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The String Band from Hell just finished up a year-long gig in Dis, which is why my clothes smell like sulfer.
artist: Jenny s
title: Spell
A love song about someone seeing you... the real you for the very first time.... its a song about being mesmer
Acoustic instruments...guitar, violin and vocal...a little touch of the ocean from a field recording.....nothi
artist: Jody Garner
'He runs with the wind, but wind always falls behind.....'
artist: dannozzz
title: Heart of ice
she never understood
artist: Craig Martin
title: Rop Bop
Song about the love, the pawn of a political movement.
artist: Chris Volak
An old Irish folk tune that crossed the water. It can be heard in Ken Burn's "The Civil War" and, bizzarely,
A acoustic song. Words by Richard "Breakfree" Anderson, music and performance by Svenni.
artist: DylanBrewer
title: Tired Wings
Acoustic Alternative Blues Folk Song
title: Walking On
About girls messing with your head
artist: Glen Shaffer
title: Song For Jay
Ballad with powerful words ,vocals and melody.
artist: Lisa
Easy laid back... just resign yourself to it kind of song, but with rich emotional undertones. Music by KMP (H
title: Just Pick'n
No Setup on this one, I just didnt want to go shopping at the mall with wife, and stayed home to goof around o
artist: Meredith Kay
title: And I
Enlighten me on my quest for knowledge, for freedom doth come with a fear of unknowing
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Sister Phyllis
WHO COULD RESIST A GOD LIKE THIS: When you have been called to work for God it can often times be difficult to gain your footing or remain standing strong when lifes storms begin blowing your way... (and they will because we are forever being tested and tried in God's refining fire) But Habukkuk chapter 2 says the vision though it tarries it will surely come .. We should keep believing. I just wanted to share my heart in saying that we serve a big, great, wonderful and all powerful God. A God who understands the heart of the matter. Last week I witnessed God opening doors on my behalf, granting me divine favor, even ...
kit mann
Music Update: Hey everyone, Holding on to the Night is now #28. She's climbing I'm glad that people like the song. Thank you all. Kit
Sister Phyllis
PRAYER FOR TODAY : I pray for revival among Your people STARTING WITH ME. Restore me Lord and wake me from my complacency so that I can spread Your great news of Salvation for ALL. I humbly ask Lord that You soften the hearts of Your people so they will freely yield to Your will and not be a hindrance as you preside over Your church and take charge completely. I pray Lord that as You clearly reveal Yourself, show mercy and compassion as You demonstrate Your overwhelming power and authority. Lead us, direct us, and teach us to intercede through prayer so that we can be used to rekindle the flame that ...
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