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artist: mizzi
Gabrielle and Raymond in French.
artist: Madam Weez
Unconditional Love was written in 1995 while living in Tampa Florida
artist: Steve Gallo
The video for this song is on YouTube. Type "brake for tunnels" in the searchbox.
title: Kampflied
Aufnahme von Tajlva mit Gitarre
The conclusion to the song trio of 'Certainly Right' and 'Anything But Alone'
my favorite tom waits song.
artist: WillSongs
quiet acoustic worship
artist: Joe Jac
title: The Lifeline
Groping, grasping, for the lifeline!
artist: Greg n Deb
NEW!! Simply an Acoustic Song!
artist: Tony DeLecce
*NEW VERSION 3/20/2011*. Now Midi Strings. A tribute to Dan Fogelberg . RIP. No secret that Dan has had a hug
artist: zoreal
story of my life :)
artist: maiyia
This is a crappy recording and last minute. I messed up alot but I thought I'd upload it now and replace it la
artist: Kiranz
A semi classical Christian devotional song by ' Yesudas' .Am posting my verion of this song..!!
title: With You
The attraction is so real, yet there is a secret from the past which makes the relationship impossible. Twiste
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Getting Nowhere"
Sometimes when I'm alone, like so many times before, I take off all my clothes and I roll on the floor. But I'm not crazy no I'm just getting nowhere with you...
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
Amado Alves
I am listening back: Many thanks to all who listen and comment. I really appreciate. Even in places other than SoundClick, e.g. the Cakewalk forum. There I've learnt the Duran-Starr mix of my op.17 "Dialog (Feeling Low)" has the vocals overamped. My fault. Duran gave me two mixes to chose, one with the vocals "a bit more up front", which I chose. In the SoundClick forum I've learnt my The Dream mix has the vocals a bit underamped. Thanks. Will try to fix all eventually....
David the Green Man
2/28/10: LORD, please tell me what to type... It has been too long since i have written. Much has happened, much has changed, much has grown in YOU, LORD JESUS! Thank YOU for all the blessings and lessons YOU have taught me this year, so far. The readers do not know that i gave you the first moment, minute, hour, day, week, and month of this year that is the first year of the new millenium with double digits! This is why they have not seen or heard much from me of late. WE have become closer for this, my GOD! Selah! Also, i give this first post, this my first writing to YOU, FATHER! ABBA! All prais...
Boy oh boy- it's a shocker!: I've been on the edge since first week of January, 2009 - finally home and glad to be here! Dr's say I have COPD, Afib and failing heart! No sympathy needed, but keep the oxygen coming! I'm mobile, just, have to have a scooter as well as oxygen. Willard
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