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title: Nelsons
After our first (failed) jam session...
artist: izwan
title: firstof
title: Prettysong
Up beat pop-rock tune. "There's no place I'd rather be than right here with you/ With you right here with me."
decribes corys addiction to food
labas tayo ng mundo! ikaw lang at ako!!! tanan na tayo!! kung saan wala ang nanay mo!
title: Ukulele Lady
Dreamin of floatin down to the Gulf Of Mexico to Matagorda bay, with a beer, a Uke and my lady
artist: Dmoney(UK)
title: Go Commando
Reached Top 20 in Sub Cat
artist: Seph
title: Raw Crow
artist: Open Mic
One of my original songs that I can play on the ukulele. LoFi version plays fine. For some reason HiFi sounds
artist: Elley Wilson
We've wanted to write a little tribute to Mick Clack of Frank Fin and the Fish, Nige n Trev, Mechanics of sorr
title: Ms.Fortune
Ms.Fortune Words and Music J.Allen Myers Jeff Myers -Lead and Backing Vocals
A different version then what's on "Attention Shoppers"
Upbeat Pop-Rock song. The most "happy" song on the record. "There is everyone, then there is you."
artist: La Hoja
title: VOY
INSTRUCCIONES PARA DESCARGAR. 1.-Para GUARDAR la cancion da CLICK en HI-FI arriba a la derecha(Pequeñas LETRAS
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Guitar Queer-O: Sounds of Catastrophe? Guitar Queer-O Mania and Drama! NOTE: The following Band of Asians/Sounds of Catastrophe storybook is a parody of the popular video game Guitar Hero and is a DIRECT copycat story of the South Park cartoon episode, except the names and some of the storybook plots have been changed to make it Band of Asians! One day, Patrick and Dave recently went to EB Games (video game store) to purchase Guitar Hero for their PlayStation 2 at the shopping mall. They put the disc in the PlayStation 2 video game machine and started playing their TOY guitars and jamming to the song "L...
Your Audio 2 Riot Stuff: Why this name? Random bandname. Amateur Rock musician Patrick Lew and his wife Faith Tanner's solution! Two outsiders across the universe fighting the institution to survive as a couple through these times and years of trouble, and finally becoming Rock of Love. Do you play live? Not right now. School and solo project has been keeping Patrick very busy. And Faith has been filling out job applications for retailers to earn money for our East Bay home as a romantic couple in our Rock of Love story. Depends. Special moments? Making music and promoting our mixes online on websites like this. ...
bitch from diva
Was It Natalie?: Everyday is different on SoundClick; you never know what song is gonna be the big winner of the day. We put up Natalie Portman's photo and the song took off. We would like to think it's the song "A Little More Than I Should," but this Natalie is so popular these days, who knows.. The other song that surprised us was "My Friend ED," or the Viagra song. In the pic for that one we didn't want to put some vanny grazney old man with a hard on. Instead we put a great looking, young guy with a hard on. We are tired of being a group with just a guitarist and vocalist but were okay and so...
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