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This song was running in my head when I woke up and wouldn't go away so I wrote much of it down early in the m
This old hymn, written many years ago, looks forward to the time when we will see Jesus face to face and thank
artist: newwine
Psalm 88 one of the saddest of the Psalms music by Morten Malvik
artist: Max Bunyan
artist: barefootmama
Sometimes love can be frustrating..........
artist: PJ Curtis
PJ Curtis - How Did You Know - I dedicate this song to someone close to my heart.
artist: Ben F
A night of steamy love. Paramour is a lover, usually illicit.....
artist: Jo Young
title: Baby Boy
A brutally sweet account of the ecstasy and agony of becoming a parent to a baby boy. Mums Be Warned - you mi
title: Fleur-de-Lis
Words by Ben Burton/Music by Joanne Lurgio Ben is another wonderful songwriter I have met on the Just Plain F
artist: lee Stewart
A song I wrote for Susan!
A very mellow song of love
artist: Dean Madonia
I wrote this after reading Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History Of Time." It's an "Arrogent Worms," "Barenaked L
artist: Rose Robbins
title: Blue Sky
"Blue Sky" is a gentle song of love and surrender with a melody you'll find it hard to forget.
artist: Roy Smiles
Title track from the debut album DRUNKS & DREAMERS. Written & performed by Roy Smiles. Keyboards & produced by
artist: Neal K
My attempt to write an Irving Berlin style song. Simple words, soaring melody, and unabashedly sentimental.
A Number 2 Song in Rock and Number 1 Hit in Rock General
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Downtown Music
6 God (FREE DL)
Club Bangas
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Rosie Clare
Written on Mother's Day for Mom: MIRRORS OF LIFE The mirrors reflection, can make me cringe. But looking at Mothers, her rosy red cheeks. My eyes see her story, wonderful memories to keep. Each fold in her skin, each brittle small bone. They tell of her journey, her mark in the stone. I see all her beauty, it's more than just skin. A bouquet of wisdom, soft kindness within. My Mother is special, where a mirror cannot see. And I cherish her love, and her love for me. The mirrors of life, reflections I'm told. Only touch our surface, only see the old. The mirrors of life, reflections I'm told. They ...
Check me out on Two Nations Movie: Hi my friends, I am happy and honoured to announce to you all, that I am presently working with Two Nations Movie doing music soundtracks & Arabic Voice overs and Translations for movie characters; Alana Ethridge as Zerondi and Alisia Downing as Mandy. Please visit and support me, the cast and crew and the movie project. Simply click the box logo pic below, and or copy and paste official link in your browser to direct you to website: Thanks for your support, and God bless you and your dreams. Stay Inspired and keep your visions alive! Regards; Canadian ...
Ain't No Way-Ain't No How'New Country/Rock Song by Erin & TJWay: Greetings everyone, I hope this announcement finds you all healthy and happy...I am very pleased to share with you a New Country/Rock Song that is sure to get your feet tapping- The song is called 'Ain't No Way-Ain't No How' Performed by: The Talented Shelly Rann. Written By: The Soul Touchers Erin Simms & TJWAY -The Song is now posted at tjwaysongs...Please honor us with a visit to and give our latest song a listen....! We would love hear your feedback! Thank you in advance, and may you all have a wonderful year ahead! Best wishes a...
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