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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
Nathaniel 'Notes'
"What Kind of Man - Nathaniel Notes & Tony Sway"
Nathaniel "Notes" is a new R&B artist from Northern California. Nathaniel is currently in the process of recording his debut album Emotions & working on his mixtape. What Kind of Man is the first track off his album, a song he recorded with his..
HOPE: I hope i can become a singer me an my cuz was think about it an he was like we can be a group an i was like is this it because he is going to this place to see can he become a singer if he do GOOD he will have .. then the next day he was like i want to do it by my own i was like why did you say we was going to be a group i was all an to it
my bro.: the whole reason i signed up for this thing was to help promote my bro kilo. he's a really deadly role model and mc. i want him to beat out souja boy. cuz personally.. soulja boy sucks and he's only in it for the money and cares nothing about the industry. if i ever seen the guy in person i'd probably punch him. i'm sick of hearing re-do's of his gay as song all over the place. people really need to realize what REAL music sounds like. Kilo makes real music.. check him out!! >>>> Kilo306...
Dark Productions
get in where you fit in!: noticed many many many many artist placing there music in the wrong categories ..... wanted to break out of my genre and listen to some other artist just to find the same stuff ..... dirty south beats in the classical category rap in the techno category ?? don't know if this is a new problem or what but its kinda wack!
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