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A little Halloween story.....Whaaaahahahahahaha !!!! Special thanks to Lonnie Davis (my daugther), Anna, Emma
Santa's Workshop has a special visitor... Theme song 'Angel's We Have Heard on High' Production by Kurt Lewis
artist: Zythum
A little bedtime story for adults I guess.
artist: Ed Thomas
A Childrens story, Narrated by Ed Thomas
artist: VMP (USA)
Still quite proud of this old Russian folk tale acted out with FX and original musical passages.
artist: Pinecats
title: area 31
Halloween story
FREE to download. You pervert... so you like strong men, do you? Listen in if you think you can handle it...
Talk rap about how the would seems to work
For the 2013 CBC Halloween Challenge. Listen with headphones in a dark room.
The story by H. G. Wells of a mysterious crystal egg and it's connection to Mars.
On the hold of love and exclusivity. For 'the dead company' project
title: No Mojo Cure
New Orleans history with a seasonal twist.A good reference search is "Winter in New Orleans,season1912-1913".
artist: Ganimead
A very interesting and factual story I am told. Narrated by Bud Bennett the author, I just added the backgrond
title: The Stranger
Margot, Rapster n teecee
artist: Jim Stotts
like a Ripley's Believe It Or Not/ when comes 2 a rub(a mini separation with a not so distant reconciliation.h
artist: David Bazo
The Journey Begins... (The Time Machine Part III Promo Teaser) Brief promo extract from the Part Three of the
(updated file - it became corrupted on SoundClick's server). Musical rendition of the 1942 story by Janette Se
Tyger was written by Jack Mcdevitt and read by Paul Cole.
Der erste Kapitel der epischen Fantasy-Utopie von Leon Tsvasman "Die Dunkle Sonne" als Hrspiel-Demoversion. fa
artist: DaLer
Music by Damian Lertora, Lyrics by James Higgins & Damian Lertora
artist: Briareus
Based on Chapter Five (Lotus Eaters) of James Joyce's Ulysses
artist: Josh Wilkins
Native American (Seneca) story about how Vulture got his coat.
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