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artist: Jennae
An acoustic version of "The Subway in June"
artist: andre g
A short lullaby for my daughter. Its a small track i composed on guitar and than arranged for piano and clarin
artist: ZAN THE MAN
In memory of Mom and Dad - Video on YouTube
artist: Kevroc
Acoustic guitar instumental
artist: Bo Faulkner
A piece I have been working on for a while
An original multitracked acoustic guitar instrumental - soaring, flight, freedom, height, space, uplift, elati
Traditional Christmas carol (played on a Taylor Maple\Spruce GS guitar)
artist: Ken Totushek
Meditative solo acoustic guitar instrumental
artist: Tim Sparks
A brilliant new arrangement of this old standard by Willie Moore. Tim shows you how to play it on his 'Roots R
title: Jewels
Instrumental solo acoustic guitar
artist: MUG(ATP)
title: Funeral Song
Wrote it for my funeral. I like Sad & Beautiful Song for my funeral.
artist: Jenny s
This is one of my favourite acoustic guitar songs. Its sweetly sensitive & fragile in nature and meaning. Its
Jazz, with some latin/flamence accents. I recently purchased a flamenco guitar. This is a new recording of the
title: Impressions
This song has a triumphant quality, harmonics form the bulk of the theme, with a finger picked section for the
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
so theres so much music out there but what does it all mean : well with the music i write i try to relate to the everyday person but theres some things in my songs that are my own personal experiences and if you dont like them well f*** you, but when you make a song dont make something that sounds like the band you have that you play covers of make it your experiences and leave it to your heart now i know that sounds cliche but youll find you as an artist get a much better experience out of the song and in doing so should not for sure but should as so many things are, should make a better listening experience for your fans maybe i dont know what im talki...
Brent Santin
New original instrumental low whistle piece: I uploaded a new tune today. It's an instrumental piece played on a low G whistle I made and it's called "Tear down the sink, Dear". You can hear it at this link.
Rags to riches: RAGS TO RICHES With their debut release, “Picking Up The Pieces,” it is obvious that Rags To Riches is more than a Jimi Hendrix tribute band (which was their main focus early on). The band, originally called themselves “Black Pearl”-reformed with two new members to create Rags To Riches and they quickly realized there is a magic to their music. A review of their debut CD reveals their influences, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and of course Jimi Hendrix, among others. Their melodic and fantastic mix of 70's rock/synth is new and refreshing, as they weave the progressive sounds o...
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