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artist: Oblra
She's an Angel
I was young and wild. Drank a lot and managed to ruin my first two cars. Then I met my first Big Love. Thought
artist: hank49
title: This Machine
All tracks MJ Redding. Right now it's four acoustic guitars, one bass and vocal. There's also a recent solo pe
title: Poor Ted
A case of mistaken identity or an extreme instance of beer goggles. In these modern times, you gotta pay atten
artist: Fred Stanton
Inspired by the wave of immigrant rights demonstrations.
artist: Lokigui
When love goes bad your going to CRY.
This is a song about how life can trick you - even in paradise! It's the title song for the new Yard Dogs cd
title: Good For Me
You can still get a crush when you're over the hill!
Cut #5: "Always One More Smile" - Instrumental Electro-Acoustic piece from 'Last Warm Morning', the 3rd and Fi
The first of 2 acoustic variations of my song "Heavee Meddle Karma Sutra",done in a neo-classical-cum-Folk sty
Traditional arund tha doors like...
artist: Poitin
A classic about the joys of Irish moonshine, Poitin!
An acoustic song inspired by the love I have for Candace,and the fire in her eyes!
title: Wilderness
This is the story of my great-great-great grandfather who volunteered to serve in the Civil War in his son's p
artist: WillySunday
title: Peggy Legg
Great song by the very talented Terry Allen. Check out his CD's & buy some!
artist: J Matkala
title: Adeline
So, 'Adeline', this one's for you.
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Musical Drout: Why is it that this happens, i have no clue i remember a time not to long ago when i could write one song per day and now it seems like i barely pick up the guitar... im getting older!
China into the Future - song of the day and week - and free download!: My track "China into the Future" which is now a free download here at Soundclick, was chosen to be both song of the day and song of the week at Garageband. As you probably know, Garageband is closing their doors in July this year, as as it is. - Hope you take a listent to my track at my page! Thanks!
Sister Phyllis
HAVE YOU: HAVE YOU Have you thought about the fact, that God knows what you need? Do you step aside in faith, and let Him take the lead? Have you prayed and asked Him, for the desires of your heart? Do you let Him take control, right from the very start? Have you read your bible, do you study everyday? Have you sought God's guidance, do you worship Him, do you pray? Have you been a shining light, for all of man to see? Do you share with others, that Christ died, for you and me? Have you been a witness, shared His life, and told His story? Will He say, "Well Done ... " when ...
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