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artist: Lokigui
When love goes bad your going to CRY.
artist: Paul Farnham
Composed by Paul Farnham. Paul Farnham: guitar, lead vocal. Brett Service: bass, backing vocal
artist: anne davis
title: dear nanny
an acoustic guitar ballad written as a letter, in loving memory to a dear precious lady who was just like a gr
artist: abode
track 01 on the album... begins with the same awkwardness that most of my albums begin with... stark, and empt
artist: Glennbo
title: Shovel Up
All Instruments - Glennbo
artist: Vince Fedele
title: I LIke
I Like What I Like is an acoustic song written by vince fedele, here is a jam of the same song . Mark Kauten O
One of our favorite coastal California areas.
A guitar duet of one of my favorite old Irish folks songs.
artist: Oblra
She's an Angel
artist: hank49
title: This Machine
All tracks MJ Redding. Right now it's four acoustic guitars, one bass and vocal. There's also a recent solo pe
A song that says 'Good Bye' to a friend.
An acoustic song inspired by the love I have for Candace,and the fire in her eyes!
melodic and haunting instrumental
Lyrics by Alan Gentle Photo by van swearingen on flickr, distributed under cc license Theme tune for Artemis
A song about the renewal of one's self.
title: The Ship
Atmospheric moodiness
artist: aaripper
Originally written by Stephen Foster in 1864. This is my arrangement of his piece. Many people will recognize
title: So Strange anybody here?
This is Acoustic R&B, Funk or HipHop maybe... It's me questioning how I got to where I am and when I am overwh
We are all one winged angels...needing each other to fly!
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Funk
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
I hope this works!: I just started writing songs about a year ago. I have about 10 songs but none that are what I would call finished. I'm hoping that this forces me to finish them and post them. I suffer from cheesy lyric syndrome. I always feel that my lyrics aren't strong and that the songs are not up to par. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm doing this for fun and who cares. We shall see.
I know its not the end of the world : Everyone has lost someone in their lives, and i think the process of healing starts with understanding the pain it caused, remember the good things and being greatfull about the good times... but of course remembering the lessons learned... well after meditating about this i wrote this song "Im greatfull" i think it pretty much says it all.... check it out on my music page any feedback is appreciated..... MenO...
flight: My father was a fighting pilot, he used to work for Vietnam Army. Bradford’s father was a fighting pilot too, he work for American Air Force. Both of us have memories with fighting jet’s images. Bradford and I want to build a model of a fighting jet with a form has been mixed from two different types of Jets: Mig 21 and F4 Phantom. Both types of these jets used to belong to contrary forces, and now when we have no more war, we would like to heal these contrary factors become one. All the conflicts and violence are appear from the mis-understanding, art helps us (Dao Anh Khanh, Bradford and ...
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