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artist: Jim Stotts
like also goes 4 D ole bones(comes 2 fixin' & healin')//with degrees of different Master builders---here hear.
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon on John 1:6-8, 19-28 by Rev Roger Prehnand Guest tenor Soloist Brian Rodriguez sings "This is the Recor
Going thru files from 2012 to now - I will put up relevant concepts - I hope luv susa
artist: Jim Stotts
staring out my grey bay window looking at my wiggly thongy reclined sofa toes;so hear here goes//how you see i
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Second Week of Advent 12-07-14 Mark 1:1-8 "John the Baptizer". Pastor - Rev. Roger Prehn. Org
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the First Week of Advent Mark 13:24-37 " Prepare for His Second Coming". Pastor - Rev. Roger Prehn
artist: Jim Stotts
priorities/ what's important//here hear stick around---hang N there my friend
artist: Jim Stotts
problems & causes come & go but bonds forever stay; n a quiet 4 a lighter weigh: we would pray//we knew it was
artist: Jim Stotts
like an antique "Picker" with enough insight 2 save what's valuable; & how old photo's R even much more precio
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for Twenty-Third Week of Pentecost. Matthew 25:14-30 "Use your talents". Pastor - Rev. Roger Prehn. O
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theresa loder
Steal Away: While no one's watching Steal away Down the canal And out to the bay Floating on dreams and memories Carried by A soft summer breeze While puppy dog clouds Come drifting by Against a panoramic sky Destination still unknown Nevermind The world's your home
A Late White Christmas: Hi fam I hope you all enjoyed the snow as much as I did here in Atlanta. Go figure! Hope al of your dreams are coming true this year. Still working hard and must update my site soon. New things for the New Year. Comment back, I enjoy reading tham. Love Blackbeauty1
Per sept shun: As I look around the world, I’ll tell you what I see, STD’s lookin back at me, As I look around the world, I’ll tell you what I see HIV lookin back at me, But you consumed with the trendy fads and the gadgets, while the rest of the world’s at war, Now that’s tragic… Children, tears, poverty, fears, Millions of seeds have been destroyed every year, But hypocrites flip da script, Now whatcha say to that, Stab my back just for stating the facts, about how I feel just for keeping it real, I’m known for packing truth like ganstas pack steel, Learn da game, redirect da blame, Politrici...
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