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artist: FDM Glacius
Schizzow and me doing a cover under FDM.. specially dedicated to WoRmY in Florida. We were just playin around
artist: Simon Budd
title: clearwater
Instrumental Celtic
artist: Ronnie Holt
This is a quick instrumental version of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven." My version I know isn't exact but ag
artist: Maria Daines
Instrumental acoustic guitar.
artist: Mari-Anne
An awesome tune from Oasis
Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar. CGDGBD tuning. Progressive Acoustic.
title: Layers
7 layered guitar tracks...
artist: Troy Simon
A sample from a new song. To a fallen inspiration, gone too soon.
artist: Steve Fulton
title: For Ours
Funky unique 'Hammer on' style acoustic guitar
artist: happyroach
Yes I sound like a man so I sing guy songs `_'
Disgracefully is pretty self explainatory
artist: Joyce Nancy
title: the movement
not really finished, but nothing really is
artist: Laura Chow
This song is about searching for that person whom you want to be with again.
artist: Reena Lynn
title: Miserable
artist: John Webb UK
title: Just Listen
A very powerful and emotional song.
title: Julia
This is an acoustic arpeggio ballad about helping friends in their time of need. Piano, drums, bass and mixing
artist: bluez
special song from me (sucrose)
artist: Tony DeLecce
A song written many years ago before my wife and I were married and I was away in college and I was dreaming o
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Lazy Wilkie
Acoustic Guitar
"Almond Tree"
This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten in.
kit mann
Ovation Guitar Road show: Hey everyone, Well OVation Guitars is having a road show all across America, to introduce and show some of the new Ovation Guitars, and promote the company. There will be food, love music, and guitars I can't afford to buy. But I am to perform Tomorrow night, Friday, at the show in Muncie Indiana. If I can. Karen brought home a wicked cold from work at the hospital, and now I have it. Like my disability, I'm am going to give it my best shot. Meet a lot of Ovation guitar fans and enjoy some great music. Wish me luck, Hope I can go. With the medications I have to take, I can not take any...
just thomas
THE FREEDOM COFFEE HOUSE: stop in after a hard day kick off your shoes, have your favorite drink, sit back and listen to some great music, share some good news, a new song or poem we would love to hear it. Now playing: just thomas's station - coffee house 7 [go there]     [3 comments]
"Walking The Wire": Can't begin to describe how just plain bad-ass this song; "Walking The Wire" is ! It was written & performed by; "Anubis Spire", for a lost Loved-One. You can 'feel' the hurt, the sadness, the loss, the LOVE felt for Leo.. for this song is for him. It's intense drive, beautiful and harmonious, always pushing forward.. the guitars ..heavy with bitter-sweet emotion .. the lyrics sung most ..excellent. The hipnotic melody causes you to replay... and replay.. and while listening through headphones, ..the sound.. the song.. ..the words ... 'sinks' deep in your brain ...This is one bad ja...
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