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artist: One Foot In
Being a man can be tough sometimes...
artist: MonkeySwirl
title: Move
UPDATED (Sep10 - Cleaned and Mastered): 'Move' is meant to create a hypnotic groove while steadily building th
two voices, two acoustic guitars
artist: kevCeejay
new song,finished version,originally written years ago but never finished or recorded. Enjoy
artist: J C Carroll
Its all about emmigration poor people leaving one country to get another life in another place, inspired by th
Mass school shootings in America...It's crazy everywhere...
A coming of middle age song.
artist: Mr Jones UK
title: Old Love
This song about falling in Love and keeping your self respect really packs an emotional punch with strong lyri
artist: Ambrey
title: So Beautiful
About being in love with someone.
title: Serenity
Guitars, Vocals- Dennis McElroy; Keyboards, Programming, and Production- Bob Familiar
artist: Rob Smith
Comment by Rob Smith: I was being very influenced by Bryan Adams at the time I wrote this song. All my jilt so
artist: Sean Kane
Cemetery Sunday is held in some towns in Ireland. Many expats return for Mass and a rosary at the cemetery. I
Tragedy in the making. Loss already made.
artist: Tremulus
title: Unspoken
Something different from Tremulus. A little lighter than our normal stuff.
artist: Paddy Gibney
title: Let It Out
Let it Out is a little confusing, even to me as the writer. It's an angry song, about twisted love, about one
Inspired by Neil Young..
Unique song of a young womans hopes
from the upcoming album 'Chaos Theory' and the newly released promo EP 'Greetings Earthlings' - a song about l
artist: C Norden
Fake :-) live performance of a rock ballad-type song.
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The Cratez
Feel It In The Air | Eminem x Rihanna | No Samples
Hip Hop | purchase your beats now | 2 beats $25 | 5 beats $50 | 10 beats $90 |
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
Sister Phyllis
Surremder Poem : SURRENDER Surrender your heart to Jesus, Give everything over to Him. Don't hold anything back. Nothing is hidden from Him. Jesus knocks on your hearts door, Won't you open it and let Him in? Give Him the key to your heart, He will erase all your sins. When Jesus comes to live in you, He has access to your soul. The Holy Spirit has a gentle way, Of digging deep into your soul. The Holy Spirit searches in places, We think He can't find at all, Locked away from His watchful eye. Not so! God knows and sees all. His revelation helps you to become Aware of what's hidden ...
When life just sucks!!! and u need to just say it out loud: Today is one of those wierd... Im dissapointed at life kind of days... things are not really turning out the way I planned them 2 be in a couple of days for Valentines day my present is to start from scratch again... no drivers license, probably no job... I don't know how im going to get thru this but somehow i will... to top things off a buddy of mine came over tonight in a bad mood himself, the only good thing out of today is that we started jamming out a lick and a song was born out of this... its called "another day" Now playing: MenO...
Added some more music.. & changed my pic: Hi All.. Well.. found some more great music here on SoundClick. Love this web site for promoting all these musicians like they do. Ed Stallman's Blues is fantastic ! Also, give a listen to Paul Oakley.. and allot of his music is in my several Stations. If you enjoy Robin Trower [yea..he's here on SoundClick too! ..neat!!] .. than you'll dig Paul's music. Of course Paul has a great style all his own. ..and he should be jamin' with Robin ! Better yet.. would love to see [hear].. a "Paul Oakley Band" with international acclaim. Changed that dumb ..hard to see display pic of mine too. Now ...
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