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Drummer, Dave Goode and guitarist, Gary Skopick join forces on a heavy chugging, arp fest. GOODE/SKOPICK PROJ
title: Wet and Low
recorded in 1999 by my old band Silent Fear on a 400mhz computer. not well received in louisiana. we never rec
and the universe answered back..
artist: Phrygia
title: Ridonculous
Track with Phrygia and DP (of Phunk Junkeez)
artist: Vastman
Stop Fossils NOW! It's insane what we are doing to our climate...There are billions of us! Demand Renewables a
Ever felt like this?
title: Proclamation
I intro bit and cut the ending with all the sound errors.
artist: Go-Fish Duo
title: Anchor!
Metal Guitars, modern synth, rap style, satirical news broadcast.
artist: BURNT DOWN
title: blind again
just a kick ass song ....aka yeah its about a girl
artist: Morten
title: Janus
Short Metal/NuRock-influenced instrumental featuring XLN Audio's Addictive Drums
title: No Big Deal
A progressive, hard driven song with technical guitar work.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
GinNger SparklezZz
Eminem-We Made You: Great new song by Eminem...My Brother has been playing it so much, I guess it grew on me lol! ...
Clickers Club
January/February Players: We have 2 players coming up! January 16th - January 29th Clickers Club Members may submit any 2 of their favorite songs - old, new...or somewhere in between. All we ask is that the songs have not appeared on any of our players before. January 30th - February 14th As Valentine's Day is approaching we will be asking our members to submit up to 2 love songs for this player. Old songs, or completely new creations. To submit songs please send us a link via PM here at the Clickers Club. Make sure the songs are only sent between the relevant dates...we don't want the songs to end up on th...
A Decade of Awesome: And sent a portfolio of their music and historical documents to the A&R music company, much to the extent of hurtful rejections. However, local opportunity did arrive as concert promoters KLC Music Productions asked the Band of Asians in Patrick Lew's Band to perform for a local concert tour across playgrounds, recreational centers, theaters and bookstores. After the release of "Revenge," they were confused on how to present their new music onstage to an audience. It would be nearly impossible, they thought, to perform songs from their album "Revenge" without placing ads in the paper or search...
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