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artist: Sage97
Great Big World cover
Patrick Donnelly - Lead Guitar; Susan Barnes - Keyboards; Kim Crowely - Guitar
a cover of the old Sesame Street classic, with the Solan Goose touch. (EMI April Music Inc. O/B/O Sesame Stre
artist: Paul Castle
Old home recording from the 1970s of the Dylan song which first appeared on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in 1963
artist: One Foot In
A Bob Dylan Favorite...
We loved this Monty Python song so much, we decided to record it for our fourth album.
artist: Sabinah
title: Dos Kelbl
Jewish Folksong, sung in Jiddisch, Guitars and Backing vocals: Blueswilly (on soundclick)
( 80's ! ) In the 60's The Stones shortly went ( after the Beatles they did ) psychedelic : She's Like A Rainb
This beautiful old Scottish song was written by Scotland's national poet Robbie Burns. Our version was recorde
Fire And Rain....A personal Favorite of ours. Done in acoustic style,we hope you enjoy it.
title: Lilium cover
Someone who knows the Anime Elfenlied? I really love the Opening from this series. So emotional and sad...
artist: Fine As Hell
Title: Boondon ke moti, Movie: Wake Up Sid, Vocals: Vikranth, Umesh; Guitar: Nikhil, Prafulla; Keys: Vikranth,
artist: totskie106
was requested by my friend muret....and i love it!!its for you sis
This old hymn done with a Reggae beat? Well, yes!
My cover of the traditional song as recorded by Simon and Garfunkel.
title: Imagine
My unplugged cover of John Lennon's utopian song from 1971-- I wonder what John would think of today's music..
My tribute to Chris Martin. All the best Chris. A bit fast and definitely faster than I would have liked.
My friend Justin Doing a Cover song.
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Freek Van Workum Music
F*** Yo Feelings
F*** Yo Feelings is an intriguing piano based r&b slow jam that you can rap on as well. It's very radio friendly, true hit potential.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Getting Nowhere"
Sometimes when I'm alone, like so many times before, I take off all my clothes and I roll on the floor. But I'm not crazy no I'm just getting nowhere with you...
Homeless Balloon
Acoustic Guitar
Two acoustic guitars in harmony now a free download.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
harp hack
Added a new song and one on the way!: My voice isn't very good to begin with and this recent cold has made it even worse. But I need to take advantage of quiet time around the house when I have it. My latest addition is called "Everyday Should be a Sunday." It's about how laid back and relaxing Sunday is. I will soon be adding a light hearted song called "I hate the Mall," which is pretty self-explanatory. Hope ya like them. I plan on recording them better another time when i get a better recording studio situation set up....
Tim Hoad
New songs on the way, but bad news...: Ok, so I've just started two new songs that I'd really like to record, but there comes the bad news. My laptop which I record everything on is in for repairs at the moment, which means I can't do anything! :O! oh well. It'll give me time to polish up the other songs so I'm ready to record straight away when the time comes. The two new songs are: 'Little Red Shield' - a song about a little wooden toy shield I used to play with as a kid, which I found the other day. It's a very slow sort of song, and lyrics are going suprisingly well so far. But I'm not finished yet. untitled - A ...
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