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Song about the joy of playing music ... when nothing else seems to help soothe the soul.
A song about soul taking wings.
artist: Cosmos II
Reminds us that we are descendents of the Big Bang, stars that exploded, and dust.
artist: Anne Feeney
Tired of deadbeats living large off your tax dollars? Listen up!
artist: pixi
title: Seasons
an old pagan chase between the god and the goddess as they change into different animals through the seasons
Song I wrote about the greatest American who ever lived-civil rights leader Martin Luther King.
artist: rayiam
Demo version ... full pro version coming soon!
artist: Mark Ellis
title: Butterflies
A whimsical tune, certainly looking back to the summer of love, (Ah I remember it well :-) I guess it's a hank
artist: Evan Paul
CD 'Eklektika' This song features my 'Neighbourhood Kids', Sam Collett, Shanna, Holly, Natalie Fournier, and L
artist: Heather Dale
Dark Celtic chant, inspired by Morgan La Fay from the King Arthur legends.
artist: Tom Neilson
an account of Standing Rock resistance to the DAPL
artist: Ed Drury
Originally wrote this song while hiking the PCT back in the early '70 where I adapted it for mandolin and shar
A wee old Irish Lullaby....
artist: Open Road
title: Solicitude
Acoustic ballad Vance Grazio, acoustic guitar, vocal Mark Porro, acoustic guitar, harmony vocal
A song for many people who have enriched and filled my life with love. Some have passed but others still remai
artist: Trick T Olly
I am happy to be able to finally post a Philip Rosseter song from his only Booke of Airs. This is Take 2 but i
artist: Wade Farlowe
A romantic couple from the mountains...
A collaboration with Kurt Lewis Neufer, we hope the you enjoy the journey
artist: Robert Moss
We all question the path we choose...
This is a folk song that I had been wanting to record for a very long time.
artist: Will Carroll
repetitive rambling's, of maniacs and fools.. trying to make sense of nothing...
The first song I ever wrote that I kept
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Swiss Frankie
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Sister Phyllis
Bible Reading for today : Acts Chapter 2 Acts Chapter 2 1 1 When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. 2 And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, 2 and it filled the entire house in which they were. 3 Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, 3 which parted and came to rest on each one of them. 4 And they were all filled with the holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, 4 as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim. 5 Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven staying in Jerusalem. 6 ...
Spiral's "work of art" greets Record Store Day - April 17, 2010: Allison Crowe's newest album, "Spiral", gets physical, physical, this month - with its CD release on April 17. The album was released digitally on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. There was an abundance of gold, silver and bronze in February, when Canada hosted the Olympics. Since then, printers have been sourcing a supply of the special metallic dyes needed for the album cover art of "Spiral". This process happily enables Crowe's newest CD release to coincide with international Record Store Day ( "Spiral" is now available at Fascinating Rhythm, in Nanaimo, B.C...
Crater Lake: Crater Lake is part of the ill fated Tocks Island Dam Project on the Delaware NJ. In the 50's the Fed Govt decided to dam the Delaware river providing water and power to many. It was very controversial. 206 families were evicted from their homes and farms in a bitter and unpleasant series of disputes. The Feds decided eventually not to dam the Delaware, but kept the property it confiscated as a recreational area for everyone. Crater lake is beautiful. Looks like a scooped out crater in the rock where you can swim and hike. My 'honey' took me here last summer 2007 on his bike. But still it...
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