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There will always be embedded in the ground beneath our feet, treasures lost, good as gold, a little hope for
artist: Leanne Bugat
This is an acoustic song that is gentle yet powerful at the same time. It is a wish or a prayer.
artist: Daniel Waite
A pretty acoustic finger picking guitar song featuring 6 and 12 string guitars.
This is 90 seconds of quick instrumental to show how badly Scotland the Brave, which is a pretty lousy tune, c
artist: walter comer
title: In America
Freedom comes at a very high cost in this world. I'm very thankful that some of my ancestors were willing to p
artist: Matt Garwood
Mic fuzzed funky on this one, too... ignore and dig the song :) It's about the dual nature of the regenerated
artist: Annick
Mediaval Accapella love song
artist: Jes Karper
You be my Angel, I'll be your Angel, We're all Angels
artist: Mark Ellis
A Folk song. Ispired by a love for the natural beauty that surrounds us, and an ever increasing loathing of ma
artist: Chris Bayne
Acoustic country/folk tune with vocal.
From the CD Live At Woodland Park...Horticulture Theraphy helps many people with Illnesses and handicaps....Th
artist: Bow Triplets
title: John Ball
From Bow Triplets' new CD 'Fair Play to You', audio release in August 2006. By Sydney Carter
artist: Jak Kelly
A tribute to a friend
Man and Woman is a true story about the ups and downs of a relationship.
artist: Tanya Thicke
title: If I Tried
Asong by Jessica Harp. This is my little version of it. Austin McAvany recorded it.
artist: Chairs
Inspired by Riley Baugus.
title: Pixie
Song about a woman - in touch with nature.
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Hope for rain
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Spaced off me face: DebEspace Duo New Recordings Audio link SPACED Audio new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 video links SPACED Video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 There's Goes video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 Father Jack video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011 Baby Insane video new recording DebEspace Duo produced by Lucian 4/6/2011
Sister Phyllis
The Bible Contains Gods Roadmap : You are in the driver's seat, but God is holding the map.The Word of God contains all the directions we need to know the Savior and how to live for Him It contains the salvation plan and what steps to take to be saved Read it , study it and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what the scriptures are saying to you as you read Gods word . Read teh Book of Acts Everything you need to get saved is found in that book....
Rosie Clare
This Table: A poem (now a song by Jamey Darnold) I wrote about recovery. Jamey get's all the credit for the music and vocals. This Table Nicotine and strong caffeine, twelve steps on the walls. This band of brothers understands, no judgement in this hall. The smoky rooms, all yellow stained, are filled with open hands. As equals tell their shames and dreams, and pray for promise lands. Together at this table, our guilty hearts confide. With choked up voices and little choices, we feel so damned & blind. For here we leave the fog behind, and learn to ride the tide. And once again we’re whole ...
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