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artist: 70x7
title: SING OUT!
Written as a joyful and triumphant opening song for modern worship, its also the opening song on 70x7's new "B
artist: David Wong
Psalm 36:5, 2 Corinthians 12:9
Intimate worship. Leads to spontaneous free praise towards the end. Nice acoustic guitar work throughout. All
title: anchor
Christian song I wrote about the storms that WILL happen in life
Christian Contemporary worship song
artist: Victor Snow
title: Longer
A ballad with a 5/4 twist.
artist: Debbie Day
We are a get it now society. The trouble is that in God's economy nothing happens instantly. Waiting is really
artist: beaglesound
title: Reforge Me
Choir: Beverly Bain, Alto Reece Bain, Tenor Todd Brookshier, Tenor Angel Derfelt, Alto Fran McCarthy, Bas
This song is a collab with Twist who also provided most of the lead guitar and all the production. Thank You T
Right or wrong it's just been us...
artist: Rick Gross
Jesus Changes Everything - Rick Gross, tenstring.com, inc. (Romans 11)(Zechariah 2:7-9)(Matthew 11:13)(Hebrews
artist: Diane Barnes
title: LIKE A BIRD
This song is a universal message about the awesome freedom of letting go and letting God.
artist: Nancy Krebs
title: Humility
Inspired by the book of Sirach, resting in the Love of God trumps anything we seek in this world.
title: Baby Bird
A song I've written for my wife when she goes on a religious retreat in a month... she doesn't know.
artist: Lisa Crum
In Loving Memory of Edith Mahon 1939-2005
artist: Ray Watson
title: Just for me
A warm, contemporary song that will embrace you with God's love. You can download all the songs from this albu
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"Come Out In The Open"
Come and drink from "The Well That Is Deep. " I welcome all the weary travelers that are here and that will come ! " ...An Invitation From The Lord...The Holy God of Israel, His Son Yah'shua, Christ Jesus and His Spirit Ruach Kadosh...!
simi n
Worlds End Pirates Ringtones!!!!! : Edit your own ringtone from the Worlds End track PIRATES. Be the first to fill the air with 'Hooray the Black Pearl Rises'!!!!! Leave everyone with a 'YAAARRRRRGH' on their lips!!! http://www.wippit.com/Worlds_End
What's Love: Love just like taking a drink, sometimes you have to drink it with sugar and milk; sometimes you only want to drink a purely water. Inevitably, you may get a adulterated drink occasionaly. The question is how to get a drink you want, or how to keep the same taste for your favor drink you are making now? Problem is we cannot neglect this mannerism, otherwise you will dry to death or dull to death. So what's Love? Is really necessary? So far I know I still love Late with a lot of sugar and milk....
punky pete
6 April 2010: I'm just gettin' over the death of yet another good friend. The last year was pretty challenging, but now, I think, i'm over the worst but still need to address certain issues in life... Today, as I sat with some people I've only just got to know.... Well, all I heard was bull sh** talk of revolution.... More like the beer talkin' because it's the same bull sh** everyday. I need something more challlenging..... Hopefully I knew song will be regurgitated...:O)...
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