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my wife sings this song in church from time to time...beautiful...
Intimate worship. Leads to spontaneous free praise towards the end. Nice acoustic guitar work throughout. All
artist: Victor Snow
title: Longer
A ballad with a 5/4 twist.
More music in the key of life
artist: Diane Barnes
title: LIKE A BIRD
This song is a universal message about the awesome freedom of letting go and letting God.
"Gold Star Mother's Day"... Dedicated to Gold Star Mother, Laurie Barta...so dear to my heart . Mother of fall
artist: Nancy Krebs
title: Humility
Inspired by the book of Sirach, resting in the Love of God trumps anything we seek in this world.
artist: April Start
title: Grow
'Grow' is a song to inspire anyone who listens to it to follow their dreams!!
CD: In My Father's Arms Label: Swan Productions of Hawaii Credits: Producer, Arrangements, Programming, a
artist: 70x7
title: SING OUT!
Written as a joyful and triumphant opening song for modern worship, its also the opening song on 70x7's new "B
artist: Debbie Day
We are a get it now society. The trouble is that in God's economy nothing happens instantly. Waiting is really
Christian Contemporary worship song
artist: Rick Gross
Jesus Changes Everything - Rick Gross, tenstring.com, inc. (Romans 11)(Zechariah 2:7-9)(Matthew 11:13)(Hebrews
artist: firesong
the story of the woman at Jacob's well from John 4...written with Neil Sleevi...thanks everyone for making "Th
artist: Lory Bianco
Jesus has come to set us free from our sins, He is the way, the truth and life. He's coming back to gather Hi
artist: Miranda Judd
title: Let It Rain
a soulful touching masterpiece
title: Still
CSN's Song of the Month for June 2009, written by Gerrit Hofsink!
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
Lease $30, For Exclusive Rights Email Us at WEARETHEALLSPARK@GMAIL.COM
The Gassmen
Pop Rock
"I'll Never Sleep Again"
Recorded in 1982 at The Refinery
Euro Pop
"Far Distant Dreams (Never Fade Away)"
From the album "Machine Language" out now on Zero One Records
My Birthday: Well..today is the day! It's my birthday yaay! Really that is all I want to say..I'm just happy for some reason. Today is within the full moon and it's an exact replica of the day I was born with the exception of the year and the full moon. I was born on the 3rd Tuesday of May in 1975..and today is the 3rd Tuesday of May. I find that very cool. I am going to do something "special" today at the time I was born..that will definetely pack a magical punch in the energy aspect of my birthday huh? haha! Anyway..I hope all are having a great day today. [go there]     [1 comment]
Glowing: Who am I? Who has God called me to be? Identity in crisis? maybe....Maybe there becomes an identity crisis when we focus on who we THINK we are instead of who God has called us to be. Years and years have gone and went as I spun into a deep identity crisis. What am I? Why was I born? Why was I born abandoned, orphaned, unloved, uncherished, damaged? Do I place my identity in these things? Then my personhood and hobbies became my identity. Wife, mother, singer, songwriter, minister, etc...Do I find my identity in these? Who am I really? Who has God called me to be? When, where, how...
one of those weeks: life in nebraska...winter's on the way....got our first good cold snap...this pic is actually from last winter, but you get the idea.. I've been meaning to spend a little more time here, checking out new music, but time has just not been on my side...and I jacked up a part on my van which means I'm playing backyard mechanic...and poorly.. ash and I have been working on a bunch of new tunes...we plan to start recording as soon as I get the van up, so I can run some stuff from murdock to omaha to the new house of rain and sand, our home base and nest... If I was in florida, I would have roxan...
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