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title: Ata chonen
Jewish Spiritual - Juedisches Gebet; Sabina Paulss (vocal) Veli Mehmetoglu (all Instruments), homerecorded by
artist: Vince Fedele
title: I LIke
I Like What I Like is an acoustic song written by vince fedele, here is a jam of the same song . Mark Kauten O
title: Forevermore
life always has another surprise.
artist: Max Ford
Originally a poem by Fred Barrett. This song was written in September 2012. The proceeds from this song will
artist: Klaatu (CT)
This is a song inspired by an old theme of Neil Young's "Old Country Waltz" I remember that I liked so much.
artist: simonXAG
Simple strummed demo of new song.
artist: Kevin Miller
After reading about the Sand Creek Massacre, and Chief Black Kettle, I wrote this song on his behalf. The lyr
demoing a strat fitted with an acoustic pup in the bridge
Bart Branstetter and Paul Gorman recorded in a garage in Texas using a video camera microphone. Gorman: Vocals
"I woke up one morning and my wife didn't."
artist: Captain Blue
title: Lynch Picnic
The old summertime picnic with the family.
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THE MORNING AFTER /// (7/12/15)
Jazzy Beats
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
ANUBIS SPIRE-: Imagine... Imagine falling asleep in a golden age. Not an age of majestic pyramids and incredible empires but rather an age where individuality and self expression was king. An age when MUSIC had the power to transform and transfix. When veritable demi-gods and Lizard-kings strode the world stage and forever changed the planet with nothing more than poetry, a smouldering Stratocaster or two and the sweet dream of a limitless future. Now imagine waking to find in it's place a world hopelessly diminished and shriveled. A world where the powers that be have fostered the negative, self absorbed...
My life - MUSIC: So that "my life is music," and Mogo is to be something else entirely. First to know, my name is Slobdan Perovic, dealing with the composition, arranging, recording (in my music studio), as well as organizing international music festival for children and youth "musical corner-corner Musical," which is held in Zajecaru.Kao I am the author present at more festivals for children and youth, as well as some pop festivals, both in the country and abroad. Here's how it all pocelo.U childhood I attended a series of (elementary music school), and secondary music, then the High Music School in Sk...
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