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For Stephany and Ezra, the December babies. I'm playing baritone National in dropped-D, lap style National tri
artist: R.E.A. (USA)
title: Montauk
A Dan Weldon cover recorded with permission from the artist about the place he grew up in ... Montauk Point.
artist: Kevroc
A quick acoustic finger picking piece to go with the season...
artist: Ken Egervari
A sad acoustic tune that starts and end with some rain ;)
artist: Slyder Songs
One of the first songs I wrote (1978). My honey loves this song!
artist: Eric Greene
Preserving The Redwoods
title: Face Down
Available to Worship Teams - permission granted for credit given --- Worship Song written Sept 2005 by Cloyd A
From Rick Payne's legendary 'Blue River Blues' Album, available from
artist: Stan Gable
It's about the mixed up emotions that follow the tale end of a relationship and the reasons you think you stil
artist: Thomas Moore
A cover tune pretty on acoustic guitar...this tune flows...
artist: Bob Speidell
title: Spring Storm
A two sectioned guitar/slide guitar duet. Sort of Robert Johnson meets Andres Segovia
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
Remember me...: If I have crossed your path, whether it be for a moment or a year, I hope that you will not forget me, and when you think of me, you will smile, because I meant something good to you, I enriched your life if in even a small way and you enriched mine.
giay phut binh yen !: chieu nay vao truong lai gap em,di ngang ben em,co gang giu long that thanh than,co to ra ve ko quen biet em,okk toi da thanh cong,toi da dien rat tot,nhung sau do la 1 noi buon vo tan,tim toi nhu dap manh hon,nhanh hon,nhip tho toi don dap hon,toi rat muon nam tay em,noi chuyen voi em,nhung ko the dc,em da quyet dinh chia tay,toi ko the ep nguoi ta nhung gi nguoi ta ko thich,nhu the chang con y nghia,danh vay thoi,the thi minh chia tay em nhe,anh da co gang neu keo that nhieu lan,anh da wa nha em gan 10 lan,van ko the nao gap dc em,em ham choi wa,thoi nhu the la du,den luc em co the tu do di ...
New to SoundClick: Hi Everyone. I've just joined up and added all the music from my soon to be released CD. Have a listen to my station at, Hoping to get some friends soon (once I work out how)!
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