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A favorite, mellow Christmas song, written in 1847 by Placide Clappeau, an elderly wine merchant and mayor of
Two tracks from Peter Morelli
Beat By: Deuce/Performed By: MzTearz...check out her soundclick!
'Don't Let Me Go' was inspired by the death a former schoolmate and his best friend who died in a double suici
A simple song about a somewhat confused time in my life..
artist: Alan Horvath
title: Wishes
Dig down, deep inside your heart ... and go where your wishes are.
artist: Joe Hill
Lullaby for my great grand daughter
angry, post-relationship song with firey vocals
artist: SisterSongs
Oliv Bee's acoustic guitar and mix, Markus Alden's fretless bass, and Anne's lyrics and vocals.
artist: Tony DeLecce
A Jazzy flavored acoustic song. Old style reminiscing song. One thing about getting older is you can remem
artist: Neal K
My attempt to write an Irving Berlin style song. Simple words, soaring melody, and unabashedly sentimental.
artist: Jon Solo
A stripped down version of my rock ballad Fall to Pieces.
A country waltz I recorded last winter. Philip Bryant was kind enough to add the wonderful violin and mandolin
Juanita Ford/Vonee Rose Music
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
Veterans Day: First I would like to thank everyone that has or is currently serving in the Armed Forces. I would also like to thank all the loved ones and families that have supported our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airman, and Coast Guard. These people made a decision to put the Country, Flag, Constitution and all that it stands for first. With out people and their selflessness that had been drafted or volunteered to serve our communities, and or country, who knows where we might be right now. As a Soldier in the Military Police corps, I am proud that I had the opportunity to serve and would do it again...
Seek and you shall find.: There has been an explosion of higher consciousness across the planet with individuals coming to increased realisation of who they are and this is being reflected in the information being released onto the Internet. You might want to familiarise yourselves with a few sites where some of this information is being gathered and to this end I provide the following links: One Earth Network: Facilitating Planetary Awakening ( The World Puja Network: A catalyst for communication in the emerging new world Dieter Braun, Indian in th...
kit mann
TO ALL PEOPLE AND VETERANS: I would like everyone on this Memorial Day to remember those currently and before us that have given their lives or have been injured in combat, or training, so we as a nation can continue to grow and be free. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but that does not stop our Military, a volunteer Military from stepping up to the challenges to protect this wonderful Nation. Former Sgt Kit R.Mann US ARMY MILITARY POLICE....
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