Morning w hook (Migos type beat with hook)
Instrumentals with Hooks
Listen to "Morning": a Migos type beat with hook prod. by Multi-Platinum producer Freek van Workum. Let's Make Hits!
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traditional english song
artist: Callic
title: Silly Hippy
This is a hippy-licious folk song about hippies.
artist: Marty Helly
title: Spring
As the snow melts and the mud slowly dries, a song of hope
artist: Sara Marlowe
About the irony of the claims of the US to be fighting to protect themselves and the world from weapons of mas
title: Dog Drunk
Me and Anthony having some fun .
From the excellent "Begone Dull Care" CD. Mark Colgan is right up there with the likes of Simpson, Jansch et a
title: Snails Ho!
A lighthearted tune about trippin' down the road at festival!
The next 3 songs here, counting this song, were recorded using a very crappy laminate guitar. Sorry, it bothe
Clawhammer banjo with guitar accompaniment
title: Lua
Cover of a new Bright Eyes song. My cover does not come close to doing justice.
An energetic medley of Christmas songs: 'Joy To The World', 'He Come From De Glory', 'O Come Let Us Adore Him'
Our Nights Were Wild and Long is a tribute to old friends who we leave behind in life.
artist: CmonMan
title: Danger Zone
Folk Trio of mandolin guitars & Vocal
artist: Mick OD
Our endless search for love.
artist: James Gordon
title: One In Five
Title track from the "one in five" CD, a special project dedicated to raising awareness about Mental Illness
artist: Dufferama
Everyone can relate to these lyrics, I bet.
artist: Dancin Heart
If you can't have dancing feet, have dancing hands, if you can't have dancing hands, have a dancing heart.
artist: Alex Kriukov
A melancholy ballad about missing your loved ones featuring beautiful lyrics and vocals of Cam Bastedo and a w
title: Songbird
A folk/celtic ballad with a simple melody, but some very pretty instrumental harmonies.
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Frenzy Frenchy
No Sunshine
Hip Hop
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
The Real American Dream Has Not Yet Come True: The title of this album is THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE, because it’s the Real American Dream, and it hasn't yet come true. That's because the Real American Dream is of a nation where government will ensure real religious freedom and domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and establish real justice for all. As it is, government doesn't do that, because too many Americans have bought a false American Dream that amounts to "It's Every Man For Himself," where government caters to Theocrats who want their religion to rule, and to the wealthiest few, to the detriment and at the expens...
H A A R P ..[ do a search on it ]: HEY YOU !!..up there in Alaska controlling that damn H A A R P ! .. .ya wanna shut that damn thing off already !!!! ..we're supposed to be having Spring right now... not winter flurries of + 27 inches !!!! [ BTW Folks, that pic is in Alaska, of acres of microwave antenna's that shoot & 'burn' holes into the Ionosphere. Don't ya think the 'environmentalists' ought to be b*** 'in about THIS !?!? GOD SAVE THIS REPUBLIC ! Tony
kit mann
Christmas Time In Heavne: Hey Hey everyone. I finally recorded my a Christmas song I wrote years ago after my grandfather passed away. It is called Christmas Time In Heaven. The song's basis is that the one gift God gave us all, is the ability to pray. We don't have to be in a church and even if you live in an environment that does not allow prayer, you can still pray in your mind. 2nd, we have all lost loved ones, be it a pet, friend or family member. During this time of year our loved ones that passed is in Heaven and their tears of joy are the crystal snowflakes that fall. I have not posted this song on the s...
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