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artist: DC SpaceDog
The eery tale of Princess Ronkonkoma
Song fuer den Hauptkommissar Koestlbacher - Hauptfigur aus den Regensburg-Krimis von Paul Fenzl
Jug Band Live On KZUM Lincoln Ne
title: Got My Union
Solidarity forever! Don't mourn, organize!
artist: SFBurns
Anti Coal Seam Gas song
artist: Miranda Judd
title: About You
A heartfelt dance through confusion
#1 on's Rock Unplugged Charts. Excellent acoustic prequill to the pending smash rock hit later
artist: Ken Larsson
First song I wrote.
An ode to the 971st master in the line of Eck masters.
artist: Dwight Lakey
title: Booze Cruise
Dedicated to those friends and family members who've been "torpedoed by a bottle;" some survived, some did not
When it hits the fan i hope that someone is there for you. Dan added the strings.
A song that tells the story of family getting back together.
artist: Tony Done
This is just a long noodle (clams, lost plot and all) as an exercise in Dorian mode. The guitar is tuned open
artist: Mikejazz
title: Matrioska
An attempt to make a tune Russian folk style for the CBC challenge. I believe i didn't succeed, but at least i
artist: Puspa Dewi
title: Don Dapdape
A new interpretation of a simple folk song with a more intricate piano and orchestral arrangement.
artist: chris masses
pbass modded boss ds-1 gk800rb DI OUT mixer computer settings: tone. 9 o'clock dist. 0
RolanDiaz y Su Grupo Leyenda
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
NYC Here I Come!: I am really excited about being asked back to the 169 Bar in NYC on 169 E. Broadway. It is a very cool venue and it is a Saturday night! Starting around 8:30. $5 admission.
IN MEMORIAM - Frank O. Hettick (1937 - 2011): Frank O. Hettick Jr. was born in 1937 in Tillamook, Oregon. Like so many other space artists of his generation, his interest in space and astronomical art began at 13 when he received a copy of "The Conquest Of Space" by Willy Ley and Chesley Bonestell. Those Fantastic illustrations encoraged Frank to begin drawing his own space scenes. Soon thereafter, he enrolled in the high school art classes and began painting, first in tempera then in oils. Being the second-tallest boy in high school forced him onto the basketball team, but he soon gave that up to spend more time on his part-time jobs ...
undisclosed 2
Songs are up now: WE got the old songs up now, we are currently in the writing and recording process, we want to announce our newest member Jerry Alexander, he is an awesome singer songwriter and a great friend. If you like what you hear now you will surely like whats to come. The new material is going to be awesome.
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