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artist: Haven Head
Acoustic tune played on the Gruver Guitars Raritan model. Sweet sound of acoustic guitar inspired by the Colo
artist: Evan Paul
title: Windjammer
CD: "Spirits in the Sky"A journey sailing. This fingerpicken'song has classical guitars, bass and strings.
Think lazy Sunday afternoon, church is over, lunch has been had, now you are dozing and day dreaming as the su
artist: Walking Man
Two guitars and a sweet desert groove.
My love expressed in music......
artist: The Woodman
Just some things I wanted to get off my fingers.
artist: Shantih
I wrote this for a man I fell in love with, totally raw and unproduced, I went to visit a friend and he let m
title: Harmony
Two acoustic guitars in harmony, all improvised on my Ryoji Matsuoka M50 classical guitar. This is the last tr
artist: maiyia
One of the first songs that I wrote. I can't believe this song made it to number one here. Take a listen
A passionate prayer in pursuit of His presence. The song builds to a long coda of free worship. This is the pr
artist: Falken
title: Cobham
Billy Cobham on drums.Sax played on guitar via Fishman Tripleplay(midimike for guitar) USB breathcontroller fr
title: 03 - If Only
Recorded in January 2010 in freezing weather using a Yamaha 6 string and soft synth. Recorded using a condense
title: Goodbye Look
John Pfeifer--Nylon-string guitar, vocal, music/lyrics; Matthew Scott--Twisting of knobs in the other room,
artist: Ed Drury
This was my first attempt at playing guitar and didj at the same time. You can see why I gave it up in 2001. A
artist: Josef Horhay
Inspirational Acoustic Instrumental Pieces for relaxing
artist: DerekOlivero
A simple acoustic song with a lot of feeling
A flowing, continuous acoustic guitar instrumental with the distinctive sound of 'electric nylon'
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Chansons Contest - Lieder gegen die soziale Kälte: Internet-Song-Contest «Chanson Surprise 08 Die Wahl des «Chanson Surprise 08» Wir sind dabei! Zartbitter nimmt an dem Chanson Surprise 08 teil. Unterstuetzt uns, gebt uns Eure Stimme! Wie? Ganz einfach! Folgendem link folgen, Eure Stimme fuer Zartbitter abgeben, fertig! So steigen unsere Chancen, den Wettbewerb in der Schweiz zu gewinnen! Wir danken Euch fuer die Unterstuetzung und werden Euch auf dem laufenden halten! Viel Spass beim Abstimmen Zartbitter, Marion und Lutz...
Sister Phyllis
PRAYER: Abba Father I come now in the name of Christ Jesus, I humble my heart and I command my will to align with Your will and my mind I gird up and I come to You my source. I love You Father and I trust You and more than anything I love You. I know You are My Redeemer, My deliverer and My everything. Father hear my heart and may my words bring You great joy. Father God I bring You my praise for You are the Great God of Creation and by Your words You spoke and all things came to be. You have been faithful Father when the storms came You raised me up when my head was bowed low, You sent a joy that ove...
Don Peters
10 Years with Soundclick: I just noticed that it has been ten years since I discovered the SoundClick community and joined. It has been a lot of fun putting up my music and listening to yours. I think the opportunity to share our music beyond our own physical boundaries has been a very cool thing. Most of us on here are amateur musicians and mostly play local gigs. We have had a chance to listen to folks from all over the world and to be listened to by folks all over. We all listen to and model our attempt at music making from the pros. But the true magic of music is the ability it has to move all of us and to make us ...
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