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artist: Haven Head
Acoustic tune played on the Gruver Guitars Raritan model. Sweet sound of acoustic guitar inspired by the Colo
Think lazy Sunday afternoon, church is over, lunch has been had, now you are dozing and day dreaming as the su
artist: Evan Paul
title: Windjammer
CD: "Spirits in the Sky"A journey sailing. This fingerpicken'song has classical guitars, bass and strings.
My love expressed in music......
title: Goodbye Look
John Pfeifer--Nylon-string guitar, vocal, music/lyrics; Matthew Scott--Twisting of knobs in the other room,
A passionate prayer in pursuit of His presence. The song builds to a long coda of free worship. This is the pr
My instrumental arrangement in Dropped D of the traditional folk tune. Thanks to Ed Gerhard who inspired this.
title: Harmony
Currently a free downloads! Two acoustic guitars in harmony, all improvised on my Ryoji Matsuoka M50 classica
artist: LoNero
A beautiful slack key Hawaiian song from the originators of instrumental guitarcore!
artist: Walking Man
Two guitars and a sweet desert groove.
artist: maiyia
One of the first songs that I wrote. I can't believe this song made it to number one here. Take a listen
My cover of Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance"
title: Only Love
Another Esteban Piece. 'Esteban Original' . Lovely song something to play to your other side =D.
artist: Viking Blues
title: Leaving
3rd attempt at composing a "tune" on Acoustic Guitar. Tanglewood TW73, partial capo 4th fret strings 3,4 and 5
catchy song about finding out what love is and who love is.
artist: Tony DeLecce
A song written many years ago before my wife and I were married and I was away in college and I was dreaming o
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TrapLife Muzik
|06.25.14| Mucho Pesos//FREEDL//
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Wim-"SECRET SEPARATION": HELLO !....WELCOME TO "SECRET SEPARATION" I'm from Heerenveen in the Northern Parts of The Netherlands. I've got a company that does roofcladding. In my spare time I'm into music. I'm a one man band. My personel is: Guitar, Bass, Keys and drum programming...(I can't play the drums)....I'm a creator of tunes recorded as reminder notes that I call Fast Demo Rec's Phase One.... Hope you enjoy them, if problem! Music can give a possitive vibe. Use this gift ! For further info you can check my dot.NL Personal Website !...
josep anton garcia
Material for a dream (Material para un sueƱo) : Obra que juega abiertamente con la atonalidad, (sin renunciar por ello a la tonalidad) y que basa su expresividad en los juegos de intensidad y el timbre, ademas del desarrollo continuo de ideas musicales que se repiten y amplian, o que se modifican parcialmente. Asi como un sueno aparentemente carece de toda logica consciente, pero sus elementos estan ligados por la logica del subsconsciente, he evitado guiar el discurso a traves de la forma o de las relaciones de dependencia armonicas... y lo he abandonado a su propia logica en el aqui y el ahora. Work that plays openly with atonality ...
Ken Verheecke - Acoustic Guitar Inspiration and Perfection: I have to tell you -there is simply a LOT of talent here on S.C. But every once in awhile, you run across an Artist that touches your senses for one reason or another. One of these that I personally ran across recently - seemingly out of the Blue - is Ken Verheecke Ken's Music, and his ability to play this Instrument is truely inspiring - to say the least! It peirces into your Heart instantly, then lightens up your soul and mind with a refreshing Peaceful and Comforting Happiness that is lacking in so much of today's music. Colors seem brighter, and life's daily troubles seem to me...
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