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artist: Marc Shepard
Acoustic version of Elton John's "Benny And The Jets"
artist: Stockwrock
title: BADGE
one of my favorite cream songs, co-written by george harrison and eric clapton. i tried to stay true to the o
artist: Dairy Beat
WORLD Of HURT, Ilse DeLANGE Cover: DAIRY BEAT 2004 in the E-key, incl. its Backing Track and Tab, Lyrics & Cho
artist: Kristoforos
It's a kind of an "anniversary song" as I sang that one back in 2007. It's called "Bizarre Love Triangle" and
artist: Geno Plitt
This was the song that used for a Daddy / Daughter dance that I performed with my then, 8 year old daughter a
artist: Day-One UK
My Christmas Song This Year I share the vocals with my Gorgeous Grand Daughter Leyla, For a first time Studio
artist: Casagrande
title: Yesterday
Love was such an easy game to play.
Fast Lane Now covers Louis Prima's traditional hit.
Fast Lane Now cover of Blonde's hit.
Fast Lane Now cover of the Staple Singers hit.
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Long is no longer seen, what?: At my Cuddle-animalcule Sanne I Love you forever I love you very much I need you My schnuckelig bears big love
Have You Ever Encountered......: A day without music? Can you last recall or ever think of a time you went a whole day/night without hearing some form of music, hearing a song or singing one to yourself? Well I'd be surprised at how many people could say Yes. That's how important and how much music is a part of our lives. The significance and magnitude of it I feel is so underestimated or even un-appreciated and respected. It is like your every breath in a way, we breathe, inhale and consume music. We digest it's every note and tone, we spice it up or tame it down. We let it softly simmer or truly fire up with intensity...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
11.09.10: 11.59 one more min to the next dae. they are coming back from m'sia. 12.00 12.09.10 well, managaed to do a bit of work. not too bad at least. loos like i realli sum1 push me from behind. "consultation? u inititate one ah?" my gf asked. well, im not that proactive to ask for such stuffs. but that is still beneficical for me eventually. having the tutor making it compulsory for us shows tht he is willing to work alongside wif us wholeheartedly. i can realli feel the sense of dedication behind the teachers here. not just my geo cher. but from everyone. pw. geo. physics, and even my PE t...
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