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artist: 3 feet up
title: trash day
med. tempo tune about finding your spirituality from church dumpsters
title: Tearin' Up
Me, my voice and my guitar
Slower Acoustic Song with some good lyrics!
artist: prizmlights
Acoustic.A song with a story like a dream.
artist: Villain Sin
title: Sould
A Song brought back from the dead. In 1995, we couldn't figure out what to do with this one. Yea, That's Chris
title: For You
Kachyia and Me
artist: Project Why
title: Flow
This is a VERY rough Cakewalk demo. Just a dry acoustic,direct bass and drum loop.A work in progress
artist: Soul Echo
Recorded in Nashville, TN, engineered by Ian Cresswell, performed and produced by Seth Harper.
Such a nice song that every will enjoy it.
This song was written and recorded in about 3 hours at Grandmont Studios in Mt. Clemens Michigan. It is signif
Acoustic-Rock ballad with a lively chorus
title: UNGLUED
title: Not Alone
A love song for someone that, I guess, I haven't met quite yet....
artist: Open Mic
title: Bobby 012705
Wow! You've got to listen to Bobby play. If you got your pc hooked to your stereo crank this one up! Great
artist: greyladydown
title: Stone Remix
Jeremy Prostka wrote this excellent tune...Remix adds a nice back beat and effects....Lance on backing vocals.
artist: TJ McCloud
At Last My Past- TJ McCloud- Kind of Life (2004)-
artist: Here & Now
Thrill is gone - Here & Now - Live - Golden Gate Park Sept. 29th 1991
artist: Van Veen
title: Drive
An acoustic rock song (with electric lead guitar)for those who hate their jobs and dream of doing someting mor
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
What a deal: Well it's a done deal. The owners of the river boats in New Orleans is going to play my song Cajun Queen on their river boat the Creole Queen for the customers. They normally play jazz and such but they like the song so much they think it will be a treat for their customers. The did also own the Cajun Queen but after Katrina what was left of the boat was sold because they had to down size. So as soon as I get them the cd, if your in New Orleans take a ride on the Creole Queen and enjoy the music. Wow!!!!...
CD Goodness: Hey All, I hope this finds you all well and happy. I just wanted to let you know that if you like what you hear on soundclick, then you'll love the rest of my songs...And guess what, you can get them all at I am currently working on my 3rd CD, but I need the funds to make that happen....sooooo.... if you're listening away for free or you have me as a song on your station, please at least check out the rest of the CD/Songs and download what you like... It may only be a couple of Dollars to you, but if everyone does it I can get enough to kep on recording......
you took your love away- beat "love or die": v1-December was our first month together and all that i went through, i went through dem for you and now when i thought you were gon' hold me down you're no where to be found. you took ur love away, tell how did it end up this way C-cant be w/o cha cant be w/o cha baby cant breathe w/o you cant breathe w/o you cant see myself livin w/o you baby oh tell me why, would you wanna be w/o me baby is this a mistake? cant i cant be w/o you cant be w/o you baby oh. V2-And, let me start off my sayin "first of all, no matter how hard we fall, you always will have my heart" And maybe when s...
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