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Talk rap about how the would seems to work
artist: Zythum
A little bedtime story for adults I guess.
(updated file - it became corrupted on SoundClick's server). Musical rendition of the 1942 story by Janette Se
title: No Mojo Cure
New Orleans history with a seasonal twist.A good reference search is "Winter in New Orleans,season1912-1913".
I make you eat cock in a public park.
artist: Ganimead
A very interesting and factual story I am told. Narrated by Bud Bennett the author, I just added the backgrond
For the 1993 CBC Halloween Challenge. Listen with headphones in a dark room.
On the hold of love and exclusivity. For 'the dead company' project
Bored with trips to the moon, gentleman explorer Campbell decides to tackle Mars and become the first man to c
artist: Ed Thomas
A Childrens story, Narrated by Ed Thomas
Princess Bile's Special Mutant Funhouse Episode 1
artist: Buck Helton
A humorous account of Charlie Goodnight's first venture in the cattle business...
artist: Jim Stotts
a made up story with names same/ stored & saved up N my brain
Tyger was written by Jack Mcdevitt and read by Paul Cole.
artist: VMP (USA)
Still quite proud of this old Russian folk tale acted out with FX and original musical passages.
Der erste Kapitel der epischen Fantasy-Utopie von Leon Tsvasman "Die Dunkle Sonne" als Hrspiel-Demoversion. fa
artist: tunein
A set of clips from the life of Tupac. His documentary: "Resurrection". Interviews, speeches and music. A pers
artist: Pinecats
title: area 31
Halloween story
A Singing talking rascal teddy asking to go to Bible School with his papa bear
Santa's Workshop has a special visitor... Theme song 'Angel's We Have Heard on High' Production by Kurt Lewis
Pure torn and fragmented insomniac stream of consciousness data in “autopilot” mode
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Phil Platt's Tin Of Snakes
The Day The Musuc Died: In 1972 Don McLean wrote the classic "American Pie", and in the song he sang the words "The Day The Music Died", Even though I was a rock fan there was something in that statement that was a bit haunting, Was it because we all thought it was something that could never happen? I have been in a musician most of my life, although I have never made mega money it always supplied a kind of famine / feast kind of living, I have seen it metamorphose into various cults and crazes, I started playing in bands about 1968 and in them days nearly all the top bands such as The Stones, Beatles, The Who, T...
Tour in a damper Traci K : The working it out tour this summer was a damper causing little actual bookings of personal appearances .. with unpaid wages and storm part something trying to keep us from meeting you. Traci K celebrated her birthday in a private small personal party ...with the place being delayed to the following week for the grand opening. so we are not sure if she is doing any followup. But with expenses and sponsorships to include trying to get more volunteers to help with blogging and website work.. we are asking you to be part of it....the awards show is now postponed til furth...
theresa loder
Places: Invisible Living in homes Without walls Down along the interstate Behind the nations malls Any age Any race They must feel So out of place Cardboard and grocery carts Borrowed from Nearby shopping marts Dumpster diving at it's best Does not provide A place to rest Benches in our public parks a respite When the sky turns dark When I was small My tents were sheets But I wasn't living On the streets When it would rain I would pretend our home had walls and I had friends When you go to sleep tonight say a prayer someday I might Have a home with walls t...
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