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A song about a lazy day floating down the river.
artist: the delaware
my relation to a conversation i over heard in a check out line.
artist: ian T Hammer
Here is a new version of the aclamed track "Horse with no name" by neil Young, this is an attempt at a mordern
artist: Mike Nobel
In Tribute to the Innocent Victims of War
artist: Bob Leslie
This is all true except he called me Lurch (anyone who can make a song with the word "Lurch" in it is welcome
title: Gypsy Song
Dance with the Gypsy Lad... In a land full of henna and vibrantly colored souls...
artist: abode
track 04, one of the first songs written for this album, and was recorded and then ported over to a different
artist: Tom Kerswill
This has the elements of a love song but... well, isn't just a love song. In some ways an ode to modern life,
title: Beloved
This is a romantic duet based on the biblical book, Song of Solomon. It has a beautiful saxophone part, intri
artist: Leo Dean
Damn! I wish I was in Key West
A song about life in a northern Ontario mining town.
artist: Jack Cooper
title: Little Child
Solid acoustic groove. Just a little quirky.
artist: Rob Lincoln
In honor of the drummer who died at aged 19. A couple of lines can be improved still.
title: Whim-Pay
This song is a Popeye Parody about what credit cards can do to ya~
title: Bad Signs
Some societal prejudices never die :)
Cut #5: "Always One More Smile" - Instrumental Electro-Acoustic piece from 'Last Warm Morning', the Fourth and
artist: David Bazo
An acoustic lullaby to heal the pain, to transmit peace, and to offer shelter to the inner darkness. Featuring
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
BCreations Designs: The new bcreations website is coming soon. I will be selling cell phones, album designs and much more for low prices. Right now the site is in constrution and will be finished by June 24,2007. For more information call : 260-249-1125 from 10am-7pm Or E-mail me at:
bard of ely
Pic of my beard in BBC news story: Saturday night I was trying to get a BBC news story as a potential candidate for a moustache and beard festival in the UK and was in touch with someone called Dawn who wanted more photos for a possible slideshow. Great, I thought - I am going to get a story and I sent a whole lot of pics! But then Sunday I was in touch with another BBC writer called Susanna who said she couldn't use what I had sent because I wasn't actually in this year's festival but that I should enter for next year! Now this morning I have just had an email from some friends to tell me they saw my pic, so looks like I went ...
Music in the 21st Century: You may want to create a career in the entertainment industry and you don't know how to. If your like most people today you'll jump on the internet and start googling away searching for the websites and companies that have will have you filling out endless forms just keeping track of the usernames and passwords can be overwhelming let alone loading up your music. Placing your music on every new hip slick and cool site that promises to make you famous is the fastest way to losing your way and getting discouraged that I can think of....
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