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artist: Drumnjon
A wild "take" about online events..... :) Yommy Loosman with Drumnjon
title: Music Box
Theme-Father gives daughter Music Box for her Birthday
Music and arrangement by Aurora Haze- recording by Ray leonard
I created this track for myself to raise my vibration.
title: If only
Allows U to escape the problems of the world, even if its only in your mind.
artist: Jim Stotts
call it puppy love or adults N bloom(sooner or later/comes to a move)/cut little love tune
Scripture narration with Harp accompaniment tuned in 528 Hz for calming, healing, soothing, peaceful listening
Show at Hyatt in Cambridge Boston with Black Ice Hosting it
artist: Jo Ann Gray
title: Crazy Luv
Joetry - Spoke word with an R&B twist
artist: Nobta
Performed by NOBTA
artist: Culture VI
A Culture VI Experience with Masta Ace. A conversation with a Brooklyn legend hosted by Culture VI CEO/Founder
artist: Tad Winklarz
This is the extended version of a song titled 'Shakyamuni' from the Karma Wheels C.D. by Cybermonkey. The text
Santa enters his workshop and finds ELFY working on a special gift....
yeah check his single I Need Cake right on this page
The BEATLESEX Story. A 12 Chapter Talking Album.
artist: Numi Who
Musical rendition of the Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken" the_road_not_taken_inst_01
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Cup Of Music
Instrumentals :: R&B
22,99$ for MP3 Lease. Contact for Exclusive Rights and any production inquires/questions:
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Aetherius Society: Since 1955, The Aetherius Society has continued to bring forward a revolutionary concept that includes past civilizations upon Earth, life beyond Earth, and other realms around Earth; all of which have a direct impact upon our lives today despite being either misunderstood or completely ignored.Discover more about these cosmic concepts, and learn how you can integrate yourself with the real and rapid changes taking place upon our world, website. Click on the "Media" link....
dads pic: Dads picture on the wall has a never ending life His eyes are always moving as he watches all of us a promise infinity Momma framed it for all yrs before but all tears were never cried He's still with our family though we've grown up and apart there's still love, sincerity Dads looks never change as he watches over me I love that grand ole picture though he's lived more years than I have His love still embraces me Dads picture on the wall til we meet in heaven Your Daughter Amy always and forever....
I’m so glad so glad that He gave me...THE GIFT TO WRITE!! : Leave your doors unlocked and let homewreckers like Snow White come in. I'm back with another one of my underrated, commented, and I'm guessing viewed blogs. I'm not going to sing it, I'm fixin to bring it. So as we all know, we lost Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes. Bernie was one of the best comedians of all time. He definitely left his mark in the business. He will be missed. Issac Hayes was a funk legend. Known for the theme to Shaft. Also known as Chef from South Park. Let me say this about Hayes. He had to be one of the biggest hypocrites for leaving South Park as he did. He left because th...
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