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artist: Layla Nahar
title: Guitar Idea
I'd like to know how you'd describe it.
title: Gentle Annie
A Stephen Foster song played on an original late 19th-century 'square' piano.
artist: Horace W
title: Lyell Avenue
An account of a serial killer of prostitutes in Upstate New York. The murderer was apprehended 3 weeks after
title: I Don't Care
A song I wrote in 5 minutes, with a folk vibe going.
Resonator Slide Guitar with a Blues Feel
artist: songshed
From the album "Boys of the Island"
artist: Joel Irwin
In the spirit of Puff The Magic Dragon. It's about a boys relationship with a magical bird and how it helps hi
Here is LT and me just having a go on a song Dell and I played over twenty years ago.
artist: Anne Price
Traditional British coal miners' song.
title: Only Me!
A Gareau-Hunt song. Can you feel the thrill in this song?? Out of the sea of faces emerges the love of your li
A love song that features some of my 'incredible' mandolin playing.
artist: JavaMusiK
title: With Grace
Dedicated to a daughter named Grace.
artist: ArtfulSpider
title: M-O-T-H-E-R
Old traditional folk Song for Mother
Co-write with 'The Chorley Mashers' (David Galbraith and Ian Jackson) A fun song in the traditional Lancashir
Pre-master mix for a joint project. Mark played the bass & Taylor 714CE backing track, and Larry played the du
artist: Clem Gareau
title: Dream Maker
Rainville-Gareau Song. Vocals, recording Morris P Rainville. Reached #2 in genre in 2006.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
I'm a ghosty
Sceners Time Line: You are carried off to another time & space as you hear cascading synthesizers talking in counter point to one another Thundering drums like the hoof beats of so many stallions on the plain,& screaming guitar that tells the very gates of Hades to open up.Ankh Angel Has topped his mark w/this song like none other before.
martin roberts
Greatness: Greatness is not found in me. It is found in the Person of Jesus who lives inside of me. Strength is not the power to fight and win. Strength to love when everything in you tells you fight. Words that discourage can cause a person to give up. words that encourage can see a person reach out, reach up and fulfil all that God has for them. Love is not found just in words. It is found in words and action. For God so loved he sent. . To day you can meet the man God sent. Today you can meet. Love in action, in the Person of Jesus...
The Energy Debacle: The range of technologies available for meeting our energy needs are astounding, but why haven’t we seen them developed and why aren’t we using them? The oil companies would have you believe there are no viable alternatives to fossil fuel consumption and Governments keep hush because they rely on the taxes that oil sales generate. Each of the aforementioned take the public for fools and will do everything in their power to maintain the status quo. One has to ask the question, why have fossil fuel driven engines had such limited improvements in efficiency when other areas of technology hav...
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