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There's more than one wilderness. My son, Dan, kindly added the piano
artist: stein
Song Made by Norwegian Jan Eggum. Cover Made by stein on hos Mac studio.
artist: Evan Paul
title: In My Mind
(Vocal) Have you ever been madly in love with someone who's also a friend, and are afraid to tell them cause y
A song about the renewal of one's self.
from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'. Sooner or Later we're gonna get Wise...
A Londoner living in New England. Who'd have thought?.....
artist: hank49
title: This Machine
All tracks MJ Redding. Right now it's four acoustic guitars, one bass and vocal. There's also a recent solo pe
artist: anne davis
a true 'singer/songwriter' soul-baring ballad with textured vocals backed by acoustic guitar and acoustic upr
artist: Oblra
She's an Angel
A wonderful ballad based on the teaching of Jesus, that if we as parents will bless our own children and give
title: Fingerprints
The title track of my second EP
artist: Ed Drury
This is a song I wrote several years ago and was covered by Lance Cyrlin whose 12 string guitar version filled
artist: Deeptones
Fun song about an old friend
We are all one winged angels...needing each other to fly!
artist: Uncle Shaker
Life unfolds you know in a hundred million ways So hold on to those you love and to all those better days, to
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Makaih Beats
SomethingDiff (Free DL)
$25 Lease - $50 Tracked out - Email: - Text: 9092052096
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
My music update: I had some great advice from Vmpo7. Since my cd is very eclectic because I love so many types of music, I have changed the status of some of my songs. Some have been added to acoustic music,(When Skies turn Grey, some instrumental (fireside music i D), some in country (Holding on to the night, and the swing) Some in Rock (Cry for help, Soul taker blues and No More Color) from Kit's demos. The rest remain in the blues category. This I did in hope more people will have a chance to listen to the songs in a different genre. Wish me luck. Kit Mann...
Another song added: My brother-in-law and I needed to kill some time to see decided to write a song. We ended up improvising a song that turned out pretty epic. We even added some percussion using a pen and and an empty rockstar can. So new song up. I say its not official since its a collaboration and more messing around then anything. Hope you like it though. It gave us all a good laugh.
Gabe Stenziano
The Word Forever (version two with Dan's sax): This is a remake of the song i did recently with Mike Bennett and Michael Duran. Mike provided the great backer. i added the melody, lyric, vocal, and acoustic. My talented son, Dan, plays the alto sax solo.
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