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A poem about how we are forced into paths and patterns without being aware of what exists only a few steps awa
title: Love
A Collaboration of Craig Steven Shaffer and Kurt Lewis Neufer. This was a poem, and the music was created to f
Opening words from the play featuring with a little bit of music for dramatic effect. My favorite kings speech
artist: Odub
For the Lander area locals... uses 65 route names.
title: I Conseption
Thinking and hailing our Saviour from our oun perception
title: Censorship
An intense, powerful and inspiring performance on the hypocritical stance of todays gatekeepers. Featuring in
artist: Utah Lust
A Poem read by Liberty Eggink
Evelyn Theologia Ludwick - 1920-2011
Dedicated to the fallen Black, young and gifted in America.
artist: officialPoet
title: Fallen Apart
Spokenword poetry and beat written and produced by Poet
Track 11. Album "Day One" available digitally and physically everywhere. Album on iTunes: https://itunes.appl
artist: Stranger Fly
Opening piece of poetry for the upcoming Stranger Fly album.
artist: Mike FuQ
The vocal version of my spacey lyrical song "Intrepid Mind Traveler". Be entertained simple by the thought and
artist: Nobta
(Matt: 3 verses and chorus) (L00P3RMAN: half of 2nd and 3rd verses and instrumental)
artist: Kriss Liss
**School Project! Ignore this if you're shopping for beats!**
title: Sixth Sense
Poetic and Erotic
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Emilio Sorridente's first solo album '7 Sins': Emilio Sorridente's first solo album, '7 Sins' In this first solo work, a double album which is entirely instrumental, Emilio worked with the filmmaker Joe Caristena, who worked on Encelado's 'Lucertola' video.Joe's poems are spoken over the music in the first cd, the second will be of the instrumentals. Emilio played all instruments in this album ( except a piano and a accordion played by Riccardo Anastasi) and is the artistic producer of the project. '7 Sins' will be in downloading on and in the best music portals and a double cd will be sell through this space too. TRAC...
mother said I was born wicked-page 9: One night when we were sleeping all together in a single room, my brother woke up hungry like a baby in a mothers womb, around the darkened shack he looked to make sure we were sleeping, and went up close to aunties face to make sure she was snoring, then up on the shelf In the dark he crept to reach the tin, but he never saw aunties eye open As she stared with a crafty grin. She waited for him to hold it and as he slowly took a sip, “Caught you sir” she shouted to him so frightened, he nearly slipped, he shrieked out when he heard the voice and thought it was a ghost, b...
Thoughts on love...: Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone. Love is God, and to die means that I, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source. (Leo Tolstoy) Love, the strongest and deepest element in all life, the harbinger of hope, of joy, of ecstasy; love, the defier of all laws, of all conventions; love, the freest, the most powerful moulder of human destiny … (Emma Goldman) Love's way of dealing with us is different from conscience's way. Conscience c...
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