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title: london drugs
about something you cant attain - the eternal high
One of the earliest Panzer Tracks. We nearly sacked Wull for his vocal performance on this one. Can't stop thi
title: The Tempest
A B-side to "Attention Shoppers"
Upbeat Pop-Rock song. The most "happy" song on the record. "There is everyone, then there is you."
artist: Gary Nielsen
Sarcastic look at what materialism and technology has done to American society.
artist: Queen Kong
Version found on the Freakscene 10 year anniversary compilation,plus a special motivational message from Alan
it's about going to sleep...
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Susie Brooklyn
Susie Joined the site June 2, 2004...:'s a "mile stone" Susie joined the Soundclick site 6/2/2004. Today Susie's profile has been viewed 20,001 times....smiles June 12, 2015.
Get a Life.: hey this is out to JJ Hard to get a life i mean drive, hard drive. You are a low piece of human feces , you are a sad social creature who has no means of reaching the world but by the net because in RL you aint nothing. You are the definition of spam and failure, and dont ever send my lady any messages or request u sick bastad.
we loved husker du: I always wanted to write a song like husker du, fast and rockin, 2 minutes and out, but they also wrote with a mystious quality, something in the sound that had a sad feel to it, I remember loving this pitiful cassette copy that a friend of mine gave me, said, yeah they're pretty good...I listened to that for 20 years and it finally crapped out. All that time I thought the cassette was such a bad copy, so cheap that I wished I could really hear the full song, but I never bought the album. 2 Years ago I bought 2 CDs from them and realized, it wasn't ...
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