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artist: The Clarks
title: Turn Around
ecclesiates 1-3
artist: Marty Helly
Good things can happen on the morning after, like writing this song - a happy feeling depressing song created
artist: Alexis d
life on a city street
artist: anne davis
title: get lost
basically, this is a fun, folk-alternative song that parallels well with the quote 'be here now'....
title: Tina's Song
People of all walks, backgrounds, and varied musical tastes have all loved the honesty and feeling of this son
artist: Stevey D
Song about being open and ready for life's changes. Sometimes complacency is what we struggle with the most.
artist: Andy LeFevre
True ''witch' story from Great Leighs, Essex, England...
title: King of A
All instruments recorded live with 2 mics, vocals in 2 overdubs with same 2 mics. And yes, we were drinking.
from the upcoming album 'Chaos Theory' and the newly released promo EP 'Greetings Earthlings' - a song about l
title: Born A Loser
An Country/Rock Song with dueling acoustic lead guitars and funny lyrics.
artist: Trick T Olly
This is the the 1st and 3rd stanzas and the 1st starts "She Hath an Eye" and the 3rd starts "She Hath a Heart"
When we stop there's always something...moving us in place...never seem to get a break from this pace.
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Makaih Beats
Beats General
Visit my page to lease or Email: - Text 909-205-2096
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
"Something to Crowe About" Sings Telegram: "Something to Crowe about" sings The Telegram - sharing word of the discerning culture blog, Muruch, naming two of Allison Crowe's albums among the best of 2013 and one of her new original songs its top pick for the year: The newspaper notes: “The West Virginia-based Muruch placed Crowe’s album “Heavy Graces” at No. 10 and “Newfoundland Vinyl” at No. 2, second only to “Pure Heroine” by Lorde. The blog also selected Crowe’s “Words” from the “Heavy Graces” record as the top song of the y...
I'm currently listening to: CBC Ancient Egyptian Theme Challenge on Ekaterina page Please drop by and take a listen to some attention-grabbing music
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE: That's TTAP's title song to his album. It refers to a personal dream as well as the REAL American Dream --- not the one that was designed to benefit the wealthiest few at the expense and to the detriment of the majority of the people --- but the real one. The Real American dream is of government that is actually of, by, and for the people, where we have actual religious freedom and pluralism, where we all have fair and equitable incomes, and where there is domestic tranquility and real justice for all. But, as most Americans know, that dream has pretty much been shattered, and in Americ...
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