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title: Sun Song
A progressive jazz tune which is a great foundation for other instruments to build upon, but which stands up w
title: Akeskero
Guitar: Brook Torridge - Tuning: DADF#AD
Another arrangement of an Aria by James Edwards. This one is from La Boheme.
Originally sung by Eva Cassidy, a much slower acoustic version compared to Sting's later version.
quick little song i made, iv done a few with this same guitar part, this being the first acoustic one with lea
a very mellow and easy going song wich is not yet complete as this is only myself (Lewis)playing on my own
artist: Ali Tirmizi
title: Zabt
Recorded in year 2001 Vocals: Ali Tirmizi Composed: Ali Tirmizi Guitars: Rana Hassan Manzoor Lyrics: Mus
title: man of music
a song decripting a man of music dicovering his cusre/ blessings.
artist: Avidity
[Avidity Acoustic - Original Song] Read the lyrics and the story behind it =)
artist: Aria Dane
title: Forget ME
It's okay if you forget me...it's alright to move on...You think that I'm so perfect for you? It's too bad...c
You win some, you lose some. Hey, so did King Arthur. You'll see what we mean!
Quite an old song from 2001 slighlty odd construction. Which I changed a bit on the recording but felt it shou
artist: Fatima
I love this song :) Hope I did it justice... putting the new mic to good use :D
artist: jack johnson
title: Bubbletoes
its for aileen my best friend
I just wrote this one recently. It's a really cool melody you just can't hear it that well in this recording.
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Homeless Balloon
Acoustic Guitar
Two acoustic guitars in harmony now a free download.
Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
gabe stenziano
Walkin' Along: this one features my son Dan on keyboards. Brett Service kindly mastered the finished song. remember Bruce Channel and 'Hey Baby'? sold me on harmonica solos.
Ken Verheecke - Acoustic Guitar Inspiration and Perfection: I have to tell you -there is simply a LOT of talent here on S.C. But every once in awhile, you run across an Artist that touches your senses for one reason or another. One of these that I personally ran across recently - seemingly out of the Blue - is Ken Verheecke Ken's Music, and his ability to play this Instrument is truely inspiring - to say the least! It peirces into your Heart instantly, then lightens up your soul and mind with a refreshing Peaceful and Comforting Happiness that is lacking in so much of today's music. Colors seem brighter, and life's daily troubles seem to me...
gabe stenziano
'Til the Mornin' Light: a new song with Mike Bennett and Brett Service that's been posted at Mike's page(just click his picture below). Mike put together the instrumental portion, I added lyrics and one verse of vocal, and Brett did most of the singing including all the harmony. can't ask for a better pair of guys to work with. thanks gentlemen, it was a great experience.
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