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Here is a rock version for everyone to sing along with!
Cover of the 1978 Earth, Wind, and Fire song; september_sing_01
Cover of the 1978 Earth, Wind, and Fire song; september_inst_02b
artist: Kosuzu
title: Talk Talk
original by Girls Generation
Cover of the 1975 Paul McCartney & Wings song; listen_to_what_the_man_said_inst_01
Cover of the 1975 Paul McCartney & Wings song; listen_to_what_the_man_said_sing_01k
Cover of the 1971 Paul and Linda McCartney song; monkberry_moon_delight_inst_02
Cover of the 1971 Paul and Linda McCartney song; monkberry_moon_delight_sing_01c
artist: Kosuzu
original by Mariah Carey
artist: Marc Shepard
Mr. Mo does the Archies' Bubble Gum classic "Sugar Sugar"
My version of this awesome track by Lost Frequencies. Sorry no download. Not intended to infringe copyright. N
Always loved this song so I fanilly recorded it
artist: DHW
Cover song with just guitars! ;-)
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Instrumentals :: West Coast
(prod.by Alegal) Instant purchase link: http://myfla.sh/99xdn | Questions contacts: Alegal.Sales@Gmail.com | @AlegalofBB
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Cover Songs
"(Right Now) This Time (Mix1) feat Sarah Doe"
Solo Euro, Trance, Dance & Ballad artist sometimes using session vocalists.
The Price of True Success: What is the price of true success that we so strive for? Can total success be acheived without making some kind of sacrifice? Is there a fine balance that we need to find in order to achieve that success without neglecting other elements or people in life? Do some of us take a selfish approach to gaining our dreams? Do some sacrifice and break away from friends and even family? Once we achieve success, do we forget some of those along the way that have helped in some way, even indirectly, to get us there? I guess it is hard to stay focused on all aspects in life, when chasing those dreams,...
yes: Watching Yes play at Montreux.. An observation; it is not Yes unless Jon Anderson AND Steve Howe are there. The other band members are , in fact, integral to their performance, but Jon and Steve are critical. I maintain that Awaken is in fact the best COMPOSITION ever written. A song has 2 verses, a chorus, a verse, a chorus, fade out! This is a composition, not an attempt at a pop song! Depending on which version you are watching...... at approx. 15 minutes into it, Steve Howe will be VISIBLY amazed at what he is hearing/playing. I agree with him!...
New Song - 1492 The Voyage of Columbus: I am proud to present "1492 The Voyage of Columbus". Written by Kurt Lewis Neufer and a Progressive Rock story song about the Christopher Columbus and his voyage. Joining Kurt in the song are Mike Marshall (AKA VMP(USA)) who sang vocals, played the bass guitar and played the part Amerigo. Jude Law (AKA Eketarina, Coconut Blues Club) who played the piano and sang vocals. Ken Sacco (AKA Sacco) who played the lead guitar solo. Kurt played the Narrator, Admiral Columbus, played 6 string guitar & hand drums and sang vocals and played, and the production and mastering. My special thanks to Mike, J...
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