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An intimate and touching song. Solo voice and piano.
artist: anne davis
a true 'singer/songwriter' soul-baring ballad with textured vocals backed by acoustic guitar and acoustic upr
artist: Doug Hell
DOn't ever turn your back on your friends unless you are convinced he/she is truly an Eddie Haskell. Sometime
Poem by English Author Mary. E Coleridge
title: Washed Up
Closer to country or bluegrass than most of my stuff. But everybody liked the feel of it so it went on the al
artist: Rick Droit
Political Parody song that Chronicles the 2016 Election and the 2017 fallout afterwards, Russian involvement e
artist: SLLrecords
A More Raw Song About The Need For Progress
artist: Lex Zaleta
Another of Bret's acoustic gems
artist: Tony DeLecce
A new song testing my New Taylor 814 CE . Started out introspective and then turned into a message to the y
From the album "John Barleycorn Lives Again". This is a traditional folk song about 'hard hearted' Barbara Al
artist: Mamby Pamby
title: Haley
Kind of a CSI type thing. About two runaway kids. Haley is the deceased and the singer is angry. She is imagin
title: CupFever1976
Written by my brother Richard and I following Southampton winning the FA Cup in 1976, and set to the tune of t
A folksy, Springsteen/Dylan-esque rewrite of an earlier song with the message about freedom and it's ultimate
artist: The Cracks
A new version of Maryland's state song.
title: Banshees
Song with orchestral background. See lyrics for the poem it is based on.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Sister Phyllis
sOMETHING TO PONDER ON : Three points: Jesus brought us out of sin Jesus brought in to Him self to save us and give us freedom from sin Jesus brought us in to do something for Him to have fellowship with Him , to love Him , and to win the lost to Him
Sister Phyllis
Prayer for Revival : I pray for revival among Your people STARTING WITH ME. Restore me Lord and wake me from my complacency so that I can spread Your great news of Salvation for ALL. I humbly ask Lord that You soften the hearts of Your people so they will freely yield to Your will and not be a hindrance as you preside over Your church and take charge completely. I pray Lord that as You clearly reveal Yourself, show mercy and compassion as You demonstrate Your overwhelming power and authority. Lead us, direct us, and teach us to intercede through prayer so that we can be used to rekindle the flame that ...
Gabe Stenziano
Travelin' Man: Posted a Ricky Nelson classic on a new page called 'gabe's covers '. this features my good friend, Tommy Knox, doing all the instruments. I added the voices. I'm going to try and get Tommy to open a page here at Soundclick. i had the comments section shut off but didn't know i had to turn it on. i just figured everyone thought it was bad! first time i tried a new artist page. oh well.
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