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artist: trinitychoir
Service for the Eleventh Week of Pentecost Saturday 8-23-14 (5:00). Matthew 16:13-20 "Who do you say I am?l",
Angelica Stevenson is bringing some amazing insight to the term "black" Special thanks to Nate Edwards for hel
This is a freestyle poem to a music score. I wanted to encourage people because I've been seeing so much nega
The words of this old poem found in the public domain, are anonymous, the music is by Josh Woodward and is ent
title: Psalm 23
A dramatic reading of the 23rd Psalm with background music from Zino entitled "Moonlight Gaze" found at Jamend
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theresa loder
excerpt from a poem I wrote ...about resetting your rhythm: Where water meets the sand /nature strums a tune/that so much is a part of us/ connected by the moon/ many come from far and near/ just to come and sit/ in silence as we ponder/ how we are all a part of it
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