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This is my cover of the theme from the cartoon, The Raccoons.
artist: Kosuzu
title: Sometimes
original by Ariana Grande
artist: Kosuzu
title: Moonlight
original by Ariana Grande
Here we have Art Paul Schlosser & Simon his son singing the 12 Days of Christmas
artist: ETC calif
title: Metro
ETC live at Egads 1991, Tinera Tyler-vocals, Gordon Rehmeyr-bass-vocals, Alan-drums, Louis Dosch Keys, Sax. Wh
artist: ETC calif
ETC live at Egads 1991, Tinera Tyler-vocals, Gordon Rehmeyr-bass-vocals, Alan-drums, Louis Dosch Keys, Sax. Wh
Our Surf Rock version of the 80's hit by Modern English.
My take on 'The Last Crossing' by Celtic Spirit From their 1998 album 'Celtic Dreams'
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
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The Gassmen
Pop Rock
"I'll Never Sleep Again"
Recorded in 1982 at The Refinery
Euro Pop
"Far Distant Dreams (Never Fade Away)"
From the album "Machine Language" out now on Zero One Records
The Monsters of the Midway: The Monsters of the Midway! These are the Bears I grew up with. If the offense could only score 6 points, the defense held the opponent to only three. Many games were 6 to 3 or 9 to 6 with the Bears winning or losing, BUT NEVER BEEING EMBARRESED. During lovey dovey smith's last year and this new Canadian loser‘s two years, we are routinely embarrassed by anybody and almost everybody. The new guy is from Canada and not ready for prime time. On Nov. 9, 2014 the score is 42 to nothing at HALFTIME! (Hint we are losing). He hired all his friends from Canada to help. How is that working out. ...
lfe: I just want to say I am very grateful for my life, the fact that I am still alive after surviving a ruptured brain anuerysm and surgery to repair it. It has only a 10% survival rate so I know I am a walking, talking miracle. The fact that I am already fully recoved is another miracle, only 2 months ago I was in ICU and they expected me to be in a coma for a while after the surgery and I never was so Praise God for the wonders He has done in my life....
How fast do we rotate: Sometimes I have to sit back and ask myself, how fast do we rotate in life? How fast does time truly revolve around us? As the days go by so quickly now, I feel it won't be long before Monday is meeting the rear end of Friday. Just like all the seasons seem to be merging into one, I feel at times it won't be long before the whole week seems like its merged into one day. Time sure is precious, as we do not know the true length of it. We go about each day doing our daily chores, aiming for the goals we have set each other, yet if we take a moment out, so much time can be lost and never regain...
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