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finger picked acoustic with bass and a soft lead
artist: The SOJ
Written by The S.O.J. 1996. Recorded and produced by The S.O.J. 2004. c.2004, The S.O.J. All songs are copyrig
artist: stein
Song Made by Norwegian Jan Eggum. Cover Made by stein on hos Mac studio.
artist: Evan Paul
title: In My Mind
(Vocal) Have you ever been madly in love with someone who's also a friend, and are afraid to tell them cause y
artist: Cosmos II
title: Timeless
This song about the mystery of time revolves around a pun between the usual meaning of 'timeless' as being ete
A fussion of orchestral and epic music with a irish jig tune (tobin's jig)
title: 3 AM
haunting.. descriptive..
artist: Ed Drury
Song I wrote many years ago. Sang for me by the brilliant Brandon Michelle (www.mixposure.com/brandon-michelle
artist: Ian Ferrin
Melodic Piano based Folk-Pop tune. New Version May 13 2012 w/ backing vocals by Tammy Carlson
artist: Muse Abuse
Im gonna occupy your street - rat-a-tat-tat
A Londoner living in New England. Who'd have thought?.....
artist: Bob Kelly
Happy, Playful, with Doodley Do's, whistlin' plus some fine vocals. A song written and Sung by Bob Kelly with
artist: Klaatu (CT)
This is a song inspired by an old theme of Neil Young's "Old Country Waltz" I remember that I liked so much.
#2 on SoundClick.com's Free Jazz. Another innovative chord ballad - pretty sweet vocal too.
The first of 2 acoustic variations of my song "Heavee Meddle Karma Sutra",done in a neo-classical-cum-Folk sty
I was young and wild. Drank a lot and managed to ruin my first two cars. Then I met my first Big Love. Thought
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Tim Hoad
2 and a half well on the way!: Ok, so today has been productive. Firstly, I've 90% finished Max's and my new song. Instead of calling it 'Can't Find a Fault', I've decided to call it 'Lucky'. I like playing the song, can't wait to show it! Secondly, I've decided to call the other song 'Mr. August'. Mr. July was catchier I think, but somehow Mr. August fits with the story better. I've just got to finish polishing it up then it's well on its way to being finished. I've also semi started another song, well, more toying with chords and lyrics instead of starting one for now, that so far seems to be about money troubl...
Where's the music?: I'm working on it! I have a few songs that I started re-recording just for soundclick! I have to simply fine tune one and hopefully get it up here asap. Another, I have the rhythm and vocal recorded but I need to add some picking to it still to hopefully fill it out and give it that sound I'm looking for. Then there's this other one... that I need to check with my friend on. So yeah... lot's I'm working on to get things up here. I don't really know what I'm doing, but it's a fun ride! I promise, there will be music here soon! In the meantime, you can watch and listen on YouTube (just...
Working on a new song...: I'm working on a new song titled "I Own Nothing"...the story behind it is basically the realization of this fact. No matter what we buy, we think we control, we actually don't own anything. And that's something I've made peace with. While I have the tune and instruments, I'm having issues with my mic...for some reason, it's not recording as it used to...not sure if it's the Toneport problem or the mic's. Oh well, I'll have to diagnose that before I put in my vocal....
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