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UPDATED VERSION...Song written by 'eddys' at the Muse...don't yet know his real name. I read the lyrics and a
title: Free Tibet
A song for Tibetan Freedom recorded in 1994. Written in 1993 in the middle of Whanganui Inlet, low tide, Golde
artist: ABY THE BABY
title: maeri
this is a nice song...i love the feel wen i play this song....
title: Rain
Lyrics by Train Wreck Chad: music,vocals,arrangement by GADGETLAND MUSIC FACTORY
artist: Samain
title: Marrowbones
An upbeat traditional English song about attempted murder, murder and marriage. The usual sort of stuff :-)
artist: Mostly Piano
Guitar duet played on a 160 year old Martin Parlor (Gary) and a 71 year old Martin 00 (Pete). Pete has a resp
It's true love baby...
artist: Randy G
Basically a repeat of a song I previously uploaded except my wife Sally is on background vocals
artist: Leo Dean
It's about Palm Trees !!
artist: Mr Jones UK
title: Waiting
Cruisy little number kicking that little stone down the road
artist: Alex Kriukov
A reworking of Bittersweet Melody with vocals and lyrics by the very talented singer and songwriter Brandon Mi
Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair, everything else me. This is our tribute to the courage of the survivors of Katrina. A
NEW ORLEANS TRIBUTE - #1 @ COUNTRY-->COVER CHART as of 9/19/05! Oppss! I accidentally put this as "cover" song
artist: Sal Joseph
title: Groundless
Sal wrote this for his best friend, Jim Croce
title: Key West
Charlie wrote this song while freezing his ass off during the winter in Milwaukee and dreaming of a trip way d
artist: The Warrens
title: Utah Dust
Live in Richmond Vermont 7/23/2005, the Film Buzz series.
artist: Brent Evans
New and different (not really improved). Just pretend that those random low pitch noises are waves hitting th
title: Blue Moon
Solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement.
artist: Karl Robins
Song influended by a trip to Venice a couple of years ago. Played in a kind of country rock style.
This track is just a musical piece, only guitar and bongos. Recorded live, this is the darkest sounding song
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Will you be with me?"
Will you be with me when the winter comes? Will you stay by my side? And will you light the fire when the rain is falling?
gabe stenziano
Needles and Pinsa!: I was driving one day and the old Searchers song came on the radio. i immediately thought of Tony Delecce, kind of sounded like him playing on it. i told him about it and he suggested we record it. he's done ninety percent of the work. i got to play bass and sing harmony and had a blast doing it. Thanks Tony! give it a listen:
Blanket on the ground: ...
robert steven hunt
My Song is over: "My song is over", is my latest music composition for the piano keyboard, in the style of classical, film theme, easy listening music. It was released on 10/10/10. I really hope that you like the new music track. Greetings from England. God Bless!
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