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featured on the albums, "Bong Water Coffee & The Constant Struggle To Stay High" & "The Destruction Of Somethi
artist: Cosmos II
If we trash the Earth with global warming and deaths of species, there's no other hospitable place in the Sola
artist: Bard of Ely
A song about the druid King Arthur Pendragon, which has been used by 3 different TV stations for documentary p
artist: Ron Gragg
This is acoustic rock progression recorded on my Alvarez. It's basically an acoustic sketch with Bass, Drum an
Acoustic, Electric, bass, drums, vocals, and COWBELL! All instruments and vocals by me. Drums by Zoom.
title: Time
Two guys and one instrument
artist: Oberhofer
title: snow rave
My version to a Aussensaiter Backing (AJ 125, by Martin Rudkowski. Blueridge BR183A with
artist: Bellegante
A Strange Morning.....
artist: Graham's Cat
title: Ride
Alt-tuned acoustic guitar with junk percussion.
title: Courageous
John Pfeifer - Vocals, guitars, sound effects, piano, synths, bass, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - Synths, sound e
artist: Procks
take it easy...
Convincing a friend that all is well.
Just a good rockin' blues song
The horror of war. It's always romantically portrayed but yet such a nightmare experience !
Can we really see what's coming our way??
artist: Big Blue X
Tell your spaceship to come home
artist: Joey D Vela
title: The Call
An ode to overcoming the fear of change as well as the fear of uncertainty by facing them head-on
part acoustic, part rocker. lot's of harmony.
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Majestic Drama
Go Get It!!! Feat Mucho Denaro
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook by Mucho Denaro. Lease To Get The MP3 For Only $44.99 - Contact for info on purchasing Exclusive Rights.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Brent Santin
My Celtic-music related artwork now on a T-shirt!: I've done a lot of graphic art for past bands (posters, album covers, etc). However, once the gig is over, or the band breaks up, some of this great art is never used again...a real shame! So...I've opened an on-line store at to sell my Celtic-music related artwork on T-shirts and other stuff! Click here to go to the shop at Check it out! Get yer brain onto some Celtic music and some of this great artwork onto yer back!...
decaying orbit
The AntiSocialite: Decaying Orbit has released a new collective of songs from over the years called, "The AntiSocialite". Many of these songs were never released under the name Decaying Orbit, but were solo, Mike Ash releases & a few Decaying Orbit singles from here & there. "The AntiSocialite" is meant to tide our listeners over until we are able to start recording & releasing brand new material. The album has an over all softer sound than previous releases have had & the lyrics are sardonic, sarcastic & very much in your face, like a middle finger with a smile!!! We do hope you enjoy our newest offering of sou...
n b peace
And God Said No: I asked God to take away my pride, And God said, "No." He said it was not for Him to take away, But for me to give up. I asked God to make my handicapped child whole, And God said, "No." He said her spirit is, While her body is only temporary. I asked God to grant me patience, And God said, "No." He said patience is a by-product of tribulation. It isn't granted, it is earned. I asked God to give me happiness, And God said, "No." He said He gives blessings, Happiness is up to me. I asked God to spare me pain, And God said, "No." He said, "Suffering draws you apart from...
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