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artist: smederevac
title: Smederevac
Narodna muzika
artist: Russ Rentler
This song is an ode to those brothers and sisters living in Port-Au-Prince that I have been privileged to know
It's like a single candle in a dark room. You can be drawn into in, made to feel it's warmth as it slowly radi
artist: Tom Kerswill
title: Lullaby
An acoustic song about change, being somewhere new, and living in a city...
artist: anne davis
an acoustic guitar ballad with layers of violin and introspective lyrics
title: The Lady
A fictional story about two vampires taking a ship from the New World to the Old, inspired by Anne Rice's "Int
A quick, cheap and easy recording of this standard folk tune with just vocals and a terrible sounding guitar.
artist: marc fedak
a bluegrass influenced song that I wrote in/around 2003, performed for a few years in the Toronto country band
artist: Clint Lavens
Recorded for 50/90 2015
artist: Peter Hall
With an ear on the psycholdelic singer songwriters...peace man !..."He fills the empty parts of my mind"
artist: Faunaserene
this little song was played on my Lyre......and my keyboard as well with my vocals and harmonies.....
artist: Mamby Pamby
title: Islero
Islero was a bull famed for killing the celebrated bullfighter Manolete on August 28, 1947.
Written for FAWM (February is Album Writing Month) 2015
artist: Matt Lutack
Wrote a new song lyric titled JESUS the music and melody were played and re-recorded by me but taken from the
artist: redonkilaus
title: 458 Practice
A song Matt Devlin and I wrote. Matt is playing guitar and singing.
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KissingOnHerNeck w/Hook by Fred Nice
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Rooftop Studio compilation album on itunes!: 16 track Rooftop Studio CD album entitled 'A few loose Tiles' out now. Featuring newly remastered tracks by Nige and Trev, Mechanics of Sorrow, Torn Hearts, Paul Gibbon and Mick Clack. Available to download now from itunes,, Rhapsody, Napster, GroupieTunes, e-music . Available as a limited edition CD. Email for purchase details.
The Eye of the Beholder: Here is a story to think about. How many times do we wonder how we are going to afford that new car or the new home? We think of ourself as poor. It is more how we view our current life and what we have or do not have. Listen to this story: There's a story told about an elderly lady in Arkansas. The state voted to increase welfare payments to indigents. Hoping for a tear-jerker story, a television interviewer went into the backhills where many welfare recipients lived. The old woman he chose to interview lived in a one room shack: draughty in winter; stifling in summer. Her bed was ...
Allison Crowe's "Spiral" among "Most Exciting Albums of 2010": Allison Crowe's new album/CD "Spiral" is released globally March 17, 2010 - St. Patrick's Day. Production wrapped on Valentine's Day. U.S.-based entertainment blog 'Muruch' earlier this year named it as the album they most look forward to, and, now, UK music blog 'We Make Lists' includes "Spiral" as one of "The Twelve Most Exciting Albums of 2010", remarking: "Crowe's speciality is startlingly beautiful piano-based songs that sort of make you wonder why you bother with anything else." (Joining Crowe on the list are new recordings from: Fleet Foxes, Fyfe Dangerfield, Girls Aloud, Goldfrap...
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