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finger picked acoustic with bass and a soft lead
artist: The SOJ
Written by The S.O.J. 1996. Recorded and produced by The S.O.J. 2004. c.2004, The S.O.J. All songs are copyrig
artist: Evan Paul
title: In My Mind
(Vocal) Have you ever been madly in love with someone who's also a friend, and are afraid to tell them cause y
title: Bad Signs
Some societal prejudices never die :)
artist: Cosmos II
title: Timeless
This song about the mystery of time revolves around a pun between the usual meaning of 'timeless' as being ete
Parson's Farewell, a traditional bourree.
artist: Mamby Pamby
title: Devil Song
Waits Inspired story
artist: stein
Song Made by Norwegian Jan Eggum. Cover Made by stein on hos Mac studio.
A fussion of orchestral and epic music with a irish jig tune (tobin's jig)
artist: Paul Castle
The theme song to Jane Hissey's BAFTA award-winning Children's TV series 'Old Bear Stories' which has been bro
title: 3 AM
haunting.. descriptive..
artist: Muse Abuse
Im gonna occupy your street - rat-a-tat-tat
artist: Kurredutten
title: Durham Reel
Scottish traditional
artist: Ed Drury
Song I wrote many years ago. Sang for me by the brilliant Brandon Michelle (
title: Good For Me
You can still get a crush when you're over the hill!
artist: Andy LeFevre
'Anti-folk' entry for Muse 1 plus 1 November song contest.
artist: Ian Ferrin
Melodic Piano based Folk-Pop tune. New Version May 13 2012 w/ backing vocals by Tammy Carlson
from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'. Sooner or Later we're gonna get Wise...
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Exodus *Smash*
Visit to hear my beat catalog | I believe in Quality, that's one reason why I provide Wavs and Trackouts only. Info & questions:
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Videos of live performances.: Take a look at my video page as I've just uploaded videos of live performances of my songs The Eagle And The scorpion and Can't Show My Heart. Hope you enjoy them!
The Bomb is rising: Hey man, the bomb is number 90 this week on Neal Young site, Living With War today. Why not give it a listen and leave a comment too!
A Number of New Songs-----: I recently uploaded a number of new songs for anyone who is interested. They are primarily New Age Acoustic in nature - written for piano and Guitar. Just a reminder that most of my material is available for FREE download if you wish. Many thanks to my friend Ken Verheecke, who after listening to his EXCELLENT Guitar pieces, and the inner peace that resulted - showed me where my efforts should be concentrated. ---- Instead of trying to get too complicated with my compositions - like I have been doing lately. --- Peace and Love ----David...
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