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Think lazy Sunday afternoon, church is over, lunch has been had, now you are dozing and day dreaming as the su
artist: Haven Head
Acoustic tune played on the Gruver Guitars Raritan model. Sweet sound of acoustic guitar inspired by the Colo
artist: Shantih
I wrote this for a man I fell in love with, totally raw and unproduced, I went to visit a friend and he let m
artist: Evan Paul
title: Windjammer
CD: "Spirits in the Sky"A journey sailing. This fingerpicken'song has classical guitars, bass and strings.
title: Harmony
Currently a free download! Two acoustic guitars in harmony, all improvised on my Ryoji Matsuoka M50 classical
artist: Robert Strom
title: Teach Me
A worship song about waiting on the Lord (Psalm 25). Added drums to the end of the song in June 2009. Now fo
Acoustic piece, great female voice.
artist: Josef Horhay
Inspirational Acoustic Instrumental Pieces for relaxing
My love expressed in music......
artist: Mark S Greer
title: Scout
A very flowing heartfelt acoustic guitar piece.
artist: maiyia
One of the first songs that I wrote. I can't believe this song made it to number one here. Take a listen
artist: C Norden
Small happy classic guitar piece with a jazz/latin arrangement
artist: Larry Holder
A Christmas song, with guitar and flute. Looking beyond the manger to why Jesus came.
A passionate prayer in pursuit of His presence. The song builds to a long coda of free worship. This is the pr
artist: David Bazo
What will you find in this travel? Make a break and visit the path that leads to the Oracle ... be careful wi
artist: Gal Anonim
Sonata C Major Francesco Molino by Arthur Janus
artist: Learjeff
title: Savannah
Acoustic guitar & dobro instrumental
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The iProducers
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Heavenly Father (BUY 2 GET 2 FREE)
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Mark Wilson (NC)
Studio B: Some things in life seem simple. Learning to produce quality recordings in a home studio is not one of them. When I decided to put together the equipment and software necessary, I spent 2 months looking at the possibilities that my budget would allow. I put together a modest setup and dove in. First obstacle was learning how to program effective drum tracks on an Alesis SR-16 that I got off of eBay. This alone could take me months to perfect. Next step was to get all the hardware and software to play pretty on my old laptop. After weeks of research, trial and error, and miss-steps I hav...
The Pusher
No Gods No Masters: At the close of an Age By Joseph Campbell …….here we touch upon a crucial problem of the religions of our time; for the clergies, generally, still are preaching themes from the first to fourth millenniums B.C. No one adult mind today would turn to the book of Genesis to learn of the origins of the earth, the plants, the beasts, and man. There was no flood, no tower of Babel, no first couple in paradise, and between the first known appearance of men on earth and the first buildings of cities, not one generation (Adam to Cain) but a good two million must have come into this world and p...
Sister Phyllis
Our Daily Bread: Matthew 4:4 Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. The bible is our road map for our life here on earth and also for life eternal. So as a Christian we should study God's Holy Word,we should trust His Word ,we should follow the commandments and we should share the Good News with everyone. To do this we must study the Bible and meditate upon it's meaning for our lives. God's Holy Word is transforming,a life changing and a one of a kind treasure. We shouldn't wait till something in our life is going wrong to read God's Holy Word, bu...
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