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artist: MyndsEye
title: Tell Me
This song crosses different genre lines in context. It's a nice groove vocal tune with lots of syncopation, co
artist: 70x7
70x7's patriotic rock ballad, that recognizes God's hand in making America a great nation and calls upon its l
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: My World
Dedicated to my Wife. For the FREE Money we all give!! Demand A Cure for CANCER!!
title: Keep Me Warm
Pop Acoustic Ballad with Piano and Vocals **Nice happy song for the winter months**
artist: Immundus
title: Candles
Presenting you Haunting Dark Ambient with Ghostly and Bizarre atmospheres, for fans of unconventional Dark Amb
artist: Bob Wyatt
I brought back that oldies feel in this new song.
artist: The Modems
Tongue and cheek nod to The B52's, Nick Cave, and The Pixies.The first ever Modems song to be recorded back in
artist: The Story Of
title: Berkeley
From the album 'Until The Autumn'.
artist: Melt (PHIL)
a song for those who literally lost a loved one..
With Jesus by my side, enough said!
Even though this is an old song its still downloaded more than I expected. So I remastered it and re-uploaded
title: Sycamore
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, synths, drum loops, music & lyrics; Matt Scott- synths, percussion
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Likelihood Entertainment
One Night Only- Likelihood Ent- Free Download
Hip Hop
Free Download Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Contact me at:
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Rock On Songs
Cover Songs
"Cover - Beatles - Getting Better"
Rock On Song's with 12.1 million plus plays, is the best kept rock duo secret on the web. All songs are played live in one "unedited" take. Actual real music played the way Dad liked. Enjoy all of our songs for free, and "take it with you!"
Passenger Pigeon
Alternative General
"(New) Ritz Addiction"
Passenger Pigeon started off as a simple name for the recordings I did back in 2006, and it became something more and more that I could just never feel satisfied with. So I work hard and have a lot of fun every time I record the little jigs I write.
Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
glass cage
Alternative General
"You can see the further shore"
Neo Classical World Music Film Music Instrumental
Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Cat's: Cats abound you know. i was sitting outside a couple of day's ago and saw some buzzards flying low in a circle. this usually means something has croaked and they are eating it. out of curiosity i went to see what it was. some kittens three of them still alive but barely. three gray kittens all huddled together near the road in some poison oak bushes. i fished them out and took them back to the house. probably what had happened was some crude asshole had just flung them out . because they did not want any kitties?. stupid buttknobber might as wel of just put them in the trash can wow how...
The Heart Of A Champion: Yesterday I took a huge hit when I was denied by I Tunes that I couldin't have my sound click link on my cd cover. Yet I still keep going. I been denied many times it's just someone trying to knock me. But I get back up and keep going, I will never give up on my dreams and work to becoming free. That a heart of a campion!
New Song Emerges: After having a strong mug of the most awesome beverage known to man, namely coffee, I started to try and replicate what was going on inside my head musically. I'm rather compulsive at times and music seems to be my main focus at present. Working at a frantic pace, I attempted to keep up with my rather manic creativity and a new song emerged. It called Absolution and is perhaps even darker than my usual material with a slight oriental slant. It's on my Experimental Insanity page for those curious to have a listen. I also rerecorded part of the vox from Haunted Realm (of the Undead) - I wasn'...
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