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A song that tells the story of family getting back together.
artist: Andrew Roach
title: Hull Fair
Recorded live at the Bookbinders Open Mic session on 18th April 2010.
sleepy time song
artist: Finnski
My Contribution to CBC Russian Challenge feat. Lasse on Harmonica
artist: Mikejazz
title: Matrioska
An attempt to make a tune Russian folk style for the CBC challenge. I believe i didn't succeed, but at least i
artist: Echo Voodoo
title: Time to read
Ukulele-based pop tune.
artist: Dave Berry
title: Without You
All you can do is wonder what the heck happened, she's not coming back.
artist: the bunkbeds
title: kin
acoustic bliss
title: Nueva flor
RolanDiaz y Su Grupo Leyenda
Joe - guiart, vocals; Brian - mandolin, juice harp; Jesse - double bass
artist: Alishia May
This song is dedicated to all those girls and boys out there with broken hearts. =)
A song about being young again by looking through my grandchildrens eyes
title: The Wind
artist: Kris Brooks
Mandolin melody
A wee old Irish Lullaby....
Originally wrtten in 1995, 'Fields of Asphodel' is a tale of addiction and loss in the inner city.
artist: Will Emerson
title: Stay
The first song I wrote after coming back to songwriting in Feb 2008.
A Swedish Folksong with lyrics on Swedish. The song honour the autumn winds. Without their life blowing capaci
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Instrumentals :: Electro-hop
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Will you be with me?"
Will you be with me when the winter comes? Will you stay by my side? And will you light the fire when the rain is falling?
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
n b peace
Be Mine: " the words said Written in the most beautiful shade of red. Never before had her eyes beheld Nor, in the depths of her heart, had she felt This kind of feeling before. She wanted to know more. She read on quickly with excitement And in amazement her soul leapt As the words made it all so clear, The very thing she needed to hear. "I love you more than life, My Dear, and in My love there is no fear. You see, it was for this Holy love That I gave My life and shed My blood. I've given freely, to you, this treasure, This gift which is beyond measure." Could it be true, her eyes ope...
kit mann
Music update: Well when skies turn grey is now #18 and #44, also cry for help is in the top 50 on the charts and Cajun Queen is in the top 100. What a Country! I just don't know what to say but thank you all for listening to the music, hope you enjoy it for a long time, again Thank YOu All. Kit (aka-Kitty)......Long story
Sister Phyllis
Sunday message The Whole Armour of God: Sabbath Online Worship Service Prayer Lord Jesus we come before You with praise and worship and we magnify Your holy name. Jesus we ask that You would help us to put on the whole armour of God that You have given to us to use to protect us from the evil one satan that is attacking so many folk in these days. Lord, we pray for each one who reads this little service and we ask that you would put a hedge of protection around each one and cover us all in Your precious blood. Heavenly Father , we pray for all who are ill in body , mind , or soul and we ask that Your healing virtue shall flow ...
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