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Lively & chaotic instrumental in a very celtic dance style, from Jenneths CD 'The Bardic Wyrd' available now a
This is 90 seconds of quick instrumental to show how badly Scotland the Brave, which is a pretty lousy tune, c
artist: Hugh Spinney
title: Tacoma
This song is loosely based on the true story of my great-grandfather's rescue of a Japanese ship and crew. Th
artist: Jes Karper
You be my Angel, I'll be your Angel, We're all Angels
artist: k-hutchins
title: Fun
What the world needs more of
artist: Mark Ellis
A Folk song. Ispired by a love for the natural beauty that surrounds us, and an ever increasing loathing of ma
This is a beautiful story. Another song taken from my recording projects with Richard Digance
title: Mine Only
Beach was asked to write a song for his Best Friends Wedding. What else could he do but write about the way he
A song of rugged honesty.
title: Coffee
A Jar's of Clay song my friend Jake and I did. Kinda fun. I fooled around with EQ, too.
Another song that'll go on 'one Traveler' whenever I get around to finishing that old album. This is a folksy
artist: Joan Kennedy
title: Three Guys
Scary strangers at an open mic
Man and Woman is a true story about the ups and downs of a relationship.
artist: Toni Sicola
This song is beautiful. It's a lullaby love song that could quite possibly bring you to tears
artist: Learjeff
title: Highlands
Scottish or Appalachian? You decide. Fiddle fest with guitar& bass. Thanks to Brad Athey and Miner Gleason
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Raving Beauty Commentary...sort of: I broke a toothe on my way to work Tuesday. I was eating a sandwich and I heard a snap and noticed a lump in what I was chewing. It was a crown with a cantelever attatched. It broke off right at the gum line.Between my dentist's schedule, and the Dispatch office, I couldn't get in to fix it until Thursday. THREE HOURS in the dentist office! The tooth broke on a sandwich, but the root had to be chipped out. I was inhaling the nitrous oxide as deeply as posible. Then he started explaining my 'OPTIONS.' He wants to let the hole fill in for three or four months, then he plans to drill two ho...
kit mann
SITE IN OPERATION: Wow it took a while but I have now almost finished my Soundclick site. Listen to the music, download it for free and check out the pic's from my trip to Iowa to see my 2 sons Chris and Mike, my 2 grandson's Caden and Jordan, and my new granddaughter Trystyn. Remember if you like the music download it, if you don't like it download it and give it to someone you don't like. Kit
josep anton garcia
I am just a channel - Solo soy un canal: Yesterday I had a revelation ... something like a new understanding. Do not write music. I'm just a channel through which music manifests. Imperfect channel ... I do not care. Because despite my imperfections as a channel, as a performer, composer ... music is something much bigger, and always will be perfect if I let her do the talking, which is expressed, which will expand over time, which orders and purchase their own logic. The channel is not important ... what matters is the music. Ayer tuve una revelacion... algo asi como una comprension nueva. No compongo musica. Soy solo un canal a t...
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