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Cydonia's pyramids stand guard over the Face on Mars. Eons of sandstorms' errosion could not carve such symme
artist: strangefire
title: King Virus
Written & recorded in 2008
artist: David Bazo
Sheared Version!!! If you dont follow the flock, If you enjoy different music, this song is for you. Si no ere
artist: Gunnthrain
So will you not come home, brother... Says the warm wind... The west wind... ( ! POST-ROCK ! - looped, delayed
ORIGINAL SONG PLAYS ON MAIN ARTIST PAGE ! Santo & Johnny's 1959 Billboard no.1 digitally recycled using the th
A story-song based on a Native American Legend, with similarities to a certain European Night Beast. (Now avai
( 1989! ) Taken together ( actually a few is enough ) nuclear weapons are willing and able to destroy our plan
From the heartlands of POST-ROCK : Guitar feedback only, plus field recordings and Maria Callas ( 1923 - 1977
artist: Austn
High NRG alternative/Ndie song...full of FX protraying a 3 passage soundscape...the beginning of time/life, mo
artist: Drumnjon
An APRIL CBC ENTRY Pop : Musical A sharky little musical number with BIG bite!! Drumnjon : Drumming,percussi
I had this one stashed and forgotten for over a year. This week I checked my SC pages and rather liked the qu
VOX-C, really kicks back and lets go on an a musical jam that is an ambient atmospsheric alternating tempo psy
artist: Iron Will
Kind of rollicking, jazzy feel, with a nice middle break. Many people's favourite.
seratonin being blocked by an antagonist
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
--- Hook by ALICIA RENEE --- contact for hooks: - Buy the Hi-Quality version without Tags NOW! :::.... LEASE: $44.90 USD | PREMIUM: $64.90 USD | EXCLUSIVE: $999.90 USD ....::: Contact:
Downtown Music
Touch 'N You (FREE DL)
Lease this beat untagged and hi-quality for only 19.99. Buy 2 get 1 free! GET YOUR PREMIUM LEASE INC. TRACKOUTS for only 49.99. Email me at
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Psychedelic Rock
"Take It All Back"
When she throws a cinnabon in your face and that stuffed giraffe gets torn to pieces you know it was a rough night.
I just FOUND a Magnavox 4-track recording studio in the junkyard!: Basically I always felt my band & music in Band of Asians was supposed to be a musical project/group that made music on a computer application and using real musical instruments we picked up at Guitar Center. During the time we spent in various recording studios in Daly City and San Francisco, we spent $4,500 endorsing computer gear and guitars at the music store and not to mention our studio time recording our studio album "Revenge." If you heard Band of Asians' band & music comparing the versions of how our music sounded for "Revenge" and our upcoming album "Buy Product" on our musical resum...
maria daines
Collab with Mike-K & Jim Miller: Released on Mike's page now, woo hoo!!! Band page: Song page: I really enjoyed singing on your track Mike & good luck with all your music Maria xx
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Patrick Lew to perform at Dolores Park in SF on Saturday!: Looks as if Uncle Kevin wants me to bring my guitar and possibly perform a gig at Dolores Park on Saturday in SF. I heard this through my best friend, bro, and recurring PLB drummer Dave!
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