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"Castaway" is the lead single of my forthcoming new album due late 2016. The mid-tempo/uptempo song is dedicat
title: Wahari
Arquivo com algumas amostras do trabalho feito com a banda Wahari
artist: Jim Best
Sort of Le Blues du businessman if it had been written by Leonard Cohen
artist: Louis Lacey
Trekking through the Rain Forrest on a journey, in search of an ancient city... A city of ghosts and distant m
free form slide acoustic guitar w/heavy chourus FX / lots of FX's Spacey & Soothing
artist: DJ CHRIS JA
Chicka Bow is a song by Delroy "DYCR" Chandler, the original Jamaican Dubplate / Dub Poet.
artist: DJ CHRIS JA
Bleach & Tattoo is a song by Delroy "DYCR" Chandler, the original Jamaican Dubplate / Dub Poet.
"For The Love of Allah" is a refreshing Muslim Hip Hop Song with Araibic drum patterns and sounds. It is great
title: Mick Bastid
ShamRock make ya go ShamWoW! :) #HonkyFonk
Relax...peaceful sounds..
Found this track on ccmixter, and I've had fun making in from a Kate Bush piano epic to something approaching
This will become a backing track for a May Day celebration at work; probably will feature hula dancers.
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Instrumentals :: Rock
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Guccis Back
Hip Hop
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
NEW SINGLE I Am Minus One By Maze Car : Voxel Records is proud to announce the debut single release "I Am Minus One" by Maze Car. Maze Car started life as a drummer and engineer for bands in Glasgow UK, and can trace his family tree back to the likes of art pop masters Franz Ferdinand and lo-fi heroes Uresei Yatsura. Now, Maze Car is back in the studio concentrating on solo electronic pop projects, producing output that sits somewhere between Hot Chip and Add N to (X) on the genre's broad spectrum. Website: Music:
Geoff Westen's "I'm Not Crazy" Goes To Radio March 17: LOS ANGELES, CA - "I'm Not Crazy," the eponymous first single from Geoff Westen's April 7 release on Disturbing Music is going for adds on March 17. On INC, Geoff continues to follow his own musical muse, fearlessly traversing the line between PowerPop and PowerPunk. INC (the single) is one of the 10 songs (plus 2 alternative mixes) that make up his joyful pop-rock album. And it's definitive Westen - featuring his highly stylized Punkish Pop tracks. Westen's songs are drawn from observations made over the course of the eccentric, yet sophisticated life of the career artist and performer....
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