Jeffrey Rashad
'Purple Dreams' Bryson Tiller x OVO x Drake Type
Trap 2017 and beyond R&B heat. Top 40 SMASH potential with this and others on my page. **High Quality Production** *All Genres* @Jeffrey_Rashad Contact:
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My song lyrics are quite poetical--so today I have a new category--Song as Poem. I've orally interpreted my so
A sermon on our "Our Calling in Conflict"
My song lyrics are quite poetical--so today I have a new category--Song as Poem. I've orally interpreted my so
artist: Jim Stotts
pa tic'd me off that he didn't take care of his old fashioned ticker//sure miss him a lot(that"late Bob Stotts
artist: Jim Stotts
all it took was a few stirred feathers 2 see that we had us a new close & new neighbor right outside of R Bay
artist: Jim Stotts
a house a castle(etc. etc. so on & so forth); 2 each his own what's a matter of what's worth---4 better or wor
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Instrumentals :: Mid West
*(Free D/L on* Live Guitar! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! Contact: for exclusive rights. 75 BPM Collaboration with SinVstyle
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Rest in peace: As a musician I have never struck it rich in anyway that I could safely live comfortably for the rest of my life like Michael Jackson, so I will continue playing music without stress or bother, because that’s what I love doing best. I’ve never met this superstar before, but one night I had a dream that myself and Michael Jackson were sitting on top of a great big high industrial chimney over a city, chatting together as we both looked far out into the distance. As a musician How much fame? How much fortune? How much ego? How many times do you want the human race to tell you that they lov...
Basic Tenets : I guess, I got forced into a corner, and as I always say nothing is an accident,and meant to be.. So this may the time I have to start doing something aside the musical enchantation.. So why not.. This High Priestess, has been waiting long enough on that throne of wisdom.. its time to Awaken the Dead.. ( which means the Heart in Spirit and teach the mind to start thinking on its own) Here are some Basic Tenets of Wicca. 1. Know Yourself 2. Know your Craft 3. Learn. 4. Apply knowledge with wisdom. 5. Achieve balance. 6. Keep your words in good order. 7. Keep your thoug...
Wedding news: - Dear friends, we would like to share with all you that next Fryday, Sept 18, we will get married. Wishing you the very best, Zozimo and Adriane.
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