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artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Nineteenth Week of Pentecost 10-5-15. Mark 10:2-16 "As a little child" - Rev David Rike Piano
artist: Jim Stotts
a wreck of a deal when last straw call the tow bros.
Go ahead, chat about Me. I'll chat about you.
artist: Jim Stotts
as I recall/ how I remember pa(dedicated with love)
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Eighteenth Week of Pentecost 9-27-15. Mark 9:38-50 "Cut it off" - Rev David Rike Piano - Brian
artist: Jim Stotts
bad news spreads fast/ cancer the killer(sometimes all U can do is pray); pick pic/me on left older sis on the
artist: Jim Stotts
I remember when I used to say"it's all a matter of time"; and how it came 2 an end
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Seventeenth Week of Pentecost 9-20-15. Mark 9:30-37 "Jesus claims us in his own arms" - Rev Dav
artist: Jim Stotts
that was the loudest & closest bolt near R house/ that shook the foundation & rattled R pipes---glad that tall
artist: Jim Stotts
sources & resources; comes from within(my friends/begin 2 the end)
artist: Jim Stotts
open for interpretation;like/ what happened??
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Sixteenth Week of Pentecost 9-13-15. Mark 8:27-38 "Who do you say that I am?" - Rev David Rike
artist: Jim Stotts
what I was taught & drawn 2; Amen
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: R&B
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"It's My Time": Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. It's time to go after whatever your dream is . Everything is possible if you believe and apply yourself. What are you waiting on? Peace Pierre McKisic
charles gichane
CGNews GET HIGH BE. LIGHT. STAY HUMBLE. : The 1st thing God does is say, 'Let there be Light' (Lucifer is the Light - the Sun of the Morning) All Creatures, including Man and Woman, were Slaves/Sheep/Obedient/Blind Followers of God The Fruit (teaching) that Lucifer gives the woman, 'opens her eyes' before this time, God kept them 'blind and naked' to what they really looked like. Following their God, meant they had no Self Awareness. They didn't question Authority. Lucifer, represents the Independent Thinker, Self Made Leader, The Future Progression of all Things. Just like the Sun in the Morning is the 1st thing seen com...
Song: Some 1 like You : By the Wizard of Melody, Myradin About the song For Kala....The inspiration behind the lyrics of this song. Lyrics Wondering if that perfect smile Is just meant for me The light above when it shines in your eyes Makes me feel so alive (Cast that magic) Chorus The way that I feel makes it easy to reveal what I need from you But if that chance that I had If it's ever coming back I need someone to pull me through Some 1 like U To cast magic in the air This destiny that was made for me Is not meant to be I find it hard to regain what I've lost and I'll ...
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