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New School
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Another one of my covers from SingSnap.com (online karaoke site)...Thanks for the listen!
Instrumental cover of the 1995 Ednaswap song (as covered by Natalie Imbruglia (1997)); torn_inst_01
artist: Loagz Beatz
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artist: STILWEL
Cover of the Muse song "MK Ultra" using the Line 6 POD HD Bean. Guitar is a '75 Les Paul Custom tuned Drop-D.
This is a McCartney/Jane composition. First of many, I hope. Well Paul wrote the Maybe I'm Amazed part, and I
This is a coverband I recorded called CrocodileWhat. I tracked and mixed (partially) this Kings of Leon cover
Better than Ezra cover
artist: arellSpencer
Cover song of Bob Dylan
John Lennon Lives. Here. For 20 years I've been channeling him. This is the sequel he wrote to his world-belov
artist: Paul Muncal
cover from adam sandler guitar and vocals: Paul Muncal
A Cover song of Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
artist: halzyon
title: lunes
a spongebubbles song...hehehehehe.....
This is a COVER of a POSTAL SERVICE song. Done.
madonna cover, we didnt right it
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Pop
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
John Bartl
Alternative General
A song about that person in your life you can always count on to make things right...or seem not so bad.
Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
Angus Smoke and the discoveries
Other Alternative
"wild star"
Trypadelic band
yuan me!: do you know what a yuan is? well your going to when the money standard changes to the Chinese currency and the us starts printing Chinese money maybe the usa printing Chinese money is a bit of a stretch but if you keep shopping at walmart and buying the cheapest stuff you can find.. the Chinese economy will out pace the us by two to one in just a couple of years reason for concern you decide!
shasta county phooey!: i have lived right here all my life "a long time" same place same address for 60 years. my dad is old and he wanted us boy's to have our own places so he gave us a few acres each but before we can actually have it it needs to be "subdivided" that means the county guy's have to spend about ten minutes on a computer to redraw the plot maps. well it would seem that the county smells money so they are making us pay a ten thousand dollar fee just to divide a parcel of land we already own! and have owned since it was homesteaded by my ancestors in 1845. it's like they are selling us our own propert...
its getting cloudy around here: so heres sumthin i have had the guy come and turn off the cable tv. i got me an antenna to get local stations. i use the internet to get everything else i want to watch. if a guy was smart he would buy all the stock he could in hulu or other internet tv services. pretty soon that is how it will work everything the phone, the tv, the movies all your entertainment. games, information, all contained in one machine with the attention the tech guys are giving to the cloud i am betting that all a person will ever buy is a monitor and a service that will take care of it all. the computer instead of ...
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