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title: I Gotta Go
Made up the lyrics as I went...haha, that approach seems to be working for me.
The title says it all
artist: songshed
From the album "Boys of the Island"
artist: Alice Apollo
title: Nine Planets
Parody of All Star by Smash Mouth. Helps you learn the nine planets of the solar system!
artist: Neil Conway
If you're all gung-ho about god and being a good little religious person, then why not walk the walk and stop
artist: Uncle Shaker
We have some great new players and the sound has changed since we recorded the original Rhona....So here it is
artist: Joel Irwin
In the spirit of Puff The Magic Dragon. It's about a boys relationship with a magical bird and how it helps hi
Here is LT and me just having a go on a song Dell and I played over twenty years ago.
Nice Middle-Of-The-Road Acoustic Pop Country/Folk /Blues Song!!!
artist: good friday
(TRACK #14 of 14) feel free to download the entire album, 18, on our soundclick.
artist: Grand Jury
title: Baptistas
Vocal: Dawn Diamond,Lyrics:Dawn Sinclair,Fiddle:Indrek Kalda Music:Grand Jury (based on Gypsy folklore)
title: Only Me!
A Gareau-Hunt song. Can you feel the thrill in this song?? Out of the sea of faces emerges the love of your li
A love song that features some of my 'incredible' mandolin playing.
artist: Deggsy
A song that craig and I have been working on. It isn't quite finished...!)
The adventures found in a rural convenience store
artist: Utah Lust
Now I'm blue, and dark, man.
A pretty waltz in D minor.
A rough and ready Cornish sea shanty
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Allison Crowe Alights with Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet - Part II: A pure talent and communicator in song, Allison Crowe, is invited to perform her piano and vocal version of "Hallelujah", a modern classic. First recorded by Crowe in 2003 for her CD "Tidings", this Leonard Cohen song has been covered more than 200 times - in a wide range of styles. Iconoclastically, free of mainstream ties and marketing, Crowe's version has steadily emerged among the most-enjoyed worldwide. A YouTube video of Allison Crowe performing "Hallelujah" live-in-the-studio has an audience of more than eight million people - Acclaimed ...
Welcome: Welcome to my SoundClick's Blog, on my profil music page you'll can find all over 269 and more news sounds i've made for the world. Since the 09 september 2006, i've add days per days all news stuff i can make by myself on autoproduction.
I'm a ghosty
Song writing Phenom JIM BELLAMY joins forces with Ankh Angel: Song writing Phenom JIM BELLAMY joins forces with Ankh Angels Apocalypse Jim now an equal & full fleged band member has made a contribution to this project beyond measure.Ankh Angel has stated that in all his 39 years of jamming with different ppl. JIM is by far the best song writer he has worked with & welcomes him & his amazing talents to the fold.They have already completed a song ready for the charts to replace STEAMROLLER when the time comes JIM did all the instrumental writing on this one & was a critical part of post production & was responsible for all of preproduction of the instrumen...
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