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artist: tjwaysongs
'Loving You' is a Rough Guitar-Vocals Demo I recorded a while back, I plan on re-vising it and re-producing it
artist: Evan Paul
CD 'Eklektika' This song features my 'Neighbourhood Kids', Sam Collett, Shanna, Holly, Natalie Fournier, and L
artist: Cosmos II
Reminds us that we are descendents of the Big Bang, stars that exploded, and dust.
artist: Heather Dale
Dark Celtic chant, inspired by Morgan La Fay from the King Arthur legends.
artist: pixi
title: Seasons
an old pagan chase between the god and the goddess as they change into different animals through the seasons
artist: Mark Ellis
title: Butterflies
A whimsical tune, certainly looking back to the summer of love, (Ah I remember it well :-) I guess it's a hank
artist: Ed Drury
Originally wrote this song while hiking the PCT back in the early '70 where I adapted it for mandolin and shar
This is a folk song that I had been wanting to record for a very long time.
artist: Will Carroll
repetitive rambling's, of maniacs and fools.. trying to make sense of nothing...
title: The Bridge
Whenever we make a mistake, we build a barrier between us and the one's we love. But if we truly love that per
artist: Robert Moss
We all question the path we choose...
artist: David Rovics
I was reading Marcus Rediker's book, Villains of All Nations, about pirates during the early 18th century, and
A song for many people who have enriched and filled my life with love. Some have passed but others still remai
artist: Trick T Olly
I am happy to be able to finally post a Philip Rosseter song from his only Booke of Airs. This is Take 2 but i
artist: Tom Neilson
political satire
A collaboration with Kurt Lewis Neufer, we hope the you enjoy the journey
Folk/blues based protest song
A lullaby that morphed itself into a slow waltz...
A wee old Irish Lullaby....
The first song I ever wrote that I kept
The fight for the right to be free.
A love song of sorts....Photo by Gretchen Schuldt Doege
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
my favorite shirt: yes this is my favorite shirt IT SAIDS .....KISS ME I'M IRISH SLIP ME SOME TONGUE IM FRENCH TOO I HAVE A SHIRT/UNIQUE GIFT SHOP AT HTTP://WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/BLAMEMYPARENTS to make comments good or bad go here and go to the guest book area on the top of that page posted march 1l,2008 wanted to also show you a cool song of lord harrys

Sister Phyllis
Fathers Day Message : God always has a plan ... and He always has a man By Bobby G. Richardson Fathera€™s Day is truly appropriate for this series of study. We have already covered some very interesting territory. And, many things have been very clearly revealed through Goda€™s Word in the first six chapters of the Book of 1 Samuel as it relates to our relationship with God, as well as some doa€™s and don'ts. Contrary to popular opinion, God really does have a plan ... a very specific way He wants things to be done ... and He really does have a man ... someone to rise to the occasion, whom He has called AND pr...
n b peace
Why I Love My Lord Jesus?: You ask why I follow this Jesus? Why I love Him the way I do? When the world’s turned away from His teachings And the people who serve Him are few. It’s not the rewards I’m after Or gifts that I hope to receive It’s the Presence that calls for commitment It’s the Spirit I trust and believe. The Lord doesn’t shelter His faithful Or spare them all suffering and pain, Like everyone else I have burdens, And walk through my share of rain. Yet He gives me a plan and a purpose, And that joy only Christians have known, I never know what comes tomorrow, But I do know I’m never alone. It’s t...
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