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artist: Dairybeat
A DAIRYBEAT 2004 'Original' Cover, with on Vocals: Sandra Karreman-Otto; All Guitars, Keyboard and 2004 Hobby
artist: Dairybeat
A DAIRYBEAT 2004 'Original' Cover, with on Vocals: Sandra Karreman-Otto; All Guitars, Keyboard (Casio Chords)
artist: Dairybeat
A DAIRYBEAT 2004 Backing Track Cover for Guitar & Vocals. Backing Vocals: Sandra Karreman-Otto; Guitars, Keybo
My cover of the 1965 hit by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders--written by Toni Wine and Carole Bayer Sager. Lo
artist: Kosuzu
original by Younha
My cover of the Tom Jones classic hit song.
Instrumental cover of the Hall & Oates song from 1981; i_can't_go_for_that_inst_03
Original song made famous by Leonie Meijer & Jeroen van der Boom
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Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Cover Songs
"(Right Now) This Time (Mix1) feat Sarah Doe"
Solo Euro, Trance, Dance & Ballad artist sometimes using session vocalists.
anita ingrid neilson
soundclick rocks: Soundclick has helped me reestablish contact with a lot of friends from all over, being as I travelled alot and lived in so many different places. I love you soundclick. God Bless You Always!!
An Amazing Episode of "House": "House" is one of my favorite TV shows and last night's episode was amazing! It centered around a mother whose unborn baby was sick and was essentially killing her but she refused to have the baby aborted. House was trying to get her to abort but Cuddy, the hospital administrator, was fighting tooth and nail to save both the mother and the child (because she wants a child herself). There was this incredible scene where they had to cut into the uterus to bring the baby out (who was all of 21 weeks old) so they could operate on the baby and correct the problem, and the baby's hand grasped onto H...
Jeffrey Phung
NEW TRACK: No More Lies: No More Lies Beat by Shadowville Productions Lyrics written by/Performed by Jeffrey Phung SoundClick Link So, it's pretty much been forever since the last time I uploaded an original song online. Yeah, anyways, I wrote this song about a week ago. I was in the mood to write something really, "Relationships suck, screw it all to hell" when I came across this beat by Shadowville Productions and wrote "No More Lies" pretty much instantly after hearing the beat and then recorded it that night. It's very much a club/pop kind of track, and it's pretty different than anything I've ever done ...
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