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title: Moonshadow
My cover of Cat Stevens' song.
Cover of a Sad Cafe Song.
artist: DreamVoice
Requested By Josefine Drottz
Backing track beautifully created by Mark Robotham
From the Integrity Worship team June 25th 2017
This is a cover song. it was written by "John Hiatt" and made famous by "Three Dog Night" in 1974.
artist: MGlennM
Paul Simon Cover.
artist: KTS
title: stand by me
lifelong amigo Don Scanlon doing the vocals on this cover of the Ben E. King tune....acoustic, electric and ba
artist: NCM
title: Titanium
FREE Download
artist: NCM
FREE Download
Red Bone: Come & Get Your Love Smoke Cloud Studio Vocals: Cindy Budd
artist: mrpeebee
Recorded with backing track and Samson USB mic in June 2017. Played on a 1950's Otto Link Florida no USA 10* m
A slightly different version from the video I presented. From the Abbey Road album from 1969.
artist: Major Snagg
This is one of my favourite 'up-tempo rockers', by the wizards of Swedish Pop...ABBA. Come on... I like Prog R
artist: Stockwrock
another beautiful song by the fab four. all of the beatles had a lot to contribute to this one. in lieu of
title: No reply
Released in 1964 on the faboulus album "Beatles for sale"
artist: Kosuzu
original by Dorothy
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Instrumentals :: Beats General
(Drake, Major Lazer, DJ Snake type) Instant purchase link: https://airbit.com/share/AlegalofBB/chocolate | Alegal.Sales@Gmail.com | @AlegalofBB
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
The Christian Community: (Acts 2:44-47) The Christian Community is an atmosphere of spirit generated sharing. The unifying force of the church is the power of the Holy Spirit. We should always remember that each mender of the body is brought into fellowship by the unifying power of the Holy Spirit. The most perfect expression of this unifying power is love. The Christian community is knit together in love by mutual concern, caring and sharing; relating to the person through social activity that is blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. We cannot escape the social aspects of Christ’s gospel. If we...
Another year soon done: Oooh I'm thinking another year done, not so much in the year 2007, but me as in, I'll be another year older real soon. As the time continues to fly by, you start to think, well I do, you've got to push for that dream a little faster now, work that little bit harder to achieve that extra goal you've set for yourself, as time will not wait forever and I'd like to see myself achieve as much as I can. My dream next year would be to have a collection of my songs on CD, not so much to have them being sold, just completed and on a CD would be nice. As the picture shows, I don't want to be caught o...
Love and Peace: I was gonna say Happy Christmas and then thought you know, every day should be one of peace and growth and sharing and expression of love. So I guess Happy Christmas for some and Happy every other day to everyone.
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