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Tema inspirado en la playa de la costa Almeriense del mismo nombre. Monsul, inspired by the beach of the Alme
title: River
Soulful, a little sad, melodic
Written 10 years ago after the Asian tsunami, it's a co-write with Nad Sylvan of Sweden.
artist: Bole
a live 11 minute extravaganza recorded at the off the tracks festival in derbyshire using an acoustic guitar,
artist: Omkar
The first song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ...see song description
artist: JavaMusiK
Solo piano - first song recorded for 'Bending Chords. Recorded in one take. Highest position in Classical Cha
Open your mind - Discover the chakras
Based on the book "Dear Daisy" by Jane Marla VerDow Additional lyrics by Jane Marla VerDow Vocal : Barbara Hun
Marc sure does love them unicorns!
artist: Hj Rozman
Halal itu jelas. Haram itu jelas. Yang berada di tengah-tengah adalah Subhat. Apa maknanya perjuangan untuk me
Here's a song I love singing to...a native inspired song, with chant, big drums, with some techno bits... enti
artist: TUSK
artist: Evan Paul
A collaboration with the very talented multi instrumentalist Ed Drury, who plays the digeridu and percusion, w
artist: Duncan Wells
This is a song about a fiddle tune called, My Soul On The Other Side. It borders on gospel, but for me it's al
A country ballad about a waitress in a diner, who is longing for the open highway, and lamenting the missed tu
artist: Neon Egypt
title: Cairo Bazaar
Found here all things... Both seen and unseen, known and unknown
Title track from the VoGE album, Sage Upon The Wind
artist: Mark Brook
A sad song of a love that cannot be
artist: Ikenga
A soulful African Folk medley, The vocals being in the male choral style popular with several African Tr
title: Wintersong
A Celtic inspired song for winter solstice, featuring female vocals, piano and flute
artist: wmmusic
A lot of Musicians are feeling Lonely. Then they compose you the best Music they can make. They put al theyr f
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Akhordz Productions
They Know *NEW* (Self-sampled)
Beats General
3 for $30 lease| $45 leases with trackouts| contact me a for exclusive prices | TEXT OR CALL:2147158038
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Bill Wren
World General
""Winter Solstice: Between Heaven And Earth""
These are tracks 1 & 2 off the new concept album "Journey Around The Sun A Mayan Odyssey" The album takes you on a journey with music building up to the culmination of the Winter of 2012. For more details see
PanGaia Studios, Has Come To Life In Stockholm, Sweden: Los Angeles, CA - The innovative music recording company, PanGaia Studios, has come to life in Stockholm, Sweden, introducing an upscale and unique studio experience for top talent and recording professionals worldwide. PanGaia Studios' creator Geo Slam began his career as a professional session guitarist and producer for various studios in Sweden. He's now an accomplished international platinum producer, songwriter, and veteran member of multi-Grammy winning producer RedOne's music team. Geo has written and produced hits for the likes of One Direction, Jason Derulo, and more. Geo Slam says...
Mistake: A wrong click and i released the video "Soundcheck",so i lost precious comments left by favorite members for "SOUNDCHECK" ! ...Sorry
MusicDishTV Presents "Wake" By The Rift: The Rift's video and track "Wake" is a well-produced, highly entertaining surprise. The alternative band starts this high energy groove out with just a little guitar and percussion that is very laid back and mellow. After a small pause, they light the house up with a fiery sound of rock that is second to none. The video shows the band performing the song, and it is a high octane performance indeed, changing tempos at least twice. The lead vocalist has the perfect voice for this track and he hits the high notes with strength and in perfect tune. In fact, all of the band members play with passio...
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