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artist: Pinecats
Tired and alone, an old timer just wants to join his loved ones in the everafter...
artist: Evan Paul
title: In My Mind
(Vocal) Have you ever been madly in love with someone who's also a friend, and are afraid to tell them cause y
artist: Ed Drury
Song I wrote many years ago. Sang for me by the brilliant Brandon Michelle (
artist: stein
title: Du
Swedish song.
artist: Ian Ferrin
Melodic Piano based Folk-Pop tune. New Version May 13 2012 w/ backing vocals by Tammy Carlson
artist: Cosmos II
title: Timeless
This song about the mystery of time revolves around a pun between the usual meaning of 'timeless' as being ete
A wonderful ballad based on the teaching of Jesus, that if we as parents will bless our own children and give
artist: Wade Farlowe
Do you believe in destiny? Can it be influenced or changed by others or ......was that your destiny?
title: No More Room
I've been advised to stop writing 'quirky' little songs and switch to something with wider appeal.......nah
A song about Cedar Key, Florida and the memories I have of going there. Especially the times I went fishing w
A fussion of orchestral and epic music with a irish jig tune (tobin's jig)
artist: Ray Watson
No matter who you are, or where you are, you need to remember......someone cares for you.
An intimate and touching song. Solo voice and piano.
artist: DC SpaceDog
An easy-listening love song.
artist: Muse Abuse
Im gonna occupy your street - rat-a-tat-tat
artist: Paul Castle
The theme song to Jane Hissey's BAFTA award-winning Children's TV series 'Old Bear Stories' which has been bro
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Getting Nowhere"
Sometimes when I'm alone, like so many times before, I take off all my clothes and I roll on the floor. But I'm not crazy no I'm just getting nowhere with you...
Mad Ripple: Just returned from one of Jim Walsh's Mad Ripple Hootenannies in the basement of Java Jack's. The guy's really nailed it this time in terms of giving the TC music scene something it needs. I don't know that, after fifteen years or so in this environment, I've seen something so community-oriented and positive. A very inspiring night. When I got home, I grabbed a guitar and started playing almost immediately. When I tired of that, I went right to work on the song I have in progress in the studio. I hope JIm asks me to be a part of it sometime....
n b peace
Dear God: So far today I have done all right. I haven't gossiped. I haven't lost my temper. I haven't been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or overindulgent. I am very thankful for that! But in a few minutes, Lord, I am going to get out of this bed, And from then on, I'm probably going to need a lot more help. Amen
Thinking with your heart: "I believe that in our heart we know right from wrong - and there's much we see around us in our environment and the relations between people, both socially, economically and politically, where we feel: "this is not the right way for human beings to live - this is not the way we're supposed to relate to each other and our surroundings" "As long as we just wait to see where the dynamics of history leads us, we're doomed to be victims of circumstances. This dynamic is often dictated by other concerns, we learn to think in social, economical and political "realities", forcing us to put aside w...
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