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artist: xavi
A rock song with a Spanish Feel
About a guy who is anxious to meet a girl at the Richmond Airport in Virginia.
artist: MonkeySwirl
title: Move
UPDATED (Sep10 - Cleaned and Mastered): 'Move' is meant to create a hypnotic groove while steadily building th
artist: Stelvin Cap
This is very personal. It is hard to make relationships that endure. Perhaps you need to taste the fruit to un
artist: drywallman
title: colder
It`s like they want us to revert back to a time when some very cold dark things happened
artist: Los Guys
Live from the final Los Guys gig at Spike's. Good night, I think. It's kinda fuzzy :)
title: Baby be mine
accoustic rock original
Mellow Rock, Confusion Based, Audializing the Pain of Lonliness
Acoustic rock with a progressive structure written by my band The Time Circus (in the middle of a forest) and
title: Today
A song about new found passion and a love of song
artist: Rob Adams
title: Roadhouse
Rockabilly style - Honky Tonk party tune
artist: Rey Varela
Utilizing dropped "D" tuning,this is a fast paced song that people say is very catchy, it's the first time I w
Live at Hugh Glass Bar in Yankton, SD 5-25-2006
artist: Nameet Pai
title: Why
An old recording.. (2 years?) simplistic lyrics.. not exactly a true story but draws heavily from one ;)
title: Running Away
Acoustic Rock Ballad
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
Sorry I've been missing: If you have read my profile you know I'm kind of busted up, but getting better each day. This week was not one of those weeks, I was bending and sneezed at the same time and I cracked my rigs on the right side of my chest. With all the operations I have had on my chest it didn't take much to do. Then to make it worse all the muscles that were cut and moved to hold my chest together seized up. So I've been laid up. It's slowly getting better now, enough so I can package and send a guitar to a good friend of mine who's birthday is Jan 15th. I hope it makes it in time. Kit...
Silence - a little bit bitchy: New on my bandpage: SILENCE is a new collaboration (Lyrics Paul Dempsey). A little bit entertainment and also a little bit snappy. This kind of music is another face from Serious-Music.
Find an Open Mic Spot in your area so people may heare you live: I found a site and this is really cool for you can find places that have open mic for you to come and share your passion in your area. Here in Georgia we have several places through the week that I go to and play and meet new people. In my case I am meeting acoustic guitar players that make original music. I played last night at the abbott bar and grill and I had so much fun sharing my music with others. My previous blog has the words to my latest song "WE ARE ONE" where you may hear the music and see the lyrics. This was a dream I had that became a song. I wish to as...
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