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artist: boomaga
title: Starryeyed
A strong Radiohead influence, with breakbeats in the middle. Recorded at home. Chicks like it.
artist: Rijpe Peren
title: Choo Choo
Rijpe Peren - Choo CHoo
artist: Toshk (UK)
Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Another boy wants girl - undermines relationship and gets girl.
title: Shine
Mid Tempo pop/rock song about wanting more out of life.
artist: NeoLate
title: Full Love
Far form your lover
artist: populardays
a 60's pop tune.. inspired by the group called "cardigans" and "holiday"
title: until now
I didn't know, until now.
title: Troubles
A Beatleque song about choicing the wrong path in life.
title: Ukulele Lady
Dreamin of floatin down to the Gulf Of Mexico to Matagorda bay, with a beer, a Uke and my lady
title: Let me Know
An acoustic-electric blend of guitars/drums and Byrds-esque harmonies. Sounds like a love song but it was ins
artist: Ben Gott
Recorded, engineered, arranged, mixed, and played by Ben Gott / Produced by Ben Gott and Paul Culnane
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Ghost in the Machine
Alternative :: Nu Metal
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Brit Pop
"A Little Harder"
Michael Maroon (C) 2015
Higher Than Pope
Force of Nature: Chorus: Like a force of nature, an act of pure will, I'm the gathering storm at the top of your hill. Like a force of nature there's no tellin' when, this storm will come and hit you again. You feel it too, the magnet of desire. Love is our flame. We're moths dreaming this fire. I don't know why our dreams fall from the sky. Time cures all, except for the day you die. You are the flower. My words are the hummingbirds. Love is the word. There is nothing left but the words. Where there is will, there must always be a way. Sometimes the words don't really know what the...
Ariadawna Willowsweet
new one up with Jon....thats Drumnjon good people: Yes Jon and I have a new collab and its a doozy...JOn I love your amazing drumming you did magic to this shame on you.... lol.......amazing magic......always a pleasure doing music with you my dear add to my shenanigans with Past LIfe dabbling because IM bombarded with images and dreams of this incident...and GOd only knows I dont want to be a nun. lol...really me????but in Past LIves I was........I had it confirmed with a deck of oracle cards and my amazingly intuitive prowess....I was centered and I found out quite a bit that was right on according to dreams Ive had........and...
Hi: I have an audition with the Live and Unsigned Competition in Glasgow on Feb 6th and wondering which of my songs I should sing, it can be only one. Can you help me choose??
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