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A poem about how we are forced into paths and patterns without being aware of what exists only a few steps awa
artist: John Catney
This is a poem from Ken Chaney's 1st CD(Poetry Plain And Simple) that was Produced by John Catney.Ken has a un
Highlighting the facts of life for poor people the world over.
title: Love
A Collaboration of Craig Steven Shaffer and Kurt Lewis Neufer. This was a poem, and the music was created to f
title: Soil Work
one of 3 garden poems
From the free serialized audio book, How the World Works found at Words, Vic Zarley, music, Ke
Son ya 33 anos de poesia, con los cuales me siento muy contento y creo que puedo decir que he realizado mi sue
title: Tus Labios
balada romantica
artist: Nabraska
title: 22 Charlatan
new acapella off the EVacuate cd. If you like song hit up the website
title: For Rick
(9) Forevermore, (10) Connected (11) One As I (12) Magenta Skies
a musical poem by Craig Blake, recital by Jon Chamberlin. Liz Perry on melody bass guitar, John E. Sawyer on d
artist: simonXAG
title: Anita
Poem read by Jonathon Harflett about a lover who died. With music by Simon Speed.
title: I Come 1st
For the people that always cry over they man or woman!!
Excerpts from The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis and excerpts from Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
artist: Whats Up DP
This allegory is about the dangers of dating as a Christian man. See the blog for more info:
(c) Peter Lagarde
artist: fionameyrick
Spoken word poetry, by Fiona Meyrick, recited by G Stomberg 2016
Track 11. Album "Day One" available digitally and physically everywhere. Album on iTunes: https://itunes.appl
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Word: Words come wondering through the cracks of time To reveal a certain mystery that cannot be defined, Tireless sunlight shines by day While moonlight skies compass the night, Is it right the way I feel? The freedom rocks and shapes the day When you will come to me To find that the mist has cleared away, Redeemed, relieved, refined, adjust the way Of concept eclipsed like stars and planets Mystic maiden whispers clearly Somber notes of joyous hope A dot, a light, at the end of the tunnel of love Which brightens the heart regardless of sadness, The bellows of time blows wind and fire...
TWO in ONE ??: Its not easy being in TWO places at the same time, but when the Will is there, and Magick is alive anything is possible.. I first started out doing Magick Music and when I got signed, I was left in a Choatic state of mind. Do I uphold the mainstream, or do I continue to do my Magick Music? Well it took a few years to decide and I was doing two types of music.. geez ~! Finally I realized I could do both, by actually changing a few things and I know I might have confused you, but I DID IT !! I gave the World.. Janie DaVila and "The Supreme" gave me back my Gift of Magick.. ! So I am here to ...
Kala Sunshine Magick Kiss: I recently did a song which was called " Your My Puppet". However, when I did this song, my intuition, kept telling me to take it off any music place, it was uploaded .. I now know why this particular song was calling to me, in a different way. Many times things happen for a purpose, but it can not be revealed to us, immediately, and therefore, we carry on, until the day comes; and there it is.. Right in front of you, like one big BRIGHT light !! This is what happened to me with "Your My Puppet".. I am dying to tell you what this song/Video is all about, but Im going to stir the ca...
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