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title: Desperado
Classic Eagles
Recorded Live at the Bookbinders Open Mic session, 20th December 2009.
Every girl needs to know her guy is not ALL bad!
artist: Doc Jazz
This song is dedicated to all Palestine's children, especially those growing up in the largest prison on earth
title: Angels Walk
Love Song a good friend of mine Mr. Timmy Mills wrote and I put a melody to
Love in a southern town. They know each other well - they just haven't met, yet.
artist: LisaMei
A song of thanks for all who helped me along the way...
artist: Sirena
An amazing song from an amazing anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. I played this on my ocarina.
artist: Greg n Deb
NEW!! Simply an Acoustic Song!
Acoustic instruments...guitar, violin and vocal...a little touch of the ocean from a field recording.....nothi
title: Green Light
Once you here this you'll have to play it again.
artist: godofguitar
Its a Steve Vai Classic and my Favourite song.. i hope i do justice to it
artist: Anabrese
Acoustic feel good song inspired by the promise of love in the coming summer
A big hell yeah to Sonny on this one. He wrote it, played the rythym track and sang the lead vocal. Ray playe
artist: vizcachas
title: Mountain Top
Acoustic version of Mountain Top reggae for the radio Fm La Tribu
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BARz (MeekMill/YoungM.A)
East Coast
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
russell st george
St.George and Friends Second Saturday Jam for July 14 who played?: Great jam last night with some ass kickin talent. Thanks to all who were there to listen and Thank you to all the following very talented musicians, Carla Springer and Mark Springer vocals and guitar, Michael Randolph bass, Dan Platt guitar, Pete Reggio drums, Tom Dillon guitar, Charlie Adams guitar and vocals, David Balogh harmonica, Glenn Sacchi drums, Paulie Biz bass, Tom Dudley Blues Buddhavocals, Ryan Havers guitar, Francisco Mena guitar and vocalsJerry Kitzrow guitar and vocals, Joseph S Lena drums, DEREK (Marty Headley drums, Jack Orlando bass, Seth Wood vocals, Mike Seward guitar, Dave...
Digitech RP500: Winter NAMM: Easily control your tone on stage! The RP500 guitar multi-effect processor gives you the ability to control program changes, complete signal chains and allows you to turn all amplifier and cabinet sounds off in the exclusive Pedalboard mode. When in Pedalboard mode the RP500 acts like 5 separate stompboxes and effects. Save each combo in a preset for a uniquely switchable pedal setup not found anywhere else but pro rigs. The RP500’s stage control allows you to quickly and easily change your tone mid-song and eliminates the “tap dance” of individual effects while retaining the abi...
I'm a ghosty
Song writing Phenom JIM BELLAMY joins forces with Ankh Angel: Song writing Phenom JIM BELLAMY joins forces with Ankh Angels Apocalypse Jim now an equal & full fleged band member has made a contribution to this project beyond measure.Ankh Angel has stated that in all his 39 years of jamming with different ppl. JIM is by far the best song writer he has worked with & welcomes him & his amazing talents to the fold.They have already completed a song ready for the charts to replace STEAMROLLER when the time comes JIM did all the instrumental writing on this one & was a critical part of post production & was responsible for all of preproduction of the instrumen...
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