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artist: James Gordon
This song is about Cindy Sheehan's campaign to hold George W. Bush accountable for the death of her son in Ira
artist: Toshio Mana
title: Far
A sensitive look into being Mr. (or Ms.) Wrong.
artist: Andrew James
ok be kind to me, my guitar skills are not that great and my vocals could be polished a bit. But the song is o
artist: Brent Evans
New and different (not really improved). Just pretend that those random low pitch noises are waves hitting th
solo piano and voice
artist: Russ Rentler
Dorothy and Scarecrow; two misanthropes .
artist: Angela Lang
This song is about childhood summers; devouring the simple pleasures and discovering life's bitter elements al
title: Hiding Place
A short and wistful song describing childlike wonder at the protection and parental tenderness of God the Fath
artist: michie
title: all i want
artist: TJ McCloud
title: I Am
I Am- TJ McCloud- Kind of Life (2004)-
artist: The Wilson's
A song written for our grand daughter Ashlee Marie!
artist: Geoff Davis
Acoustic based folk rock protest song with the electric bass driving the rhythm.
title: So Goes Time
this is your favourite song
artist: loraine
Original Song...Thank you for voting this song to #1 on Accustic Folk on soundclick, The Secret Garden , a so
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Zeros (Future type beat)
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Rosie Clare
Only One Around: Began this Poem after leaving my Granddaughters soccer game. Driving home a big storm with awesome clouds was rolling in. And as I passed a strip mall I saw a man sitting outside in a chair. He just looked so lonely. And behind the stores is this Memorial Park that features a huge flag that always looks so stately (but lonely) that was blowing away behind him in the brewing storm. Only One Around The dark clouds were rolling in That big flag was flapping in the wind He ran his fingers through his hair As he flicked his cigarette under his chair Feeling restless in his own boots H...
It seems to me that work is just in the way: Ok so here is a question when a musician is on a quest to be someone in music does he keep a day job that pays the bills and focuses on music or does he work up the corporate world in case plan (a) does not work, because it seems almost imposible for me to stay in my current position at work and focus on music, im back to putting in 60+ hours a week and since im a salaried employee i don't get crap for it.... and that leads to depression cuz i dont have time to write music.......
1000 con hạt giấy : Co những mon qua thật đơn giản nhưng chứa đựng biết bao chan tinh. 1 chang trai đa gấp 1.000 con hạc giấy tặng người anh yeu. Mặc du luc đo anh chỉ la một nhan vien quen trong c.ty, tương lai chẳng co vẻ gi sang lạn nhưng họ vẫn luon rất hạnh phuc ben nhau. Rồi cho đến một hom người yeu của anh noi rằng nang sẽ đi Paris, sẽ khong bao giờ con co dị...
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