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artist: Steve Savini
title: Stairy Climb
artist: Chris Lilly
This was the first tune that I made up during my Mom's cancer battle. This was written the day we found out t
title: The Journey
A pondering as to the nature of free will. If you'd like to use it in your church, drop me a line and I'll sen
title: No One Else
A song about reality being far better than a dream.
artist: RichieSwellz
Here is a guitar piece i wrote for someone that i miss dearly.. it was the starting idea for a song i eventual
artist: Max Headroom
title: Margot B.
just a test how the Axe-Fx II works with a Nylon-string guitar with a pickup (Ibanez EWN30SYE-NT).
artist: Rtguitaring
I just needed to upload a song to get my page up...ill do a better version later
artist: mcduffnw
Brand New 2011 Greven Prairie State - Less than one hour old! EJ16 Lights.
artist: Amy Wall
NEW version now available! Country Rock. Special thanks to my "virtual band" - JJ Akerman and Russell Hardin
in a black lodge on planet Caravan with heaven beside you ... let the sun never blind your eyes .
New song from Lee Xiong formerly of Karma
artist: Fstpicker
I went back to the plastic saddle on my Walden 12-string and wanted to see whether I preferred that or the bon
For Stephany and Ezra, the December babies. I'm playing baritone National in dropped-D, lap style National tri
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Tony Seo
Acoustic Rock
"Wings From Hell"
Out of the darkness!
New Release 'LOVE IS ALL' Honor me with a listen, pls visit my page!: HI friends. I am writing to ask for your kind support. And I am hoping that I can count on you for that. I recently released 'Love is All' track that I have distributed on ITUNES worldwide. The song features National Artist Shelly Rann from Nashville TN. I have dedicated 'All Proceeds' from song for an entire year to go to 'Show Kids you Care' foundation to help feed kids living in poverty. You're help in purchasing the song for only $1.29 a download, will make a huge difference to these kids. Please support it, so that these kids can feel hope and look forward to a meal each day. I am working...
Happy New Year!: Last night after work I read Anne's latest Traveler's Advisory. As most of us, she is hoping, praying and working for a more peaceful and prosperous 2008. It is a wonderful goal. I actually had a pretty good 2007, except for some health related issues. I was given a scholarship to attend the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School. I graduated from NLC. My bus shelter project was well received, and the mural phase is progressing nicely. Local 398 won all of our arbitrations, with a lot of help from our wonderful IVP and Advocate, Ron Heintzmann. Our local is very small. There are abo...
kit mann
My music update: I had some great advice from Vmpo7. Since my cd is very eclectic because I love so many types of music, I have changed the status of some of my songs. Some have been added to acoustic music,(When Skies turn Grey, some instrumental (fireside music i D), some in country (Holding on to the night, and the swing) Some in Rock (Cry for help, Soul taker blues and No More Color) from Kit's demos. The rest remain in the blues category. This I did in hope more people will have a chance to listen to the songs in a different genre. Wish me luck. Kit Mann...
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