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artist: Sindustry
Instrumental collab with Sara Rose. License:
artist: Bard of Ely
Manyana is a song I feel could be a hit given the right production and push. This is just a demo but I am look
Vokal: Hilde Myran - Drums: Kjetil Veum - All other instruments and arr.: Ingar R. Henden
title: 'In the Sun'
Performed in Spain in 2004. Hope you like it.
artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" A very uplifting instrumental piece that takes you somewhere in the sky. You are rel
artist: CBKeyz
title: Forever
Romantic ballad with a strong hint of sadness.
artist: caparina
title: is it love
a romantic sounding harp song
artist: Geoff Davis
title: Stay Around
Very poignant and moving ballad with an exquisite and very tasteful electric guitar solo from Syd Riley
Acoustic Love Song with piano and vocals **Dreamy song about longing for someone**
artist: Becca Kaid
title: Sisters
This song was written for anyone who has a sister.
artist: Justin Cmith
title: The Brace
Guitar solo, acoustic broken chord progression. Classical Parody. Free download. Great for ringtone.
Like I say Your Intentions Become Reality, Just Like The New Stars Being Formed In The Active Gallaxy Picture
artist: Sound Priest
Please rate. Sound Priest is back! Like us on facebook, come see what's up! GET FREE RINGTONE OF THIS SONG HER
artist: Cosmos II
A lively song about going through life haunted by the ghost of a past great love while in an unstable current
artist: Haven Head
I composed this about 20 years ago. Acoustic. Some people tell me I play like John Fahey. This is the first t
the brand new single from the Solan Goose, recorded December 2014
This is one of 4 extended harp performances that make up an album that is designed for meditation and backgrou
A journey into a secret hillside... into the realm of the Fey...
Linda has many styles of writing and this is one of her religious poems she set to music
artist: Annie Stoner
Landslide performed live Annie Stoner
Heart-rending song with soulful performance
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Trippy T
Instrumentals :: Club Bangas
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
AI Entry: Well I entered one of my songs into the American Idol Songwriters Competition. Of course I didn't expect to win.... but I know lot of people listened to, commented on and downloaded my tunes. It felt good and I also listened to a lot of very very talented songwriters. I must say, out of the songs that made top 20..... there were a least 100 more that I felt were much better and more appropriate. Was loads of fun though :-)...
vai loi gui nguoi toi yeu !: blog o*i la` blog,khi tao buo^`n chi? co' ma`y,khi tao muo^'n no'i gi` vo*'i ngu*o*`i tao ye^u thi` chi? co' ma`y giu'p tao,tao ko muo^'n no'i nhie^`u,tao ko he^` no'i ye^u ngu*o*`i na`o,tao chu*a bao gio*` no'i nho*' ngu*o*`i ta tha^.t su*.,bo*?i vi` tao ye^u trong lo`ng chu*' tao ko ye^u ba(`ng mie^.ng,tao ko no'i nho*' vi tao wa' nho*' ngu*o*`i ta,khi tao nghi~ de^'n ngu*o*`i ta ruo^.t tao nhu* co tha('t,xa ngu*o*`i ta ma^'y nga`y tao da.i ca? ngu*o*`i ra,gio*` na`y ngu*o*`i ta cha('c dang vui cho*i o*? 1 no*i na`o do',gio` na`y chi? co' tao vo*'i ma`y,tao mong 1 nga`y na`o do',ngu*o*`i a^...
Ben Taylor
free sands songs bundle: Thats right Free Sands the whole lot for free (as a zipfile) using this link or download each song using this link (if zipfiles confuse and scare you) also if you nip over to there are 5 new recordings of us playing LIVE at the Golden cross in coventry (including 2 new songs) to get your ears around!!!!! Enjoy all that you lucky people!!!!...
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