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artist: Drumnjon
A wild "take" about online events..... :) Yommy Loosman with Drumnjon
Show at Hyatt in Cambridge Boston with Black Ice Hosting it
artist: adamms
title: the Dictator
The Great Dictator
artist: Jim Stotts
hard to believe how a first date can B all that breath takingly great//believe me it was(like with tea plunge)
artist: Nobta
title: Dream Away
1st 2 verses: Matthew Juarez; 3rd verse and hook: L00P3RMAN
artist: Tad Winklarz
title: Invocation
Lisa Turner - voice Marlon Kempmann - voice
artist: Eddy West
BJ & EDDY first radio interview with BBC's Ryan Morrison With the track Victory!
title: Music Box
Theme-Father gives daughter Music Box for her Birthday
artist: Psoemetry
This is a piece that describs the making of my first CD.
'Our Great Heroes' written by Ed Gowens and Tom Tripp. Performed by Tom Tripp and Donna Ray. Produced by Echot
artist: Grime Lab
title: Intro A
Intro A serves as a raw uncut acapella speaking about conflicts in a conscious mind in today's world. With no
artist: HittSquadron
revolutionary HipHop Banger. For inquiries please contact hittsquadstudio@gmail.com or call 407-355-0946
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Gangsta
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! $24.99 for the non-exclusive Lease! Contact: vstylesin@gmail.com for exclusive rights.
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KNOWN Magazine
PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM @ the V-103 Car & Bike Show: PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM Promote Your Album at the V-103 Car and Bike Show Expecting 35000 - 40000 Guests DEADLINE MAY 28th 2008 Total Cost: $250.00 *This Amount Pays for Promotion of Your CD in our booth area & Distribution on the floor Covered By one of our promotional Models. Images of the Event will be posted along with images of your set-up. Call to Reserve Your Spot: Aisha Edwards - 404.963.6734 -OR- Email: knownmagazine@gmail.com If you would like to have extra Posters/Flyers Printed/Created Just let me know. I will need all details on what you would like to have done b...
charles gichane
CGNews GET HIGH BE. LIGHT. STAY HUMBLE. : The 1st thing God does is say, 'Let there be Light' (Lucifer is the Light - the Sun of the Morning) All Creatures, including Man and Woman, were Slaves/Sheep/Obedient/Blind Followers of God The Fruit (teaching) that Lucifer gives the woman, 'opens her eyes' before this time, God kept them 'blind and naked' to what they really looked like. Following their God, meant they had no Self Awareness. They didn't question Authority. Lucifer, represents the Independent Thinker, Self Made Leader, The Future Progression of all Things. Just like the Sun in the Morning is the 1st thing seen com...
Open Spaces By Eniz T Beyond the rhythms underneath the beat , Deep within me Overflows the rivers of melodies As streams of thought within my mind Here I sip the sweet nectar of notes That captures the music. It purifies me with its soft whispers How lovely they cascade down my thoughts Only to rise again, arresting my heart strings Pulling at all my senses Yes…… Vibrations elevating me To higher plans of being………… So...
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