank Studios was eventually repaired on electronic/digital music software and electronics with today's advanced technology. The 5 songs they recorded for a...
How certain kinds of music got heard then and now.: To be fair, in the 70s, people only had a few options for that type of music because the ability to discover and listen to new music was limited. You had radio shows and magazines, but these options were already very filtered by major labels. This allowed artists like Pink Floyd to have a huge following because... well, what was the alternative? Thumbing through records hoping to find treasures, word of mouth, independent magazines, etc. These things have some nostalgic appeal, but really, they were slow and ineeffective. The capability for progressive bands to be heard by millions was equ...
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