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This beautiful old Scottish song was written by Scotland's national poet Robbie Burns. Our version was recorde
artist: One Foot In
A Bob Dylan Favorite...
artist: Gaz Brady
A started rough cover of the Adele song as its been playing on every radio accross the house for weeks.
artist: Otepski
Stephen Bishop cover - kinda Kai kinda original version...duet with Farrah...gleng talga ni idol!
artist: totskie106
was requested by my friend muret....and i love it!!its for you sis
artist: Jon Stefon
A Tom Petty cover...
artist: gabebondoc
title: You (cover)
Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - You
artist: Trick T Olly
Certainly our language has changed over the last 400 years and since there was no YouTube back then, for Rober
A Tribute to John Denver, We miss you John. Special Thanks to Tammy Swindell for her beautiful harmonies, str
artist: Passion(SF)
a song featuring my older brother Josh. i grew up listening to it in church. Didn't really know what it meant
We loved this Monty Python song so much, we decided to record it for our fourth album.
artist: Strummergurl
This is a fav song of Kasey Chambers i wanted to cover
title: Lilium cover
Someone who knows the Anime Elfenlied? I really love the Opening from this series. So emotional and sad...
artist: carol m
title: Anabelle
My cover of a Gillian Welch song with my friend Eddiez on guitar.
artist: Soulstring
Aldwin's impromptu recording at Monster Radio featuring Joe Phoenix on guitars -- highest position was #3 on t
artist: PJ Curtis
PJ Curtis - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
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song i wrote - Love Jones.: v1- the first time i saw you i didnt know what to do i lost all control. it was like life just entered in my soul it was love at first sight and nothing else. and i just want you to know how i feel inside and i just want you to know, you to know tht ur beautiful i got love jones {no chours just let beat play} v2-you're special in every single way and today im gonna let you know tht you are wonderful God must have spent a lil more time with you i love ya, this much be a feelin from above cause i could never feel this way and i just want this feelin to stay yeah you precious, you com...
Michael Patteen
Some additional things about me: First of all thanks for looking at me and my music and my music friends on this page. I am a producer of all genres of music. I have several artists talented in many ways. I have artists from keys to vocal to collaborations and writing with other producers from around the world. I enjoy doing all different things with music. I am able to write to anything. I have so much fun with others music. Also I have 3 years college in music theory and was on a scholarship for music where I was trained one on one with teacher and mentor Brad Deroche in classical guitar. I am able to help and teach...
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