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This guy is breaking up with this woman, not that he wants to, but he has to. He obviously implys he wishes it
This is our take on an old Gospel tune by Lister Cleavant Derricks. There have been many versions of this son
artist: walter comer
title: In America
Freedom comes at a very high cost in this world. I'm very thankful that some of my ancestors were willing to p
title: Poor Ted
A case of mistaken identity or an extreme instance of beer goggles. In these modern times, you gotta pay atten
artist: The Fintons
artist: Shane Pack
title: Let Me Stay
Song about trying to hate someone and it's not working
This is a beautiful story. Another song taken from my recording projects with Richard Digance
artist: Andrew James
This song was written in my greatfulnes for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us
From the soon-to-be-released independant film 'Awakenings'. The band was commisioned to write a song for this
title: Mystery Man
Inspired by a piece of driftwood I saw as I drove to work..
artist: Dave Keir
title: Go Down
Track 11 from the 2006 CD 'Interim Reports' - see Links to purchase.
artist: Otepski
New version of this instrumental track with Elise playing the violin...visit her site
title: Forever
A heartfelt soulmate ballad with a beat about endless love played on nylon-stringed acoustic guitar with elect
artist: Hiram Ring
a bluesy, soulful, chill song
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Instrumentals :: Beats General
A simple summertime bouncy club banger 808 bass. Lease this beat for $32.99 to get it untagged* LEASE 1 GET 1 FREE * For info on exclusive right email -- Credits include Juicy J , Waka Flocka & more! --
A$AP Money
Beats General
Fire, Street Banger
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Getting Nowhere"
Sometimes when I'm alone, like so many times before, I take off all my clothes and I roll on the floor. But I'm not crazy no I'm just getting nowhere with you...
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
The "Rapture" Myth: The "end times" myth is popular among the "holier than thou" crowd, who believe they are going to be "beamed up" magically in an event they call "The Rapture." But, it's actually a myth based on erroneous interpretation of scriptures . An accurate interpretation of scriptures is that the humble, gentle, peaceful and "meek" shall inherit the earth, after all the false prophets and false shepherds are judged, rebuked and rendered contrite in the face of the righteous truth. When the real prophecies of the world are fulfilled, the good people will be able to establish good, fair, ...
I'm new here - be gentle with me!: Well, HI all - after a break of almost 15 years from any music production at all I have just uploaded seven brand new tracks that God has inspired me to do. Its been great fun learning how to use some top of the range software in order to try and produce some top quality music and I hope you get as much enjoyment listening as I have had producing. Talk soon, God Bless, Malcolm (m-soundz)
Seek and you shall find.: There has been an explosion of higher consciousness across the planet with individuals coming to increased realisation of who they are and this is being reflected in the information being released onto the Internet. You might want to familiarise yourselves with a few sites where some of this information is being gathered and to this end I provide the following links: One Earth Network: Facilitating Planetary Awakening ( The World Puja Network: A catalyst for communication in the emerging new world Dieter Braun, Indian in th...
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