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artist: Kevin Miller
title: Midnight Boy
A cowboy loses his horse in the high country, and has to say goodbye.
artist: Blazes
title: Murphy's law
Irish style folk instrumental..
Written for the daughter of a dear friend.
artist: Mark Wheeler
Visitor, church,do we acknowledge those among us and reach out to lem withGods love
artist: John (UK)
A beautiful song by Anthony John Clarke, hope I do it justice!
A song that says 'Good Bye' to a friend.
a lovey dovey song
artist: Eric Velasco
This is a new song that I wrote in about five minutes just noodling around on my Santa Cruz D12. Recorded lat
artist: Don Peters
title: Annabelle
Gillian Welch cover
artist: Kim Osburn
Often when I look in the mirror, I think 'What a mess!' But when God the Father looks at me, he says 'There's
artist: Mick Martin
This tune was written by Son House
melodic and haunting instrumental
Tribute to the late great Jimi Hendrix
title: Wilderness
This is the story of my great-great-great grandfather who volunteered to serve in the Civil War in his son's p
Acoustic Praise Song
Listen what the cold wind said: the man of the mountain's gonna see you dead. And you won't be the last ...
About growing up and finding where you belong in this wonderful world.
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Swiss Frankie
I Gotta Eat *16 New Beats Added*
New School
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Rosie Clare
Cornbread & Cobbler: Cornbread and Cobbler In black iron skillets Work boots and dungarees Hung by the door A rusty old pick up With torn leather lining Inside lays messy With smells of fresh hay Memories and mountains of mellow lost ways Memories and mountains of mellow lost ways I see the mountains And they take me right back To my home in the hills Down the holler a ways With smells of Maws cookin’ Paws dirty ole ashtrays Its homey, it’s earthy It’s much simpler days A river rock chimney Is lined with the birds They soak up some warmth Of the crack-ling fire-wood I poke the logs qui...
It's Been a Good Week!: They say to get a little gain you must suffer a little pain..... Well we had an early snow and the power was out with no heat or water for 3 days before it was restored.... not nearly what the hurricane victims in Galveston and New Orleans but enough to make me realize how lucky I was., but it was cold with temperatures going down at night to the mid 20's..... But through all that "Lady of the Light" has gone to number 1 for the sixth time in a roller coaster ride at Neil Young's Living With War site. The Lady has been consistently in the Top10 for close to 10 months now....... Also here at ...
n b peace
yes: Ç쳌Ñ ÑaÒی ÏÔaae 쳌یÏÇ ssÑÏی¡ ÈÏÇae ÏÑ ÑÓیÏae Èa aÏÝÊ aaÝÞ ÈaÏی! Ç쳌Ñ ÑaÒی ÊaÏیÏÊ ssÑÏaeÏ¡ ÈÏÇae ÏÑ ÈÑÇÈÑÊ aeÇÊaÇaeaeÏ! Ç쳌Ñ ÑaÒی ÎیÇaeÊ ÏیÏی¡ ÈÏÇae ÞیaÊÊ ÈÇaÇÓÊ! Ç쳌Ñ ÑaÒی ÊÑssÊ ssÑÏaeÏ¡ ÈÏÇae ÈÇ Êa ÈaÏae aیÇÞÊ aی ÎaÇaÏ
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