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A little Halloween story.....Whaaaahahahahahaha !!!! Special thanks to Lonnie Davis (my daugther), Anna, Emma
Santa's Workshop has a special visitor... Theme song 'Angel's We Have Heard on High' Production by Kurt Lewis
artist: Zythum
A little bedtime story for adults I guess.
For the 2013 CBC Halloween Challenge. Listen with headphones in a dark room.
(updated file - it became corrupted on SoundClick's server). Musical rendition of the 1942 story by Janette Se
artist: Girardey
original dedication to Muhammed Ali
title: No Mojo Cure
New Orleans history with a seasonal twist.A good reference search is "Winter in New Orleans,season1912-1913".
I take you to a local glory hole and make you serve.
A Singing talking rascal teddy asking to go to Bible School with his papa bear
artist: Ed Thomas
A Childrens story, Narrated by Ed Thomas
artist: Buck Helton
A humorous account of Charlie Goodnight's first venture in the cattle business...
title: a pony
Talk with music specially tailored to fit the mood, which happens to be kind of dark. Metaphor of the "cut
artist: Jim Stotts
comes 2 those curves/ get on the ball
Many years ago I wrote this poem which celebrates the effect movies have had on me through the years. I found
artist: David Bazo
The Journey Begins... (The Time Machine Part III Promo Teaser) Brief promo extract from the Part Three of the
artist: Alaric
Short sample of the brand new "Knight of the Cross" audiobook. The Knights Hospitaller face ancient evil and d
Tyger was written by Jack Mcdevitt and read by Paul Cole.
artist: VMP (USA)
Still quite proud of this old Russian folk tale acted out with FX and original musical passages.
The story by H. G. Wells of a mysterious crystal egg and it's connection to Mars.
On the hold of love and exclusivity. For 'the dead company' project
artist: Pinecats
title: area 31
Halloween story
artist: DaLer
Music by Damian Lertora, Lyrics by James Higgins & Damian Lertora
Chapter 5 in my musical sci-fi epic. Ambassador Stellaar meets up with a mysterious handsome suitor, while a
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theresa loder
Places: Invisible Living in homes Without walls Down along the interstate Behind the nations malls Any age Any race They must feel So out of place Cardboard and grocery carts Borrowed from Nearby shopping marts Dumpster diving at it's best Does not provide A place to rest Benches in our public parks a respite When the sky turns dark When I was small My tents were sheets But I wasn't living On the streets When it would rain I would pretend our home had walls and I had friends When you go to sleep tonight say a prayer someday I might Have a home with walls t...
Tis the Season to be SEXY: FitStyle magazine features top soundclick billboard artist and celeb.. She is a vocal music award winner and HOT and SEXY She is excited to be part and host the tour along with her songs FiTStyle Magazine is featuring members to help with their exposure and excited to introduce FPLA Fitness Professional Lifestyle Association You can become a member find work post your project become an expert and much more. check out Traci K Shoop she was and has been in maxim, oxygen, fitness rx , flex and much more. She is telling us her next is gracing covers of major magazines for music an...
mother said I was born wicked-page 9: One night when we were sleeping all together in a single room, my brother woke up hungry like a baby in a mothers womb, around the darkened shack he looked to make sure we were sleeping, and went up close to aunties face to make sure she was snoring, then up on the shelf In the dark he crept to reach the tin, but he never saw aunties eye open As she stared with a crafty grin. She waited for him to hold it and as he slowly took a sip, “Caught you sir” she shouted to him so frightened, he nearly slipped, he shrieked out when he heard the voice and thought it was a ghost, b...
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