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artist: Big Dusty
Thanks for the support over the years soundclick!
artist: MrSmilei
In this blog, I speak on the sh*** that goes on in Memphis and some other places. But mainly Memphis.
In this second edition, I talk about the Mayor of Detroit and the text messaging scandal. This is a long but i
artist: The Beatless
old cockney geezer ranting
artist: Ron Elliott
Basically, my personal story.
artist: Blogtalk
K.P. Yohannan tells Gospel for Asia staff he has no powers as Metropolitan of Believers' Church in India.
talking about experience with Joe Budden at KOD Tour meet-n-greet and epic show afterwards
title: Persian Sky
The Quest for Democracy in Iran. A Journey to Iran for hearing my Persian friends. Voices of Ms. Homa Ehsan,
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theresa loder
Trading Spaces (chosen for " Embracing Our Differences " Exibit: Trading Spaces If you could be me And I could be you And we traded places For a week or two Then my perspective And your point of view Would change in ways Maybe many maybe few We'd realize Where our journey takes us It's the who what where why how That makes us But Since you are you And I am me We can only imagine What that change might be No matter where you go Or who you see You 'll always be you And I'll always be me Theresa Loder...
Mother said I was born wicked-page 2: When my mother and father left me I must have felt so sad, A young child without a parent Was enough to make me mad, I wonder what it felt like At such an early age, To have no mother near me And no father to turn my page, I soon became tough and hardened From the life I had to lead, Like a child left to his own devices Unloved and always in need, Sometimes I stayed with grandma Too old to understand, The way to teach her grandson How to grow and be a man, She used to beat me many times With sticks and bicycle tyres, Or anything that was near to hand Whether thorn bush, rope...
IN MY DREAM: I had a about this girl… In my dream this girl was so full of life She had a smile that could light up a room. This girl could laugh, this girl could cry, this girl could love. Love hard…. So hard……. She just wanted to be loved. . She was so determined to live her life like nothing was wrong. Her life was a sad sad song Her life gave people hope She gave people new meaning. She struggled so much to be the person we all know and love today. Through all her quarrels she gained her respect She tried to fight every battle, except her own. She d...
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