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artist: Dan Blatter
Accoustic Guitar
artist: BuddahBoy
title: Dreaming
A drop-d acoustic piece
artist: Maia
title: Crap.
ok. so i've been learning guitar for a week so far... um tried to make something up with the chords... sounds
It is an idea for a song, but I don´t have lyrics yet
title: Eventide
Relaxing acoustic new age song perfect for winding down at the end of the day.
title: Same Ground
I like this song..
artist: Az Samad
A romantic ballad written around sunset in a small town in Perak, Malaysia.
Written and performed by Justin Ratowsky
title: Fonggurlrapp
DEMO Only for fun
EXPLICIT LYRICS Written by B. Tyler Margison, Levi L. Law, and Matt Phelps.
artist: BCrazed
What can I tell ya... Christmas still sucks :p
artist: Overbooking
Esta canció pertenecía a nuestro viejo proyecto llamado 'Casablanca', y fue grabada recientemente y descartada
artist: itwasnoteasy
Hotel California Ending part
artist: Jenny s
This is one of my favourite acoustic guitar songs. Its sweetly sensitive & fragile in nature and meaning. Its
artist: wahur
title: 1112
I'm still figuring out why i named it so. I recorded it on a day I got myself my Yamaha acoustic guitar.
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
ROCK ON !!!! johnnyzguitar 2009: " I Don't Listen" # 1 ROCK SONG/ARTIST 250,000 plus hits in past 60 days WOW!!!!!! THANKS -- SOUNDCLICK, TUNES FOR YOU RECORDS, and all my FANS !!!!!! U R KICKA_S !!! ROCK ON !!!!! johnnyzguitar
so theres so much music out there but what does it all mean : well with the music i write i try to relate to the everyday person but theres some things in my songs that are my own personal experiences and if you dont like them well f*** you, but when you make a song dont make something that sounds like the band you have that you play covers of make it your experiences and leave it to your heart now i know that sounds cliche but youll find you as an artist get a much better experience out of the song and in doing so should not for sure but should as so many things are, should make a better listening experience for your fans maybe i dont know what im talki...
NewPort Rhode Island: This is the ocean at Newport. First time in my life I have been there 10/2007. Nice to keep discovering new places. Thanks to Mary and Jimmy for suggesting we take a trip there for the weekend.
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