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artist: Mira Shanti
Broken Heart? Who hasn't had one yet...
artist: John Prihoda
title: Hot Sauce
John's unique voice weaves a tale of a rainy day...with chips.
artist: Motil
title: Calm Down
I'll see you when I calm down...
"Who will cook for us? Who will take her show? Who will take her place? Let Martha Go. Keep her out of jail
artist: Chalice
A traditional hymn done with flute and guitar
artist: TJ McCloud
title: I Am
I Am- TJ McCloud- Kind of Life (2004)-
title: So Happy
just a song about how happy I am to be in love. It's really quite silly. The solo at the very end is jammin,
This is my own stuff. Its something i did when i was just messing around its an instrumental piece. I still ne
title: Set Of Four
Home for the holidays with the siblings. Some things never change.
artist: post420
A wimsicle walts.
Learned it from Roy Book Binder.
Great tune by Australian Scottish immigrant, Eric Bogle.
artist: Geoff Davis
Essentially an acoustic based song with astonishing violin work from Graham Smith with which to play out the
artist: Penny Black
The Vicar and The Frog - let two old Folkies into a studio with all those fun toys to play with and what do y
artist: Bard of Ely
My version of this classic trad. song recorded in the early hours at a studio in Bath & features Hawk on the s
artist: Gabby Young
title: numb
a depressing but very real dreamland song
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Pop
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Charles Cornelius Tyler
Acoustic Folk
"Love is here"
Sing the song so sweet to my ear. Love is here.
Sister Phyllis
Sabbath Online Worship Worship: Sabbath Online Worship Service Message [Over the next few weeks I will be doing a serious of messages on prayer how to pray for different things . This week we are focusing on how to pray for Revival]] How to Pray for Revival We have the solution to the world's need in our hands. The Lord has promised that if we meet the requirements, He will send the answer. Let us pray for revival. With famine, disease, wars, natural disasters, and chaos stalking the earth, the world is in desperate need. However, the world's greatest need is spiritual. The world needs Holy Ghost re...
It's me: About Rising Force.! Pascal grew up Under the influences (Hard Rock, Metal, Rock, Heavy Metal) played at home for a long time. Pascal had started a formation on his own with two other of his friends, which they called "Mystery" in the 90. After 3 years, the band broke up.... After 10 years "Mystery" became "Rising"with this new kind of Neoclassical (Yngwie Malmsteen) influence . They tried to recorded a length but that"Broke-up", During that time Pascal had started playing at home for a long time again with his best friends (Steven and Dom) they started playing with a Hard R...
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