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Think lazy Sunday afternoon, church is over, lunch has been had, now you are dozing and day dreaming as the su
artist: Haven Head
Acoustic tune played on the Gruver Guitars Raritan model. Sweet sound of acoustic guitar inspired by the Colo
artist: Evan Paul
title: Windjammer
CD: "Spirits in the Sky"A journey sailing. This fingerpicken'song has classical guitars, bass and strings.
A passionate prayer in pursuit of His presence. The song builds to a long coda of free worship. This is the pr
title: Goodbye Look
John Pfeifer--Nylon-string guitar, vocal, music/lyrics; Matthew Scott--Twisting of knobs in the other room,
artist: Ed Drury
title: Green Eyes
Song originally written in the early 70's, this is an guitar instrumental version.
My love expressed in music......
artist: Walking Man
Two guitars and a sweet desert groove.
title: Harmony
Currently a free download! Two acoustic guitars in harmony, all improvised on my Ryoji Matsuoka M50 classical
artist: maiyia
One of the first songs that I wrote. I can't believe this song made it to number one here. Take a listen
Acoustic piece, great female voice.
catchy song about finding out what love is and who love is.
acoustic blues jam
artist: Robert Strom
title: Teach Me
A worship song about waiting on the Lord (Psalm 25). Added drums to the end of the song in June 2009. Now fo
artist: Josef Horhay
Inspirational Acoustic Instrumental Pieces for relaxing
artist: Shantih
I wrote this for a man I fell in love with, totally raw and unproduced, I went to visit a friend and he let m
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
david a briggs
"The Albertopolis Sky-Train Terminus" circa 1900 ? or is it !: A brand new piece of 'music' that I especially created for a music project on Bill Nelson's web-site, 'Dreamsville' ( The brief was, 'Technology'. So being rather left-field, I set the 'Technology' in an alternative Victorian age. Call it Steampunk if you like. I had a lot of fun creating it, so I hope you enjoy your ride on the Sky-Train . . .
Gran Torino: Never. Never have I witnessed such speechless emotion amongst men. I just came back from watching Gran Torino from Clint Eastwood. What can I say? I laughed, was ashamed, felt embareassed, opened my eyes, saw life. As men we don't convey or expose our emotions very much. I walked out of a theater with two of the biggest movie buffs I know, who usually never stop talking about this and that. We walked out of that theater surrounded by fellow men, and there was not a voice to be heard. Silence meant understanding. Ask me about Gan Torino and my answer is this. Quote me on this. ...
Sister Phyllis
They Missed Him: THEY MISSED HIM! They were looking for A Lion, He came as a Lamb, and they missed him. They were looking for a Warrior, He came as a Peace maker, and they missed him. They were looking for a King, He came as a Servant, and they missed him. They were looking for Liberation from Rome, He submitted to the Roman cross, and they missed him. They were looking for a fit to their mold, He was the mold maker, and they missed him. What are you looking for? Lion? Warrior? King? Liberator? What are you looking for? They were looking for their temporal needs to be met. He came to m...
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