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Evelyn Theologia Ludwick - 1920-2011
title: Love
A Collaboration of Craig Steven Shaffer and Kurt Lewis Neufer. This was a poem, and the music was created to f
Track 11. Album "Day One" available digitally and physically everywhere. Album on iTunes: https://itunes.appl
artist: simonXAG
title: Anita
Poem read by Jonathon Harflett about a lover who died. With music by Simon Speed.
A poem about how we are forced into paths and patterns without being aware of what exists only a few steps awa
title: Dichotomy
(17) Food Chain (18) Adonis (19) Red Tide (20) Rhythm
artist: Odub
For the Lander area locals... uses 65 route names.
title: Sixth Sense
Poetic and Erotic
artist: Paul Beach
Original music composed and vocal performed of traditional poem from the Ireland.
About all I did in the 80's was complain and write about what Ronald Reagan was doing to our country . . .
title: No Finjas
pop balada
A collaboration with a gifted poetess, Antonia Perdu
title: .home
Revenge & Lambe speakin on some Brooklyn sh** .......
Takes place in the country.
Not really hip hop...not really spoken word....not sure what this is. I just made it, ok? pretty much a poem w
Un canto a la distancia y el amor, un código de palabras para llegar alli lejos.
GOOD NEWS 'We Are All Human-Seed' A poem of Light, Love, and Hope for our World.
Problem and pain reflecting the woes of the every day people. Reminding the 'Elites' that we R here, and we wi
title: Censorship
An intense, powerful and inspiring performance on the hypocritical stance of todays gatekeepers. Featuring in
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Instrumentals :: Club Bangas
(produced by Alegal) Instant purchase link: | Questions contacts: | @AlegalofBB
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Song: Some 1 like You : By the Wizard of Melody, Myradin About the song For Kala....The inspiration behind the lyrics of this song. Lyrics Wondering if that perfect smile Is just meant for me The light above when it shines in your eyes Makes me feel so alive (Cast that magic) Chorus The way that I feel makes it easy to reveal what I need from you But if that chance that I had If it's ever coming back I need someone to pull me through Some 1 like U To cast magic in the air This destiny that was made for me Is not meant to be I find it hard to regain what I've lost and I'll ...
mother said I was born wicked-page 48: After the merriments of Christmas And the New Year had now been past, January’s snowfall was glistening Upon the trees and grass. Christmas is just one special day That we wait a whole year for, And then before we know it It’s gone right through the door. In those days it was a special time None of this secret Santa business, Receiving gifts from siblings But don’t even know who it is. To be a miser has become the norm In these modern yuletide days, People find all kinds of excuses To avoid expense in many ways Once upon a time we looked forward Spending time with family or fr...
ChloeJames Makes Top 10 on Reverbnation Charts : Spoken Word Artist, Chloe James continues to excel as a artist. Ranked Number One on the Houston Charts, she has been viewed as a profound writer among her peers. Her music profile is extensive, and her love of writing and telling stories are peeking interests among radio stations, record labels and other artists. Since the release of her mix tape in 2013, she has recently released new music. THE WRITINGS OF LIFE is doing very well on the charts and continue to build momentum as she is discovering her self and her place in the industry. With over 100+ social media sites, she continues to b...
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