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artist: Max Headroom
title: Margot B.
just a test how the Axe-Fx II works with a Nylon-string guitar with a pickup (Ibanez EWN30SYE-NT).
artist: C Norden
Small happy classic guitar piece with a jazz/latin arrangement
Acousitc Rock version of a traditional Christmas Song.
Spanish Guitar meets New Age - Collaboration USA and Australia
artist: KrEn
For little girls...
artist: Soulstring
one of the tracks from Angel Locsin's motion picture soundtrack album -- highest position on the Acoustic Guit
artist: Srideep
My cover of stairway to heaven I've reduced the vocals (i sound bad)
It's skipping, it's barefoot, it's happy, it's just a guitar and no words and it mellows me out.
artist: Mark Hawkins
A little prog acoustic jam written with my friend Craig McClure a few years ago. **Poor Quality** Sorry.
artist: Eric Greene
Preserving The Redwoods
artist: Bo Faulkner
A piece I have been working on for a while
title: Dream
Layered guitar lullaby.
artist: Poitin
Jeremy and Tyna in full flow with this ghostly Old English song of a lover returned from the grave...Taken fro
artist: Gal Anonim
Sonata C Major Francesco Molino by Arthur Janus
title: Your Love
Performed By: Muzikero_Jungie
Every year I write a new song for each grandchild. This is my 2005 song for my grandson, Noah. It is in C2
I don't want another lover All I want is you I don't need any other All I want is you
artist: Jay Rose
Just a mellow ambient acoustic piece featuring a 'Cicadean Rhythm' section :-)
artist: Fatima
title: My ways
Another picked one :) Tried weird harmonies... might be a little off at times? lol
You can purchase the sheet music to this piece by contacting Allan Alexander
artist: Logan (IL)
Finally.. A complete song with vocals..
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
First blog: This is my first blog. Although I've been a member for a while, I hadn't actually used this site to all its extent. All I can say is that hopefully my music will make sense to as many people as possible, and that the message I'm trying to give is clearly transmitted to everyone. A message of love and hope to the world, through Christ. The music I create, although describing mainly emotions, is also a way of expressing my deep love for the One who saved me from living a pointless life, a life full of doubt and concerns. Now, I live in peace. And that peace is what the world needs. Music, I b...
Sanctuary (featuring Falken): 2-23-14 A new upload. I presented a rhythm track I wrote to my friend Falken and he transformed it into something deliciously magnificent and astonishing. My eternal appreciation for his work on this music.
Sister Phyllis
Prayer For All Needs: Father God we come before You with thanksgiving and praise and humble our hearts and lift these before Your throne. Father every need is in Your capable hands and we know You will provide for Your children. Father God may every body cell, tissue and organ be whole in Jesus name, spiritually, physically and emotionally and may they function as You created them to function. Father may Your face shine upon these and draw closer unto Yourself and may they be protected from all attacks. Father God we come now in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus and we plead the blood. Father God many saints are ...
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