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Haunting chorus and bittersweet verses convey the tragedy of young love destroyed by terrorism in Mumbai India
From the Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
title: La Luvia
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
title: Shul Agra
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
title: Chukla
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
From The Book/CD "Mandolin Delights"
title: Lazy Ride
from 2nd Judgement Drums album, "First and Last Days" (2016)
artist: AWonSA II
title: BitCH!!
AWon $auce beats and instrumentals contact @SlimJim_Awon IG:awon_sense94 tmblr:UniluvAw
artist: AWonSA II
title: Lust-4-Life
AWon $auce beats and instrumentals contact @SlimJim_Awon IG:awon_sense94 tmblr:UniluvAw
New dancehall riddim (NONCHALANT RIDDIM) by Arioso Legato Music.
Highlanders, Lowlanders, French & Irish Pickets. Supported by Manchester Regiment - march into North West Engl
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
indian in the machine
Practice the science of deliberate creation - by Dieter Braun (India: Practice the science of deliberate creation - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) Dear world, My name is Dieter Braun. I was born in Canada but I live in Costa Rica for now. I am watching our manmade world collapse from paradise. I escaped Canada because I had noticed that canadians have turned away from God, and have given themselves over to antichrist energies and I wanted to create a better way of living for me. While the dramas of man and woman play themselves out all over the world due to turning away from God, I removed myself from those sort of environments so that I would res...
Dean Shoultz - "Cradle of Able":

With his six-string clenched firmly in his fist, guitarist Dean Shoultz is on the frontlines of a revolution to bring back instrumental rock. Fast-fingered licks breathe new life into a guitar-driven genre, once led by riffmasters such as Malmsteen, Satriani and Vai. "Cradle of Able" is one of the many tracks on his 5 free song EP off his latest CD "Suite Emotions." No vocals needed here. Shoultz's fingers do all of the proverbial talking with an orchestra of bass, guitars, and electronic drums adding to the conversation. The undulating wails of Shoultz's powerful picking make ...

MusicDishTV Presents "The Wind" by Dream Chemistry: Dream Chemistry's single "The Wind" finds nature to be full of music. The uplifting nature of the song is paired nicely with the beautiful landscapes shot on location in Arizona (one should expect nothing less). The sun is used several times in overlaid shots, adding additional symbolism to the rising sun and sun-drenched hills. The band is a colorful cast of characters, with long black hair or a straw hat and quirky looking instruments. They look as if they just appeared out of the desert dust, an effect reinforced by the opening scene where each instrument fades in, with the musicians' name ...
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