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Pre-master mix for a joint project. Mark played the bass & Taylor 714CE backing track, and Larry played the du
artist: Clem Gareau
title: Dream Maker
Rainville-Gareau Song. Vocals, recording Morris P Rainville. Reached #2 in genre in 2006.
title: Clearcut
A song of hope in the face of a culture of despair
artist: Mr Jones UK
title: Laughing
A small song originally played acoustically just wondering aloud about the Universe and everything
title: Good Enough
When my best is good enough.... My best IS good enough!
title: Hazes Over
This one is sort of a folky/indie song with a bit of a country sound due to matt's lap steel. The lyrics for t
artist: ROY (US)
Perhaps the only song in music history to be both an ode to hangovers and a tribute to Bob Dylan and Neil Youn
Acoustic folk angst
artist: gary bigelow
title: Revelations
An accoustic portrait of imagination.
fun is the only word for this's a fun song to sing....people tell me it's fun to listen to....If you
Another old folk song, probably C17th Ruined by the use of Midi ;-(
A reaffirmation of the fact that we are God's children
Trad English tune with alt backing
song about crocodiles and love.
artist: Stuart Bell
The song is written from the perspective of a Japanese veteran of the attack on Pearl Harbour. He has come to
artist: apl
Nice Brigade Theme, Neil Young Parody
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
It's Been a Good Week!: They say to get a little gain you must suffer a little pain..... Well we had an early snow and the power was out with no heat or water for 3 days before it was restored.... not nearly what the hurricane victims in Galveston and New Orleans but enough to make me realize how lucky I was., but it was cold with temperatures going down at night to the mid 20's..... But through all that "Lady of the Light" has gone to number 1 for the sixth time in a roller coaster ride at Neil Young's Living With War site. The Lady has been consistently in the Top10 for close to 10 months now....... Also here at ...
The darker side of MenO: Well as anyone out there i get angry too and when it happens i write songs that come in a whole different style vocally and everything.... "Brave" is about me telling myself to be strong that things are going to be ok if i just fight throught them... (take a listen at my MenO band profile) comments are always welcome good or bad...
Gabe Stenziano
Siddhartha's Song: Working with Michael Duran is a real trip, figuratively and musically. We've partnered to do this trilogy of songs based on the novel Siddhartha. Michael is responsible for creating and performing all of the music. i've added melody, lyric, and vocal. don't ask me how he gets all these unique sounds. the song, 'Faces of the River' is the first part of the series. hope you like it and , as always, thanks for listening. ....
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