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Traditional American folk ballad somewhere between the styles recorded by Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan.
title: Communion
Meant to invoke medieval images with traditional instruments such as kantele and hurdy-gurdy, alongside modern
artist: RobbieJ
title: The Haunting
Written in 1999 to acompany a production of Romeo and Juliet
Rendering of a canoe trip to the northern park which my wife and I embarked upon early in our relationship.
artist: Chris Ward
A song adapted from the poem Angel of the North by Jackie Gleeson originally written for St Mary's Church, Wal
explorer shaped acoustic bouzouki
artist: Kevin Miller
After reading about the Sand Creek Massacre, and Chief Black Kettle, I wrote this song on his behalf. The lyr
This version is expertly rendered by SoundClick member Mark Hermann, a great singer, perfectly suited to this
Throws Himself from the Prince Edward Viaduct
Bart Branstetter and Paul Gorman recorded in a garage in Texas using a video camera microphone. Gorman: Vocals
artist: donnaspage
A kind of gentle folk/blues/gospel blend.
artist: OSCKILO
Internet Collaberation. London and Norway.
artist: dogbite
title: oh susanna
this song got stuck in my head now its out
a theological sing off between PIXIEPHONIC and JANE THE ANGEL, Live at the open mike Night, a version of Bongo
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
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kit mann
Spotlight Zone: Just wanted to know you can also find me on the Spotlight zone. You should check it out. It is ran by a man JJ. who is a big time artist. Another outlet to get your music listened to and rated by so many great artist. Here is the link. Stop in, sign up and get started. Kit
Don Peters
10 Years with Soundclick: I just noticed that it has been ten years since I discovered the SoundClick community and joined. It has been a lot of fun putting up my music and listening to yours. I think the opportunity to share our music beyond our own physical boundaries has been a very cool thing. Most of us on here are amateur musicians and mostly play local gigs. We have had a chance to listen to folks from all over the world and to be listened to by folks all over. We all listen to and model our attempt at music making from the pros. But the true magic of music is the ability it has to move all of us and to make us ...
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