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title: INSPIRED!
This is one of the few songs we actually wrote. Its basically just us fooling around. This is the last song we
'Speaking of freedom seems to be quickly becoming an illegality!'
artist: Maia
title: Crap.
ok. so i've been learning guitar for a week so far... um tried to make something up with the chords... sounds
It is an idea for a song, but I don´t have lyrics yet
artist: Samuel G
title: I never mind
I never mind is song about getting along, believe it or not........
title: Same Ground
I like this song..
title: Fonggurlrapp
DEMO Only for fun
artist: rzane
The Christmas classic.
artist: Overbooking
Esta canció pertenecía a nuestro viejo proyecto llamado 'Casablanca', y fue grabada recientemente y descartada
artist: Michael Fix
From the new CD 'Something's Cooking'. One for all the indecisive people. You can hear the guitar saying “ye
artist: Jenny s
This is one of my favourite acoustic guitar songs. Its sweetly sensitive & fragile in nature and meaning. Its
title: die
i won't hit a bi***, but i sure will shake the shit out of her!
artist: notty'z
Da Song Speaks for itself ;)
artist: wahur
title: 1112
I'm still figuring out why i named it so. I recorded it on a day I got myself my Yamaha acoustic guitar.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Spaced off me face: DebEspace Duo New Recordings Audio link SPACED Audio new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 video links SPACED Video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 There's Goes video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 Father Jack video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 Baby Insane video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011
Brent Santin
Looking for musicians to form a trio, etc.: I'd like to put together an instrumental trio to do folk festivals, etc. Mostly looking to do funky versions of traditional tunes. Would like to team up with an accompanyist and percussionist, but also interested in meeting any fiddlers, pipers, etc. with confident playing ability. If you're a musician living close to Cornwall, Ontario and like some of the GreanStalk stuff linked to here (I'm thinking that but funkier) then get in contact with me. Also interested in hearing from musians in Ottawa / Montreal....
Sister Phyllis
The Bible Contains Gods Roadmap : You are in the driver's seat, but God is holding the map.The Word of God contains all the directions we need to know the Savior and how to live for Him It contains the salvation plan and what steps to take to be saved Read it , study it and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what the scriptures are saying to you as you read Gods word . Read teh Book of Acts Everything you need to get saved is found in that book....
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