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artist: David Bazo
An acoustic lullaby to heal the pain, to transmit peace, and to offer shelter to the inner darkness. Featuring
artist: Klaatu (CT)
This is a song inspired by an old theme of Neil Young's "Old Country Waltz" I remember that I liked so much.
artist: nanci hobson
title: Red Pony
a song about doing what you've always wanted to do.
artist: Neil Fromm
title: 05 Lemmings
And we wonder how it all happened. The blind leading the blind.
artist: nevermet
bright and breezy folk song or the circle of life.
artist: Sue Bargh
You are my sunrise,You are gold,You are the yellow in my rainbow
artist: Stephen Berg
Just don't tell me what to do.
artist: Phil Bennett
I wrote this for my Dad who died in 1999.
artist: Zoetrope
Written for the Home Made Hit Show, which asked for girl's name related songs.
artist: hank49
title: This Machine
All tracks MJ Redding. Right now it's four acoustic guitars, one bass and vocal. There's also a recent solo pe
artist: Kurredutten
title: Durham Reel
Scottish traditional
artist: Poitin
A classic about the joys of Irish moonshine, Poitin!
VH1 Song of the Year - Honorable Mention2008/ Winner
artist: Jack Kennedy
In the eyes of your dog, you are perfect as you are. Doesn't matter who you are........
artist: John (UK)
A young miner is called up to fight in the first world war in 1915, just before he leaves, his friend calls to
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Beat 26 - Forget About It FOR SALE
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
My CD Long White Dress: Dear Friends: It is with great pleasure my CD “Long White Dress,” is now available to be purchased. This is possible because the CD has beenaccepted for marketing by and I Tunes. This CD contains 13 songs, each one different, ranging from love songs to topical, and each distinguished for its relevance to today. I hope that you will reach out to my music, and find enjoyment in my heartfelt poetry and song. Peace Marc Meyers I Tunes
Sister Phyllis
HAVE YOU: HAVE YOU Have you thought about the fact, that God knows what you need? Do you step aside in faith, and let Him take the lead? Have you prayed and asked Him, for the desires of your heart? Do you let Him take control, right from the very start? Have you read your bible, do you study everyday? Have you sought God's guidance, do you worship Him, do you pray? Have you been a shining light, for all of man to see? Do you share with others, that Christ died, for you and me? Have you been a witness, shared His life, and told His story? Will He say, "Well Done ... " when ...
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