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artist: Annick
Mediaval Accapella love song
artist: Jes Karper
I'm gettin' kinda tired and a little bit lonley livin' here in my broke down volkswagen wan
artist: Shane Pack
title: Let Me Stay
Song about trying to hate someone and it's not working
artist: The Rubrics
Did you ever wonder what a sex manual written by Euell Gibbons might be like? 'Wild hickory nuts'
artist: Terry Lewis
Mandolin Solo, in open D tuning
title: So Strange anybody here?
artist: Bow Triplets
title: John Ball
From Bow Triplets' new CD 'Fair Play to You', audio release in August 2006. By Sydney Carter
title: Hurricanes
I wrote this in the wake of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. It is not on our most current CD but you can pu
Bob,Tim, and Todd as special guests in Bethlehem Ct on April 8, 2006.
artist: Fred Stanton
Inspired by the wave of immigrant rights demonstrations.
title: Surrender
Dedicated to the 13 coal miners who lost their lives at the Sago Mine, Tallmansville, West Virginia
Man and Woman is a true story about the ups and downs of a relationship.
title: Simple Gifts
Just the Beautiful Beauty of the Simple Gifts From the Lord
artist: Ikenga
title: Ijo Faaji
Instrumental West African Folk Piece. Featuring "The Godfather" on Harmonica, Oscar Elimbi (Damon Albarn, Tony
title: Danny Boy
This song was written by an Englishman around the turn of the 20th century using an old Irish aire. It was pop
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*NEW* IDGAD (Lease for full version)
New School
Beat produced by SUPA PROD NYCE of EliteProducers. Contact ELITEBEATMAKERS@GMAIL.COM for exclusive rights info. Credentials include B.O.B THE GAME, KENDRICK LEMAR TYGA AND MORE!
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Michael Patteen
EPISTEMOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY: Epistemology: The Study of Knowing Nothing As a branch of Philosophy, epistemology is study of the origin, nature, means and limits of human knowledge. Epistemology is rooted in Greek Philosophy where “Plato used Socrates ideas to help create the field of epistemology.” (Havelock 1934) According to modern science, there are four perimeters for knowledge regarded as critical thinking which are falsifiability, logic, replicability and sufficiency. Critical thinking helps humans justify what they know. Cognition is similar to justifying what one knows through critical thinking. In other wor...
Celebrating Norway winning the European Song Contest: Yesterday (May 16) Norway won the European Song Contest with the great song "Farytale". To celebrate this, Homeless Balloon is giving away six tracks as free downloads:
that ko the tin noi !: Thật ma la mắc cười khi nghe những lời giả dối từ chinh miệng ngưoi yeu minh,bất chợt va thất vọng biết bao khi biet người luon noi yeu minh lại ko yeu minh,tất cả đều chỉ la giả dối thoi sao em ?vi sao em nỡ lam vậy với anh ?anh rất yeu em ma !"em co thể bỏ tất cả bạn be chỉ vi anh,anh quan trọng nhất đối với em,em yeu anh nhất,ko bao giờ em ko...
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