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It is estimated that by the turn of the century in Africa there were some 120,000 childsoldiers. Currently the
artist: Tony Seo
Powerful new music for the acoustic guitar
artist: Andy Roy
I still have your picture and it's hanging on my wall....
A #1 Acoustic rock ballad song about longing to be back with an old flame, but now she's with someone else. R
title: Courageous
John Pfeifer - Vocals, guitars, sound effects, piano, synths, bass, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - Synths, sound e
The horror of war. It's always romantically portrayed but yet such a nightmare experience !
Fresh & original acoustic jam.... with thumpin bass....a song for our environment... ......check it out!
artist: Procks
take it easy...
artist: Cosmos II
If we trash the Earth with global warming and deaths of species, there's no other hospitable place in the Sola
Today MAURICE SENDAK passed away at the age of 83 - As a Tribute I am Posting A song from the new album, title
artist: Ron Gragg
This is acoustic rock progression recorded on my Alvarez. It's basically an acoustic sketch with Bass, Drum an
artist: Joey D Vela
title: The Call
An ode to overcoming the fear of change as well as the fear of uncertainty by facing them head-on
artist: Gordy Papa
For my mother and my friend. May she forever keep dancing
artist: Bellegante
A Strange Morning.....
artist: Ray Watson
A gripping, prophetic declaration with a message that pierces the heart. A powerful song that is similar in st
title: LOVE SONG
Scott's first CD "Untitled", is now available on his website at www.scottclifton.com
A boogie with a calmer break
artist: Jennae
This is a upbeat gritty ditty on guitar with a bluesy little vocal jam.. (in progress)
artist: Trick T Olly
This is the the 1st and 3rd stanzas and the 1st starts "She Hath an Eye" and the 3rd starts "She Hath a Heart"
observing people, offering no answers. Original version in Folk Rock catergory.
Can we really see what's coming our way??
artist: 39 Years
acoustic guitar with female vocals recorded @ 6th Dimension Studios, New York.
Just a good rockin' blues song
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
Sister Phyllis
Emergency Prayer Request : A message from Sis Sharon to all members of Prayer & Testimony on Everyones Apostolic! Prayer needed at this time for George Cledas, Jr. He had a siezure and is not expected to live through the night. The family was just alerted about 1 hour ago. His mother Sis Annie has skin cancer and is not well, she will be needing much prayer at this time. The step father Bro George Voebel Sr. called pastor Rutledge to let him know the situation. We Pray the Lord's will be done. In Jesus name, Visit Prayer & Testimony at: http://www.everyonesapostolic.com/groups/group/show?id=2037740%3AGroup%3A35...
Rick Nolan Passed Away 6.12.07: Hello everyone I am Ricks son and I am keepping his page going for him per his request in the event that somting happoned to him Rick was killed in a tractor accdent mowing grass around his lake June 12th 2007 Thanks to all that stops by your friend Rodney
kit mann
Check out New Sound Click Member Stonebobbo's site : Everyone when you get the time you need to check out Stonebobbo's new soundclick site. I just has two songs up, but just started on sound click. This is some awesome rock music at it's best. Listening to these two songs will give you a sample of the great music to come as he loads more up. I already friended him, but until it shows on my friends list here is the link. Enjoy. http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=stonebobbo You will not be disappointed. KIt Mann...
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