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artist: Acossais
title: Rollin'
Music to roll by – easy.
artist: Rey Varela
Utilizing dropped "D" tuning,this is a fast paced song that people say is very catchy, it's the first time I w
artist: Dave Shields
Whenever your lost, look to whatever has been good in your life, the people and places that are your home, an
artist: vanessa boyd
token comforts is a traveler's song
artist: Beaker
'It's written on the wind...'
artist: Bri
title: Elevator
some say this is my best was in the top ten for awhile in this genre.
title: Oppulent
Dust and dirty she bounced into my life, the way she wanted, acoustic 12 string, organ & drums meld to transpo
artist: Tim Hoad
About the girl's that need a little voice
light acoustic number with poppy sensible chorus and a catchy feel to it starts slow and gets you by the choru
Thrill is my favourite song to play and is all about why I write. It is dedicated to songwriters, especially t
title: On Your Way
Kristen's parts recorded in 2003, Wayne in 2005. Still needs gtr recorded. First rough mix 8/7/05
artist: Rachel A
title: Green Shirt
Several months old but newly recorded.
title: Sould
A Song brought back from the dead. In 1995, we couldn't figure out what to do with this one. Yea, That's Chris
artist: 3D (UK)
title: Mojo
3-part harmonies by acoustic band, 3D
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
It seems to me that work is just in the way: Ok so here is a question when a musician is on a quest to be someone in music does he keep a day job that pays the bills and focuses on music or does he work up the corporate world in case plan (a) does not work, because it seems almost imposible for me to stay in my current position at work and focus on music, im back to putting in 60+ hours a week and since im a salaried employee i don't get crap for it.... and that leads to depression cuz i dont have time to write music.......
1000 con hạt giấy : Co những mon qua thật đơn giản nhưng chứa đựng biết bao chan tinh. 1 chang trai đa gấp 1.000 con hạc giấy tặng người anh yeu. Mặc du luc đo anh chỉ la một nhan vien quen trong c.ty, tương lai chẳng co vẻ gi sang lạn nhưng họ vẫn luon rất hạnh phuc ben nhau. Rồi cho đến một hom người yeu của anh noi rằng nang sẽ đi Paris, sẽ khong bao giờ con co dị...
MenO on the Road: So im leaving arizona, i always thought i would one day, but no matter how ready i thought i was to leave this place it became home to my so many years ago, its a bit painfull to leave, im also leaving some of the best friends a man could ask for from my bandmates and buddies from LAST STEP DOWN (Joe, Kris, Jon and Doug) to the awesome new friends ive made recently like AL Catarino and Sandy Coduto (featured in of my tracks under MenO and friends)... I want to apologize ahead of time for my late email replies and such to all my friends that support my music... but on the bright side of things ...
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