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artist: ETHNIPOP
Oriental hip-hop in lingua italiana - read translation words in English -
artist: Rinaldo
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title: Dreidel Song
Piano arrangement of the traditional and popular Jewish 'Dreidel Song'.
artist: Korma
title: Siyah Chaal
Farsi for "Black Pit"; referring to the dungeon where the founder of the Baha'i Faith was imprisoned. Wallace
artist: Klaatu (CT)
A caravan crossing the desert, and the ghosts of ancient travelers accompanying them on their long journey acr
All music hand played in on keyboard ,and all vocals sung and spoken by Countess Lekzee. All roads lead back t
Inspired by Mozart Instrumental - accoustic guitar duet. The song start slowly and has a dynamic finish.
artist: Aymant
joyful music for dancing
Evoking a viewing of the Euphrates in the early hours.
Imagine yourself driving a car or a motocycle across the dune of a the desert somewhere in the world under a b
artist: Naseem
An Oriental beat of mysterious arabia.
artist: alrisala
title: Ana Arfak
Ana Arfak, Ana Arfak, Ana Arfak
title: Anghang
Muhammad & Rajiv Soleiman Feat. Sahara.... Tunog Arabo.. Lasang Arabo... Amoy Arabo!!!!
this is a new song from the heart. telling you about what i lifes was like innit.
artist: Xelmorro
40 Dias en el desierto... Musica arabe para volar por tierras aridas...
"For The Love of Allah" is a refreshing Muslim Hip Hop Song with Araibic drum patterns and sounds. It is great
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Soundclick stuff: Fans of Soundclick musicians in general take note--I have started a second listening station 'Sweet Beauty'--this, like Pagan Heart, is a work in progress, so look for expansion as I find more works from the many very talented musicians of Soundclick.
old mans songs: Now playing: reptilebeats's station - my old mans songs ...
Pet Conspiracy In Oslo: Luxury Hotels & Prince's Cook :

"Here's looking at you, kid!"

Beijing's eclectro-punk rock band Pet Conspiracy just wrapped up their 3rd European tour, opening on Oslo on November 6th and crisscrossing the continent from Madrid and Luxemburg to Zurich and Frankfurt. The band recounts their first stop on the tour. Also check Eye on China for more pics from the Oslo show.

As the first stop of our European tour, Oslo impressed us all with a feeling of freshness. It's the first time that all the members of the band have visited Norway together. ...

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