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A sobering, prophetic song about those who sacrifice their lives for a cause
title: Carly
Very sad accoustic song with very powerfull vocals. You get chills when you hear it.
artist: Metalrob4662
Acoustic and Synth Instrumental sitting here while its raining out today.. Very Atmospheric and Moody
artist: Ryan Borja
A song about saying goodbye, death, and rebirth..
artist: C Norden
Fake :-) live performance of a rock ballad-type song.
title: Get By
A song me and the boys wrote one night with the aid of mother nature!
title: Oasis
Dave wrote all music/lyrics, sings all vocals and plays all instruments - Except a good buddy of mine, Brian,
artist: Eric Kim
title: Good Luck
More music at
Just some basic mixing done to this song. Cubase SX3, Yamaha 5 string bass, Ampeg SVT4 Pro bass head, Taylor T
artist: Big Blue X
Tell your spaceship to come home
This is a song about a girl who helps the singer through some tricky situations. It is basically a love song w
artist: Wokken Stik
title: Down
We play this song alot heavier as a three man band.
artist: Ryan Moxon
Catchy, blues rock
Written exclusively for my son, Nate. Its about him and I going uptown to the local c-store and him wanting ev
artist: PurpleOrange
title: Make It
it's a guy trying to keep his girl kind of song.
A glorious live music venue in Norwich was nearly lost, and this is the killjoys' song
artist: drywallman
title: colder
It`s like they want us to revert back to a time when some very cold dark things happened
title: Baby be mine
accoustic rock original
artist: Rey Varela
Utilizing dropped "D" tuning,this is a fast paced song that people say is very catchy, it's the first time I w
artist: Donny Lee
title: This Time
up-beat acoustic pop song-about young love and heartbreak. I wrote this song about 20 yrs ago. Donny Lee
artist: Wayne C
Nothing's free, Except this Song
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
My Dear Brother Willy..: This is a gonna be a rough week for me .. anticipating.. with the culmination of a Dear Friend & Brother; Bill Close's Memorial Service this Saturday..St.Patrick's Day, which is Bill's Birthday. Yep.. he was of Irish descent. How fitting. Bill.. or 'Willy'.. [he allowed me to call him. lol].. was a true loyal friend.. a Brother. In this life you don't make too many true loyal friends.. let alone many "Brother's" or "Sister's" who will stand not only behind you, but next to you when the "stuff" hits the fan. Willy was one of those people who stood his ground next to you..and with you. ...
kit mann
What a deal: Well it's a done deal. The owners of the river boats in New Orleans is going to play my song Cajun Queen on their river boat the Creole Queen for the customers. They normally play jazz and such but they like the song so much they think it will be a treat for their customers. The did also own the Cajun Queen but after Katrina what was left of the boat was sold because they had to down size. So as soon as I get them the cd, if your in New Orleans take a ride on the Creole Queen and enjoy the music. Wow!!!!...
Sister Phyllis
What to do when people hurt you.: What to do when people hurt you. By Millie Plastaras 5/17/2005 copywritten, all rights reserved. We have all been wounded in life. Sometimes it is people saying unkind, thoughtless remarks. Sometimes it is neglect. Sometimes it is rejection. Sometimes it is loss, or grief. Sometimes it is when people walk out of our lives. Sometimes it is abuse of one form or another. Sometimes it is when people hurt us deliberately, or make us feel unwanted. All of these things accumulate in our spirit and become pain in our hearts and thinking. They alter the re...
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