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artist: Brian K (nc)
recorded by Kyle Odell with Attack Time productions
title: Open Door
Other worldly sound and lyrics recorded solely with acoustic/electric/synth access 3 voice guitar.
Liz wrote this lyric to a piece of music that I wrote for her in the summer of 2010. The vocals where recorded
Adding some thoughts to beautiful acoustic track by TNuT posted at LPF
title: Get By
A song me and the boys wrote one night with the aid of mother nature!
title: Oasis
Dave wrote all music/lyrics, sings all vocals and plays all instruments - Except a good buddy of mine, Brian,
artist: Rick and Ami
title: Blue
A little mood music.
artist: Tim Green
Words and Music by Tim Green, Copyright May 2009. Performers: Tim Green - Vocals, Guitars and Synth-Strings; M
Upbeat collaboration with John Holgate.
title: cause i can
a cheecky rocky song dancing music
artist: Papa Carl
title: Dark Night
This is one of the first songs I wrote after getting back into music. It talks about an issue that is a real
title: ROAR
Get on your feet and make some noise....
artist: Jimmy Kennan
title: Away
Originally performed by Eristic Illusion. Music & lyrics by Kris Hyatt, ca. 1992. This arrangement and product
artist: 39 Years
acoustic guitar with female vocals recorded @ 6th Dimension Studios, New York.
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Open Wounds
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
josep anton garcia
Two new compositions: Melangia and Tempus Fugit: Melangia (Melancholia) I'm still letting the music emerge spontaneously, no foresight or predetermined structure. A melodic motif is the embryonic cell of everything that arises, the other melodic lines meet, accompany, without excessive concern with the resulting harmonies. Although once all becomes a dead end, I prefer it. Two instruments immersed in the same game. Sigo dejando que la musica surja espontaneamente, no hay prevision ni estructura predeterminada. Un motivo melodico es la celula embrionaria de todo lo que surje, las otras lineas melodicas responden, acompanan, sin tener excesi...
*** Live recording ***: What is more thrilling than playing live? I don't know if one gets used to live events and go to a concert or a gig as if it was "another day at work". I hope it will not happen to me :-) even if I'm scared before such events, it is just so exciting, and the thanks of the public is the best gift for the work done. Well, check some new songs recorded live on last Thursday, Jan 18, 2007 with a band placed on my main page . Hope you will like it (even if a recording is not the same as the live event)....
Brent Santin
New Song: Oyster by The Ovoids.: Okay, you may know about The Ovoids, a band made up of fictional sub-actual Monks, which is an outlet for my non-Celtic based music (synthy lounge-based geek pop). I just finished recording a song (called "Oyster") and it's now available on The Ovoids' site (see link on this page). It's written from the perspective of a megalomaniac super-villain who has fallen in love with the super-hero that pursues him. The song is based around the sounds of an old 1970's fake wood-grained Bontempi organ I found in the garbage one day. I nursed the Bontempi and carefully restored it. It has a great...
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