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artist: Sindustry
title: Despair
A man comes to some sobering decisions one day while looking at himself in the mirror. FREE download.
title: Dread
#1 on's Alternative Goth & #2 in Doom Metal Charts. Warning!!! All positive and no negative, ma
title: Haunted
Sometimes instead of avoiding a painful past, it is better to embrace it.
based on the JimmyO film (THE GOOD SISTERS) musik by: Ninja Spice, lyrics/vox/sampling by: D-day Madcox & Nu
title: ApOlOgY
An apology.
artist: Drumnjon
I had so much fun with this song.I actually got blood blisters on my left hand fingers. We picked the HOTTEST
title: The Hunted
night shades of moonlight
artist: DEVA X
Sketch Written by Deva, remixed by The AlienXXX. Full Song Coming Soon!
artist: NYMAN (Swe)
A remake from a song I wrote 1999 with inspiration from Tolkiens "The Lord of The Rings".
artist: Peter Imoje
A Song Of Sorrow By Peter Imoje. Peter imoje has always been inspired by Gothic and Dark themed songs over the
artist: Mars Ashton
FREE mp3 download!!! EQ Remix 2011
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"Polite Sunshine"
Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
"Polite Sunshine"
In the mountian I will finally find if I am free
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
John Bartl
Alternative General
A song about that person in your life you can always count on to make things right...or seem not so bad.
the toylanders
10 Norman St.: 10 Norman St was recorded on a Tascam recorder 4 track, I recorded some basic tracks direct line, and plugged in my guitar in an amp, and stuck the mic outside to pick up the streets sounds, and the amplified guitar, I didn't know what would happen. But what did happen was surprisng - serendipity.
You Should Never Begg : Hello this is Griffin you should never begg anyone for something they put hard work into. If everything was free the world would be in chaos. What I'm saying is if all ways lookng for a fee bee it's gonna sound like your broke and if you keep begging most likely the other person is gonna pay you no mind. Invest in yourself and support producers beats
Flow: FLOW... Sometimes...all of us get stuck in the vortices of life...! This is true on all levels. As above, so below. From the microcosm to the macrocosm. From tiny cells to the celestial galaxies in this 'far-flung universe. This is true when we become stuck or immovable in our beliefs. There is no use in denying that we have all at one time or another have found ourselves on the wrong end of a bad decision. For whatever reason...regardless of common sense or logic...we hang on to these ideals and beliefs to the point of absurdities (especially if pride is on ...
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