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Instrumentals with Hooks
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title: Show Her Why
Original for project 2
artist: Mark Hawkins
title: The Unicorn
artist: Kate Cassidy
a happy cheery christmas song
Another sappy love song
title: Turnaround
My first songwriting effort - a short piece about depression and turning your life around. Hopefully an uplift
artist: JJ and
Happy Anniversary SOUNDCLICK!
title: Common Place
Bitter sweet swing with blues acoustic
title: Mucus Pocus
2mins 16secs with some great violin. Alot of people like this tune. Very memorable...
artist: Lefty (UK)
This is the more polished version of the demo I gave to UnSparkPlugged. This version was recorded in January 2
artist: Rob-n-Co
title: GarbageMan
Taken out the garbage one morning, this little tune was born.
artist: Wayne C
'Live' recording: Joel Chubb bass, John Keith drums, Wayne Collis Vox/Guitar.
artist: Everydrop
Temptations will come, sometimes so fast and frequent you feel the only way out is to compromise your standard
Written by: Jimmy B.
title: Femtio år
A tribute to the Beatles song When I'm 64
Written exclusively for my son, Nate. Its about him and I going uptown to the local c-store and him wanting ev
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
mahal amanda
New Start: June 2005 was the birth of my then band, The Amandas. And just last June 2008, I decided to close its doors. It had been a good 3 years of music making and playing live at the gigs. An album was just starting to be made when conflicts of interest among members stirred up disagreements and disappointments. I learned a lot from that. And I'm just glad it's all over and done for. So now I am back to recording my own music at home. Collaborating with friends and fusing each other's music has been keeping me busy lately. I have found new energy in this new "project", which I hope will...
hello visit my shop at Visit My Website === i myself love country and some rock please visit this site to see more about me questions email thanks from faye
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
What Does Religious Freedom Mean To You?: There are some religious Christians in America who think that religious freedom means the freedom to try to impose their religious beliefs on the whole country through political and governmental action. However, most Americans do not know that is not how the Founding Fathers felt about religious freedom. They wrote much, including Article 6 and the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, to make it very clear that there can be no religious freedom unless government is neutral regarding religions, and treats each one equally. See ....
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