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Traditional piece interpreted by me on guitar, mandolin, and strings.
artist: Vince Fedele
title: I LIke
I Like What I Like is an acoustic song written by vince fedele, here is a jam of the same song . Mark Kauten O
acoustic folk song with 4 part harmonies. in the aftermath of one of the school shootings I sat down and penne
Ballad based on different fingerpicking guitars. Music and arrangement Master Peo.
artist: Max Ford
Originally a poem by Fred Barrett. This song was written in September 2012. The proceeds from this song will
artist: swainsong
The state(ment) of mind following my dad's death in 95
artist: Al Di Cicco
A little slice of Americana music a la Prairie Home Companion. Co-written with Erich Gruber.
artist: FDP Jams
The age old tale of one who stays back home, while the other hears the call of the wild.
Song about the Katwijk aan Zee murder case known as De Gekkenlogger. The KW171 was a lugger ship on which a co
artist: Pete Young
title: Celtic Theme
Basically just a test of the Yamaha GL 1 Guitalele
artist: Leo Dean
Acoustic fingerstyle guitar with vocal
artist: simonXAG
Simple strummed demo of new song.
title: Communion
Meant to invoke medieval images with traditional instruments such as kantele and hurdy-gurdy, alongside modern
title: Catfish.mp3
Song inspired by good times with friends at a Texas backyard catfish fry
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
robert the bloodaxe
same old same old...: ...staying 'relevant' in music is about always staying fresh. new ideas, and new growth, and new directions with your music. when you start giving the people what they expect, or get stuck in your past, having only your classics to play, you will find they have gotten sick of the same old sh** . by then you've lost them. that is where you separate the men from the boys, REAL MUSIC LOVERS that actually buy hard-copy albums will allow you to grow musically, and will join you on your journey. but people that don't let you grow, aren't REAL MUSIC LOVERS anyway, so don't worry about them not buying...
Side projects!: Recently i started playing in a local band... and as much as it excites me to play in a band again im a little scared of leaving my own projects behind... i have to admit the co-writting of the songs is a great experience and my recent collab(Praying under MenO) is a tune that i find myself listening 2 every now and then for no reason at all... we are currently recording 4 tracks on my home studio and in a different one with drum mics(wich i dont have) lets see how this turns out.... ill post something as soon as they get done......
brandon rice
Brandon Rice's World: If you wanna stay up to date on Brandon Rice's world, click this link
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