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SUPER FLAME! OLD school mix with new school, west coast vibe. Only $9.99 for the Standard Lease. Contact O.E. @ oethahitmaka@gmail.com for Exclusive pricing.
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A fresh, new poem. Words are by Vic Zarley, music, Dan O'Connor from Danosongs.com, entitled, "Copper Mountain
artist: trinitychoir
Service for the Sixth Week After Pentecost Sunday 7-20-14 (9:30). Matthew 13:24-30,36-43 "Sow the Seed", Rev J
A fresh, new poem. Words are by Vic Zarley, music, Kevin Macleod from Incompetech.com, entitled, "Cut and Run"
A fresh, new poem. Words are by Vic Zarley, music, Sajtrus from Jamendo.com, entitled, "Night."
A fresh, new poem. Words are by Vic Zarley, music, Bane Djakovic from Jamendo.com, entitled, "Afternoon."
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
Live Guitars! $24.99 Lease!! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! Contact: 4Klassix@gmail.com for exclusive rights. 75 BPM
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Free The Senses Annals of an Assassin XXX Love
Music Talk
He caressed his throbbing male member. He stroked the tender flesh! Get the story behind the members of the bandthe poems, LYRICS and instrumental music. Get the ebook UNCENSORED KNIGHT & DON by authors Christina J. Easley as C. Sexton.
KNOWN Magazine
PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM @ the V-103 Car & Bike Show: PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM Promote Your Album at the V-103 Car and Bike Show Expecting 35000 - 40000 Guests DEADLINE MAY 28th 2008 Total Cost: $250.00 *This Amount Pays for Promotion of Your CD in our booth area & Distribution on the floor Covered By one of our promotional Models. Images of the Event will be posted along with images of your set-up. Call to Reserve Your Spot: Aisha Edwards - 404.963.6734 -OR- Email: knownmagazine@gmail.com If you would like to have extra Posters/Flyers Printed/Created Just let me know. I will need all details on what you would like to have done b...
In memory of a dear friend Joey Blackman.: Moment Of Happiness If happiness only lies In a place we don't exist And only future days Are one's we miss If satisfaction never comes And dreams are unattained Then you sacrificed your happiness And only you're to blame The moment that we're living Should be lived with no regret Don't let reaching for the future Have you to obsessed Find happiness ,While you have your health, I always told you. The evidence from pleasing others is You may not please yourself. Joey I've known you 21 yrs since we worked together @ C.C.M and I so sorry you couldn't find you...
Created by: Eniz T www.sondclick/enizt enizstudwell@yahoo.com WE CALL THEM MOTHER (a famine seed) I want to tell you about a story I heard You see Wisdom spoke to me yesterday, and told me of a, sparkle she created Designed…… out of her own essence It was soft and beautiful, gentle and graceful She wrapped it in soft white feathers And call it a dove……………. She cherished this dove; nurtured her…….. Wisdom gave her, the secrets of contentment She cultured her, with the knowledge of flight…….. So the dove could soar….. Above the pressures... The thoughts……… Wisdom w...
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