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Intimate worship. Leads to spontaneous free praise towards the end. Nice acoustic guitar work throughout. All
artist: Mike Fisher
This is a worship song that tells that God is worthy of our all of our praise to Him. Vernon Piercey is singi
artist: 70x7
title: SING OUT!
Written as a joyful and triumphant opening song for modern worship, its also the opening song on 70x7's new "B
artist: tjwaysongs
'ADOPT THE WORLD' Now Available on Itunes-Please 'BUY' it and support it via:
artist: Debbie Day
We are a get it now society. The trouble is that in God's economy nothing happens instantly. Waiting is really
This song is a collab with Twist who also provided most of the lead guitar and all the production. Thank You T
artist: Diane Barnes
title: LIKE A BIRD
This song is a universal message about the awesome freedom of letting go and letting God.
artist: Ray Watson
title: Just for me
A warm, contemporary song that will embrace you with God's love. You can download all the songs from this albu
artist: Victor Snow
A ballad with a 5/4 twist.
artist: Rick Gross
Jesus Changes Everything - Rick Gross,, inc. (Romans 11)(Zechariah 2:7-9)(Matthew 11:13)(Hebrews
artist: Aaron lewis
New song from my up and coming album
artist: David Wong
Psalm 36:5, 2 Corinthians 12:9
artist: firesong
title: Hallelujah
Simple praise song
Christian Contemporary worship song
title: Baby Bird
A song I've written for my wife when she goes on a religious retreat in a month... she doesn't know.
artist: beaglesound
title: Reforge Me
Choir: Beverly Bain, Alto Reece Bain, Tenor Todd Brookshier, Tenor Angel Derfelt, Alto Fran McCarthy, Bas
artist: Sabinah
Peter und Sabina Paulss, 1993
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Ring Muzik (NEW)- OE
Hip Hop
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The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"V The Storm Is Coming !"
Beware...There is a storm coming into the earth of a magnitude never seen or known before since the days of Noah..."My people perish for lack of knowledge, proper understanding and living wisdom for they have departed from The Teacher, The Rabbi. "..
The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"Come Out In The Open"
Come and drink from "The Well That Is Deep. " I welcome all the weary travelers that are here and that will come ! " ...An Invitation From The Lord...The Holy God of Israel, His Son Yah'shua, Christ Jesus and His Spirit Ruach Kadosh...!
Rick Gross
Contemporary Christian
"Worthy Is He"
"Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks" Daniel 9.25
Get my songs in the MP3 Stores: I decided to do a new thing in 2011. The songs here are now available in the MP3 store....... Thanks. SherieDee
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
and we did it!!: thanks everyone!!!! ithe count is 10015 for now, i hope its still running!! and it's only 5.19pm in GMT+8.. 7 more hours to go. thanks everyone!!!! happy NEW YEAR 2009!!!!
Jeffrey Phung
NEW TRACK: Gotta Get Outta Here: Gotta Get Outta Here - SoundClick Link Okay, so I lied, it's not so much new as it is half really old and half somewhat old. I recorded this song in May to a beat by Ansane Productions, but I never got around to posting it (like a buttload of other songs that need to be posted). The lyrics are actually really old, I wrote them in 2004, that's a whole three years ago, and I decided they fit the beat by Ansane Productions so I went ahead and used them. The beat actually reminded me of a really fast paced Ne-Yo beat 'cause of the harp in the background, but I didn't wanna make it a Ne-Yo st...
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