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Dirty South
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Based on the memory of some recordings of guitar music from Zaire. Two 'rhythm' tracks from a table steel in C
artist: Bole
a live 11 minute extravaganza recorded at the off the tracks festival in derbyshire using an acoustic guitar,
artist: DinaMusic
It's a song about a girl that strongly connects with the desert because she feels she learns life through what
title: River
Soulful, a little sad, melodic
artist: Evan Paul
A collaboration with the very talented multi instrumentalist Ed Drury, who plays the digeridu and percusion, w
artist: ETHNIPOP
NEW! MODERN ARABIAN testo in italiano - read translation words in English -
Marc sure does love them unicorns!
Here's a song I love singing to...a native inspired song, with chant, big drums, with some techno bits... enti
artist: Omkar
The first song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ...see song description
artist: Cosmos II
Humorous song in Russian that compares Russian wives with wives from other countries
artist: JavaMusiK
Solo piano - first song recorded for 'Bending Chords. Recorded in one take. Highest position in Classical Cha
A country ballad about a waitress in a diner, who is longing for the open highway, and lamenting the missed tu
title: Wintersong
A Celtic inspired song for winter solstice, featuring female vocals, piano and flute
artist: Ed Drury
title: Gulla
From The Ugliest Duckling, see for details
Acoustic Pop ballad with piano and vocals **Being yourself is being free**
artist: TUSK
artist: Ziggophon
title: Eastlandisch
Song for challenge November 2011
Based on the book "Dear Daisy" by Jane Marla VerDow Additional lyrics by Jane Marla VerDow Vocal : Barbara Hun
artist: Hj Rozman
Halal itu jelas. Haram itu jelas. Yang berada di tengah-tengah adalah Subhat. Apa maknanya perjuangan untuk me
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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The Cratez
Paradise l Drake x Tory Lanez l No Samples
Beats General
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Black Widow Welder: Black Widow Welder I am a welder Not an alchemist I am interested in the blend of common elements to make a common thing No magic here Only the heat of my desire to fuse what I already know exists. Is possible. We plead to each other we all come from the same rock ignoring the fact that we bend at different temperatures that each of us is malleable up to a point. Yes, fusion is possible but only if things get hot enough all else is temporary adhesion, patching up It is the intimacy of steel melting into steel, the fire of your individual passion to take hold o...
Singer/Songwriter Explores the Mind of Lee Harvey Oswald on New EP:

What songs play in the mind of an assassin? On his new EP "Acoustic Evidence," singer/songwriter Laslow Simplex takes a dangerous journey through the mind of a cold-blooded killer: Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Sung entirely from Oswald's point of view, these six songs roll through landscapes of country, folk-rock, jazz, and Americana, examining the life and thoughts of America's most notorious murderer.

Simplex sings of the many people Oswald was during his brief life: high school dropout, indifferent Marine, failed S...

Down the Drain Chuck Mix by Alexis Fox :

Down the Drain Chuck Mix by Alexis Fox

On "Down The Drain Chuck Mix", Avant pop singer Alexis Fox uses her unique, sensual and powerful voice to turn this tune with a big band sound that's mixed with dancehall/pop into a great finger snapping, head bopping song that's fun to listen to. Fox does a great job with both the solo and multi-voice harmonies and the big band sound is fantastic. Ve...

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